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    Memphis2 reacted to Red Rum in BGP News   
    I run a pot with mates at races few times a year , I am always quite pleased to get even which is what they did really . Tough work keeping all involved , punting on every race and trying to cover a few bases each race so they see a collect or two . I bet differently running a pot than on my own . Running a small pot is IMHO a learning process as you need to throw the odd bone to the ones lacking any knowledge to make it fun for them too and manage  the more dangerous ones for the pot  which are the ones who watched the Melbourne Cup once so are the experts that want to take over  cause they can do better,   so  you have to factor in that damage limitation at times as you want everyone to have a good day  .If I had a buck  for every time I heard one say , my mates brothers friends 2nd cousin put an easy bet trifecta on once and won thousands. Iam exhausted after running a pot .
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    Memphis2 reacted to Nukkledragga in Bet of the Day 12 September.....:   
    A 6 pack today to wash away the taste of TURKEY from some if not most of my picks.2 each at caulfield, eagle farm and randwick paying big bucks.   caul R1 CHELOON ,scratching have opened this race up and I know nothing about this one except it has an  excellent pedigree on mummy's side ,caul R5 CHASSIS, looks thrown in after claim and should show some form by now. Rand R5 MATOWI andR8 ST COVETS SPIRIT looking for a JMAC double divvie at good dough for him at least.Eagle Farm R7 BACCARAT BABY last year was a G1 contender so looks good at the price, TACTICAL ADVANTAGE, (oh no the taste of Turkey again),this guy keeps finishing well but too late and from hopeless positions,if he steps from his good draw his fitness could be decisive against mostly fresh opposition. I have had great fun backing these roughies since September and STILL have my original $100 intact ,but I will blow my bundle on this lot today and call it a day .This thread has thrown up plenty of good picks and pickers and all at good prices (who said online forums were nasty) best of luck today  and in the future. 
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    Memphis2 reacted to tasman man in 2021 Predictions   
    I thought this may have been your idea of a joke....that you may be a 'mate' of chevy86 but I now read his reply !
    It seems apparent that your comment to him was therefore spoke with the same venom/aggression that you have spoken to others including myself thru 2020.
    Personally it didn't worry me one bit , but I think it does little for this site or for your own standing.
    I imagine this doesn't worry you one little bit will probably just have another drink and reflect on the good old days when from memory I think you claimed you did marvels  helping run the Auckland Trotting Club .
    But if it was my site , and I don't know Leigh the owner ,I would have some of your abuse red flagged with the odd red card or spell given to reflect .
    Why ?......I actually have a number of folk suggesting to me that I should post more often .....this suggests to me that these folk are somewhat reluctant to post opinions when the replies get too personal and abusive. 
    Just my thoughts.
    My predictions for 2021 differ a little from Trumps....
    I think Burling/Tuke will steer the AC NZ's way........they have an incredible record at winning allsorts of yacht races and are true humble champions.
    And NZ racing will struggle....returns to Owners will continue to struggle to reach 30%. Our horses will still be much sought after.
    The negative people in NZ racing will continue to be negative and will continue to highlight every glitch and set back ,while DITTO the Optimists will see the glass half full and spread positivity as it is often in their own best interests to do so..
    Boys Get Paid will continue to be a bright spot in NZ Racing.
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    Memphis2 reacted to chevy86 in CWJ all tied now   
    He's got 9 mounts at Otaki tomorrow so Gore and Awapuni surely irrelevant.
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    Memphis2 reacted to poundforpound in CWJ all tied now   
    Ashburton thursday ..... 

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    Memphis2 reacted to Houlahan's Dream in Bet of the Day 12 September.....:   
    Closer to home for me than normal today.
    I like Mascarpone race 5, and Yatima in the cup., Crafty Jess in the Cal.
    Happy punting. 
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    Memphis2 got a reaction from Gruff in Tracking favourites ??   
    Racenet is the best one I've tried.Always get notifications.
    Covers NZ races.
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    Memphis2 reacted to Gruff in Jericho Today at Warnambool   
    Certainly not a rude price 😆 
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    Memphis2 reacted to Aaron Bidlake in Jericho Today at Warnambool   
    Well that's a nice finish to the weekend. 
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    Memphis2 got a reaction from Aaron Bidlake in Jericho Today at Warnambool   
    Good man. I should have taken the Tip . Super patient rude. 
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    Memphis2 reacted to Idolmite in Trump written off   
    I was joking too. It'll be disappointing when Trump's gone. This has been bloody cheap entertainment. 
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    Memphis2 got a reaction from Gruff in New All Black Coach in the Hot Seat!   
    You know your rugby alright . No second chances from you but I’ll take the 38 point win. 
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    Memphis2 reacted to Mill Reef in Jim Marconi   
    Sad to hear of Jim's passing. From a small team he trained a number of very good horses through the 70's, 80's and early 90's including Taras Bulba, Ranchi Ruler, Cossack Prince and King Maruding. 
