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  1. 1. First 3 3-11-1 2. Last 3 4-18-19
  2. 1. Randwick R6 6 , 1, 3 2. Flemington R7 10 , 3 , 11 cheers Porky
  3. Thanks for that Ohoka...along way from the action up here...and yeah i,ve even heard of the Riccarton Markets (probably been myself).. .to be quite honest I like markets as a community event...some are better than others ...up north...Waihi / Thames / Coromandel excellent.(as well as the fishing) And crikey yes , the Maori deserve to hold onto their land...Foreign investment would see it gone in a heartbeat !
  4. AND ? ...DOES THIS RELATE TO RACING ?... A spokeswoman for Russell McVeagh referred any requests for comment to NZ First MP Clayton Mitchell. His office has been asked for comment. A spokesman for New Zealand First said "In the absence of state funding, dinners like this are a typical part of fundraising for political parties in New Zealand." While steep, $350 is relatively cheap for a fundraising event. Labour charged $600-a-head for seats at a post-budget speech from Finance Minister Grant Robertson earlier this year. A dinner with then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016 would cost you US$250,000 ($383,836) a couple, according to Bloomberg. Stuff
  5. I watched this Doco on the internet itself last night...and its ability to sway opinion etc for political gain. When are all these proposed changes to take place winstone ?...(meetings with affected clubs scheduled and results published.) and highly paid suits and consultants efforts reliased? ... or shown the door to stop more wasted stake money ! If something like this major plan at Riccarton is mooted...stop the talking...get the bull dozers in, The mind boggles at the possibilities infield and outfield (market is all very nice, and I,m not close enough to the action)...BUT weekend market space could possibly be better used or shared during the week with with another activity.
  6. Yep agree guys... main points highlighted
  7. Shit you guys have got stickability, your game, loyal, stayers... I gave up hope 5 or 6 years ago and just go to the races for a punt now-days. As I said earlier, what next when all the silverware is sold off, to up stakes, and rural participants have hopped across the Tasman ? Hope they have a long term plan for keeping Stakes at a sustainable level to keep all grades racing horses (like yourselves ) in the game. The big breeders and overpaid free drinking admin.should be brought into line and hit in the pocket with the Grass root grafters,( to get us out of the shit.) That 18-40 y-o syndicate stuff hasn,t eventuated yet Huey...more like 50-80 y-o,s (at Hastings on Saturday anyway LOL) ...Fortuna syn.etc I voted Winston for change and with the likes of Ohokaman,Berri and Red Rum,s financial nous , the industry could possibly be saved without unwanted track closures.
  8. Had a mate up from the South Island for the Tarzino, over a few beers he agreed, things need to change...and when looking at the cull list, he also mentioned duel code race-courses that could be saved to stop long travel times... and the obvious ones for the chop (eg.Waipukarau) where there are too many courses (as sad as it may be) they will need to be ruthless and rustle a few feathers i suppose e.g Ellerslie V Avondale. Expect they are (or should be) basing changes on location, population and local trainers operating there, / dual-tri code viability, and finally financial return possibility to racing. BUT WHEN THE JOB IS SEEN TO HAVE BEEN ACHIEVED AND THE POOR RURAL RACE-GOER ROBBED OF THEIR FIX, AND STAKES DOUBLED SHORT TERM, FROM THE PROCEEDS OF SALES, AND WINSTON RETIRES A HAPPY MAN...WHATS THE LONG TERM PLAN MR ACCOUNTANT?...(NO SILVERWARE LEFT IN THE CUPBOARD.) GET SOME BUMS ON SEATS AT THE RACES AND MAKE IT A FUN DAY OUT...YESTERDAY WAS A GOOD DAY...WELL DONE HASTINGS.
  9. 1. Hastings R7 - 17-15-4 2. Caulfield R7 - 3-10-8 Cheers...Fiji here we come (yeah right)
  10. ya get the odd winx (very odd) Huey...one way or another (chilly bin and jandels syndicates) and this new age suit mob keep the industry ticking over and people on-course from the bottom up. Huey whats up mate? ...you need an early night ! you joke surely ? are they all going to f*** off to Oz as well ?
  11. What a merry ole mix up, FAARK ...just sort it Winny...rustling as few features as poss for the betterment of NZ RACING. (if possible) You will be remembered IF racing folk say "He done a good job"
  12. In the simplest of terms, the industry needs to engage with the 18 - 40yr olds with money as they are the group that will be racehorse owners in the future.....without owners, the industry is dead. Attracting this group through syndication has been paramount to the vibrant growth in racing Australia. The industry needs to compete with the multitude of sporting codes and other forms of entertainment/gambling. To do this racing needs to provide facilities and a package that gets this group to the races rather than the other sporting and entertainment events trying to get their dollar. Most of the comments I have heard from the "grassroots" of the industry in this thread seem to think the answer is people bringing a chillybin to their local track twice a year. I'm afraid these once a year punters are not the answer. The answer is the 18 - 40 yr olds who expect a great experience at a course with 2018 facilities. These are the potential racehorse owners we need to attract. GOFTA YOU HAVE REFLECTED WHAT I SAID EXACTLY , EXCEPT YOU ARE NOW SAYING MYSELF AND MANY OTHER CHILLY BIN DRINKING OWNERS ARE BEING REPLACED BY SUIT WEARING WOULD BE IF THEY COULD BE,S... LOL...I AGREE WITH YOU THOUGH AGREE SCOOBS...CAN I JUST ADD, A MID 70,S MATE REFUSES TO PAY AT THE GATE (I RECKON ALOT OF THESE NEWBIES MAY HAVE THE SAME ATTITUDE)... PAYING TO LOSE MONEY WHEN YOU CAN SIT AT HOME BY THE FIRE ON YOUR COMPUTER AND WATCH AND BET...(MAYBE NZTR CAN FUND THE GATE...% OF ON-COURSE BETTING) AGREE TOTALLY AND BETTER STAKES THE ANSWER GUB.
  13. I will try and make it Brief...IMHO only. I voted Winny for the main reason, he would try to clean up Racing industry ...I,m near breathless and he,s come up with this. Trump... breeding is the only side of things, along with the free drink brigade that enjoy the spoils of the game anymore. Well done to the boys get paid approach of getting a hundred owners into a horse @ $5 a week... (Its the only way forward to attract new participants on-course and experience the old thrill as it once was.) As for getting rid of the old once / twice a year tracks that are the annual get together of the old firm and mates (I Dont agree) A lick of paint aint going to change the state of 95% of the tracks in NZ and none should have to fight for their survival. They would attract more on-course than your average day at Ellerslie or Te Rapa (or where the $$$$ improvements are earmarked for... Sure...Do the Track upgrades and bring Dining up to Aussie standards (but not at the expense of the rest of the grassroots clubs) Start from the bottom up ...(the punter on the grass with the chilly bin , looking to get into a horse) and make stakes such, so as it is affordable to pay the trainer to lease and train your horse to race.