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  1. They need a review into the Green Party and the one sided opinion they have They dont even know the correct Name of the country They want greyhounds basically banned and dont care about reviews
  2. I just cant believe this dog was allowed to start in the final last night after last weeks semi final performance Animal activists would have a field day watching that debarcle two weeks in a row What did they expect to happen 7 days later, was a $1.01 for it to happen again
  3. What the hell are the stipes doing these days, I've never seen so many cheating dogs running around Also looks like most of the dogs are poorly broken in as well Jump like a goat, spend half the race looking for open spaces and run wide on the bends
  4. That was an example of racing with a jockey not using a whip. will be time to retire from punting on horses when this happens
  5. I agree, have you heard Track-side Radio lately, just a crackle sound I dont bother having a bet if I cant listen or watch Live
  6. Yes and you could have gone to the pub and played Pokies with a room of people with a piece of Cardboard between machines
  7. You cant turn up to Riccarton to watch your Horse in the outside open spaces But you can head to Riccarton Westfield Mall and Go to the Pictures if you like
  8. I m talking about the overall picture of dog racing I see a meeting today at Cambridge No weights and only hand time Real professional
  9. ive never seen so many rubbish dogs racing, we have the same dog every Friday miss the start by 5 lengths and the stipes just say, "missed jump" they used to put these cheats out, "missed jump, will need to trial before racing commences". dogs running around not trying, it is a fiasco
  10. I am beginning to think this industry will be rooted within about 1 year what an absolute debarcle
  11. Very disappointing Peter Early has been pushed to the scrap heap, to be quite honest the dogs have literally "gone to the dogs" Ive never seen so many cheats racing, how could dogs like Homebush sosan not get put out for not chasing yesterday at addington
  12. Give Peter Earley a break I think it is great when gets them to hurry up, I haven't got time to muck around all day waiting for a race to start when I have a bet on It is not hard to start a dog race on time Racing is now a Roulette wheel, get them running so we can run the next draw Most of the dogs running are cheats, so, it is a numbers game, they get touched and they are going backwards at great knots, half the runners cant keep a straight line 80/20 rule,
  13. Great effort, Great trainer , but oh my crikey the racing is boring with one trainer with so man dogs, i dont bet in the central districts any longer
  14. That is sad, nice people at Barrington, Definitely will hurt the TAB in the pocket shutting this facility, Leaves a bad taste in my mouth and will talk through my pocket