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  1. jimbob

    Lochinvar Flash

    Yes another cheating import beaten at $1.20, like the $1.30 shot at addington, Keep bringing these non chasers into NZ.
  2. jimbob


    Animal welfare should step in including the SPCA and not allow that dog in race 1 today to be allowed near a race track in the future, it was a blatant attack, it was lucky the 2 dog was not dead. The NZGRA wont let trainers use squeakers in toys for training, the industry is creating more non cheating chasers, you will see more of race 1 today in the future. And the cheating imports wont help the situation
  3. jimbob


    what a disgrace. Let's bring in more cheats into nz. Great for the sport
  4. jimbob

    Black arm bands

    Condolences to the Schofield familly, I cannot believe I have not read anything on the Greyhound NZGRA website in regards to the passing of David. His contribution to the sport for many years help grow the sport to what it is today. A very good dog person and we can view viideos all day with some of the great Greyhounds and prestigious races he was involved with. It is just a pity the positive things had not been told This puts a bad taste in my mouth and have just about had enough with Greyhound Racing in NZ
  5. jimbob

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Has anyone had luck with the withdrawal to bank option yet?
  6. jimbob

    Crashed again

    What are laughing fiasco, they try and give new account holders a bonus for joining when they cant even cater for them, or existing customers. I am pleased my Betfair account is fully up and running with better odds and service
  7. jimbob

    Police Raids

    why are the TAB taking bets on the thieves on wheels tonight, should be shut down until investigation finished
  8. jimbob

    Police Raids

    Has been going on for years, this news is not breaking, shut down all betting on this industry until the investigation has finished
  9. jimbob

    Messara report

    Best way for Greyhounds and Harness to get noticed is all trainers and owners go on strike, no racing means no turnover and hand out to the Thoroughbred industry
  10. jimbob

    Tour De France Tips after stage 6

    The cobble stage was exciting, as well as the two huge climbs in the last week
  11. jimbob

    Tour De France Tips after stage 6

    Yes I agree. I think P Roglic will win stage tomorrow
  12. jimbob

    Tour De France Tips after stage 6

    Yes I was disappointed Mikel Lander could not continue his big move into the mountains. The team tactics have been great to watch. Time trials will be interesting tomorrow. I think with all the bad publicity and public outcry team sky think Thomas would be better for the brand to win this tour, than Froome. Will be interesting if they are in same team next year
  13. jimbob

    Tour De France Tips after stage 6

    Yes good points, I have a good multi riding on Movistar team classification, maybe a good time to cover a little, it is a very volatile market, any suggestions?
  14. jimbob

    Tour De France Tips after stage 6

    Yes, hope Froome survives the crowd on this tour shows you how much team sky care about the Team Classification, overnight team sky moved from 1.70 to 11 and moviestar 2.40 down to 1.10, they had a rider in the breakaway , now they have 30 min on team sky
  15. jimbob

    Tour De France Tips after stage 6

    I think this Tour de France has a few more cards to show after stage 13. I can see the moviestar team trying a breakaway early in a Mountain stage, Froome may be under pressure