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  1. These are the worst stayers heats I have ever seen at Palmerston North today The staying ranks are absolutely a dismal, Half of them dont even chase properly
  2. Looking forward to a big week cup week looking at the scenes from Randwick today No reason why we should not be at the races smashing the beers and betting
  3. It wont be Masks for Life, have a look what s going on in Europe and the UK, and the USA, the masks are a joke, they are not used properly, Evidence shows they are generally useless unless you have the proper masks and they are replaced every two hours, not some bank robber cloth you have over your mouth and exposed nose , people are having health issues wearing them all day. I've seen masks keeped in wallets and back pockets for weeks and used when needed What are the greens doing about the environment issues around these masks.
  4. Good to see some common sense and systems in place so owners etc. can see races Hopefully Monday the Govt will do the right thing and allow the South Island to host the Cup Carnival, But would not be a bet I would be willing to bet on
  5. Seem to be a lot of Patrons at Hastings and Riccarton, I thought these are closed race meetings? How do you get in,? Own a horse? Know someone? Just turn up? Sneak In ?
  6. maybe a lot more dogs needed rehoming over the next few months, maybe 10,000
  7. 1, Volume Mute Button 2. Peter Early 3. Trevor Wilkes
  8. The TAB are well behind the 8 ball Setup a Betfair account I was able to bet on Lisa Carrington Live with her gold Medal wins, in which the TAB did not even have the option available
  9. Yes the commentating sounds very amateurish Great trackside presenter
  10. All I can say is who ever is was responsible here "what a dick" I see the NZ TAB never paid out https://www.racenet.com.au/news/reece-jones-in-the-headlines-again-but-for-the-wrong-reasons-after-weighing-in-light-20210614
  11. He is in a class of his own in NZ when it comes to calling dogs
  12. Is this not the Livelihood of people, how about if you had been told sorry dont go to work and dont get paid
  13. They need a review into the Green Party and the one sided opinion they have They dont even know the correct Name of the country They want greyhounds basically banned and dont care about reviews
  14. I just cant believe this dog was allowed to start in the final last night after last weeks semi final performance Animal activists would have a field day watching that debarcle two weeks in a row What did they expect to happen 7 days later, was a $1.01 for it to happen again