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  1. I am over it,you are showing yourself to be a slimy hypocrite but it is your sandpit,your rules.I can handle the abuse and threats and enjoy the banter,good and bad on this forum but if you want to tilt the playing field you can shove it up your arse,otherwise thank you very much for the last 2 years, good luck and goodbye.
  2. Very selective ,apparently a death threat from another slides on by and my reaction to put up or shut up and my exaggeration to make a point does not.People are dying in auckland ,just keep it there, that is my point
  3. You will not be able to blame the gangs in the future or in the recent cases in NZ outside auckland.Apparently they were all double jabbed,passed tests with flying colours on monday but by tuesday were infectious ,these cases were and are following the rules which are clearly lacking as far as keeping the rest of NZ safe.Change the rules ,clean the shit in your own backyard because we have dodged enough bullets from aucklanders who think a few extra weeks in lockdown is a free pass to start killing people.Auckland has the highest vax rate in NZ and is not stopping the deaths or the spread,but
  4. I am here painting a house ,fixing some problems for the owner so keep your insults to yourself.Now as I said I will be here for 2 weeks so you can back up what you say or zip it up ,sweetie
  5. Bexley grove, wainuiomata for the next 2 weeks,come and get a taste of knukkles if that is what you desire,we will see who gets to dance at whos funeral.In the meantime,stay in your infected bubble,clean the shit in your own backyard,we dont need or want your poisonous virus or your entitled attitude
  6. My son works as a builder on a large site in wellington,last week at another project an imported infected aucklander put the whole city at risk.At his site the anti auckland sentiments are bubbling and brewing.I have sympathy for your situation but you seem to want us to suffer in the same way,I hope your business springs back as ours has in welly because we STOPPED THE VIRUS CIRCULATING.NO AUCKLANDERS = NO VIRUS
  7. I am in the capital,but temporarily in wainuiomata for 2 weeks,virus free and easy,living the dream.You obviously think 17 weeks gives you the right to shit on the rest of "the team" well we are the majority who by following the rules served a shorter sentence,we got early release from covid because we earned it.You could have too but rules were made to be broken( by aucklanders) How many deaths will satisfy your bloodlust,you are not happy just killing aucklanders.You seem to think a vax shot is all we need but as I stated earlier 90% vaxxes nationwide but only in auckland are people dying be
  8. What we( the rest of NZ outside auckland) need is for them to stay put when the borders are opened up.90% vax rate nationwide but it is only in auckland that the virus is circulating and KILLING PEOPLE.Stay home this xmas, you are not welcome in my neck of the woods,or anywhere else where we have fought hard to eliminate covid,why would we want any reintroduction of covid after what we went through to get rid of it? Why would we want to kill people needlessly? So aucklanders can wave their dicks about in queenstown or coromandel because they got to 90% after soo much suffering,soo much economi
  9. A few of those countries in the wake of waning immunity are facing a fresh wave of infections.Having fired off all their shots,blown all their loads ,now they have to deal with PREMATURE INNOCULATION. What sort of limp response will they,and then us come up with in the future?
  10. The Oxford research is trying to spin an utter failure into a positive by quoting what are meaningless stats,outside Auckland (in NZ) AND inside China the R# is zero ,quarantines are the only truly effective method, and when they have failed ,the spin merchants start feeding us positive inspirational messages.There is no more effective method guarunteed to increase the R# than a vaccine passport and the associated relaxation of restrictions.Waikato and Northland are showing clearly that the only way forward is to BAN AUCKLANDERS, they are toxic,exponentially toxic
  11. Hutt park has a lot of potential for development,years ago I thought they should have put the stadium there instead of the wellington railyards and created a 365 day entertainment/ sports hub like the old QE2 in chch,that potential still exists with the existing golf course etc land aplenty and heaps of parking .Maybe the council could kickstart something as it was their cocked up erroneous rates demand that caused it to be shut down.
  12. Bachman turner overdrive was also known to utter the maxim " let it roll"
  13. Great stuff ,keep it up and the cube might end up getting square.As for the money laundering rules why do they not target crooks putting dirty money IN instead of honest winners taking money OUT .Truly retarded rules by truly retarded TAB execs,or is it that they want to get their cut first before any rules are enforced?
  14. Te rapa 5) 7 9 Ricc 6 ) 3 4 Ricc 4 5 Ricc 10) 6 7 Rose 8 ) 3 5 F 2) 1 2 F 4) 3 10 bb F 5 ) 1 9 F 6 ) 7 9 F 7 ) 10 11 bb F 8 ) 7 9 The last gasp ,now off to the knackery.
  15. F3) 1 13 bb F5) 1 2 F6) 3 8 F8) 1 2 F9) 5 7 bb Gone 10 rounds, I have been pummeled into submission,time to invoke the mercy rule.