    Thanks for the wonderful memories Jim.
  14. Haha
    Memphis2 reacted to Blueanytime in Trump written off   
    The only thing the sane people want from the fucktard Trump is for him to be gone. He is of no use to the world other than perhaps as fertilzer. Even then I seriously doubt that anything would grow in his toxic goop. 
    Goodbye Donald, and good fucking riddance. It's over 100-1, you lose, just like the Orangutan. Now fuck off. 
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    Memphis2 reacted to tasman man 11 in Rogerson   
    Graeme Rogerson ......certainly one of the true characters and achievers in Racing , not only in NZ !
    Could call him competitive as it is a very small list of NZ trainers who have their names on honours board for Melbourne Cup ,Cox Plate , Golden Slipper [ 2003 from memory] and various Derby and Group races !
    Dunno what inspired you to deliver this Sunday morning offering.......maybe you lost 2 Bucks on one of his horses ?
    Of course he also active in Harness as well.....often supports the underdog...people and he never forgets his start in industry !
    I think he deserves  some respect !
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    Memphis2 reacted to Uriah Heap in New All Black Coach in the Hot Seat!   
    Look, I'm no great fan of Ian Fosters and have no intention of going into bat for him.
    However, generally I feel across all sports, too much credit or blame, for wins and losses, is attributed to the Caoch/ Manager.
    There was a ton of All Black experience on that field on Saturday and many mistakes made, often at vital times in the game. Those mistakes can't be attributed to the Coach.
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    Memphis2 reacted to Blue in New All Black Coach in the Hot Seat!   
    Settle down a bit guys. The coach didn't touch the ball. The players made some dumb moves, tackled poorly and made some poor decisions and handline errors. Two teams take the field. Generally one wins, one loses and this time we were out-played but remember 1998? That was the year the All Blacks lost five.......that's right, five in a row for those who remember, and though we've come to believe we should always be winners, life ain't always like that. At the end of the day nobody died. It was yesterday, lets get over it.
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    Memphis2 reacted to tasman man 11 in New All Black Coach in the Hot Seat!   
    NZ Rugby , if Scott Robertson not interested, should approach that Aussie bloke Wayne Bennett who is reputed to be the greatest coach ever.
    A couple of weeks back he took a bunch of rookies with little talent or experience and caused a massive upset at huge odds in SOO.
    Of course , our All Blacks then went and lost to a Australia after beating them by 58 points a week earlier.
    TABcorp lost hundreds of millions on these games ,causing them to go into lockdown for betting trends to be evaluated.
    And now the Argies beat the mighty All Blacks ,the most successful team in Sporting history !
    But they did play a near perfect game so well done to them !
    But betting trends being checked yet again !
    If anyone knows Pogo's location ,I want to send him Cameron Smith's book for Xmas. It will be a cracker !.
    Gotta be the thats a sure bet....and how good is that Melbourne Storm outfit.Their coach knows a thing or two ,and time the AB's had a Coach who cursed a lot and kicked the furniture!
    The AB's also need a coach who can handle ego's...too much time spent on adverts ,media ,maternity leave and sabbaticals to Japan to learn another culture .Haha .
    Over inflated salaries and sense of importance....the AB's biggest barrier of late since Aussie sporting standards fell to those at Montreal 1976 !
    Once Cameron retires the cupboard will be bare.....the Pacific Islands will run out of players ,NZ has most of them !
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    Memphis2 got a reaction from Pegasus 9 in NZ CUP COMP ENTRY THREAD   
    Good luck with your bets all.
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    Memphis2 reacted to pogo(aus) in it's only a rort if you're not in on it
    the players didn't know
    typical , from the land of the underarm.
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    Memphis2 reacted to Aaron Bidlake in Knightstar   
    Harvey is the President. But sure to have some say in the track prep,along with a bunch of knowledgeable farmers on the committee.  Everything about that club seems right, track perfect, facilities tidy and a very welcoming team of members going around checking participants were happy and offering lunch and a drink if we liked. 
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    Memphis2 reacted to Huey in Lack of cameras!   
    What a pillock! 
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    Memphis2 reacted to Aaron Bidlake in Knightstar   
    Like Waverley yesterday, gosh it was the most lovely surface I have walked on. 
  24. Haha
    Memphis2 reacted to Ponderosa8 in Spring Carnival - Group Comp RESULTS THREAD   
    While there's money being dished out, I'm taking donations for the Trump fight to court so anything you could give would be great... but if you dont think he's got any chance of promotion up from 33rd place then thats fine.😀
  25. Thanks
    Memphis2 got a reaction from Pegasus 9 in Spring Carnival - Group Comp RESULTS THREAD   
    Congrats Pega. Thanks to Scoob and great work Ponda