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  1. They're in niggly places on the calendar. This coming up one should be 1400 to become more attractive for milers that skipped Hastings or have had a freshen since then. They can use it as a lead up for the Captain Cook and then maybe the Zabeel. The up and running lot can use the Couplands if they really need a mile. Currently the two clash too much imo. The NZ Japan trophy is in no man's land being shortly after the G1 WFA season through summer and the best horses are tired. The switch to SW+P for that race while the Easter (the most convenient target race after it) has been changed back to h
  2. Are you just watching or betting as well? If the former, trackside can be streamed from Only requires a free account. Can't imagine it's location locked but interested to know
  3. It totally sucks that this is the way we're portrayed in mainstream media when this happens, indeed. The jockeys won't stop breaking the whip rules. If they're a chance halfway up the straight in a Melbourne Cup, the last thing they'll be thinking about is the whip rule or stewards. I think the only way to fix it is to just take them away altogether (or only have them carry them for safety, etc). It pains me a bit to imagine what non-racing people think when they see a close finish - whips flying everywhere. That can be fixed with education on the actual 'whip' is, and the reason it'
  4. They are having a laugh - because most people are relatively risk averse and they can get away with a higher percentage market than usual
  5. 1st - #7 Verry Elleegant 2nd - #21 Tiger Moth 3rd - #16 Steel Prince Last - #21 Miami Bound
  6. It was changed as part of the calendar put together during lockdown, along with stuff like moving the Northland Breeders and the Awapuni Metric Mile around. It'll only be for this season, and go back to normal next season, according to that same era of documents. Seems a bit strange now, but it was a whole different world but then I suppose. I'm not a big fan that it creates so many similar black type 1400m races so close together (the 1400 at NP, Matamata, Hasting next sat, and to some smaller extent the mares at Hawera) when there are so few black type opportunities over that distance l
  7. A horse rated above 65 with more than 1 win can't run in them. I believe it's to keep the 65s a little bit clearer, because they're often full. On the main topic, some of these lower rated horses are actually winning though? Take Matamata yesterday, for example. 5 open entry races. One was actually split into a R71 so I won't count that. The remaining four were won by horses with the ratings 75, 71, 84, and 73. The highest amount of points given out for a win of those was 6 (New York Jazz), so maybe 1 more than usual for a saturday race. At Gore on Friday a R58(!) horse won a R90 and r
  8. Yeah, I think he might have been included because he's a cool horse and has a great story. On paper though he has a similar record to The Mitigator/Wyndspelle imo, so I don't really know if he should be there either personally
  9. How could you have him over Te Akau Shark, Avantage, or Melody Belle though? If you're going to include The Mitigator you may as well have Wyndspelle too. Definitely ridiculous that Tallyhoe misses out though :(((
  10. You'd never spend too much time on the internet hypothesising about corona, would you?
  11. Hawera has a meeting next Saturday. I suspect noms are lighter because the races at that Hawera meeting are the first lot in the CD with pre-Covid Saturday stakes, which are twice as much in some cases. I do agree that it could be run at Wellington, Awapuni will be toast after another few more meetings
  12. What does this even mean? What has it got to do with nominations at Riccarton or even nominations in general? Please give an example, so that we can have some meaningful discussion. Without that, we would all just be clutching at straws as well. I can think of a couple of possible examples of a backflip that you *might* mean. RITA said no tote operators at all to begin with and then decided to bring a few back, because everyone got (correctly) mad about it. Is that a backflip - or is it listening to it's audience? Yes I'm aware that if they had looked in the first place that they wouldn't
  13. Will there be 3yo only races? How do you factor in black type wins? Some 2 or 3yos will win a black type race as their 1st or 2nd win. When they get older will they have to start back in the lower classes? For that matter, how do you treat a horse than wins out of its grade? Sometimes horses 'skip' through the grades a bit to get their rating up to get into big races, especially mares where black type is important. Is that possible, or is it strictly 5+ win horses that are likely to get into black type races for older horses? The system as described seems reasonable, but it's not qu
  14. It's usually given special consideration in the pattern committee report, such as: "3.2.6 Miscellaneous Other criteria may be considered if deemed to be relevant, e.g. historical importance, regional factors, impact of adverse weather, opportunities for various aptitude categories, etc." I would imagine 'global pandemic' falls well within those bounds.