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  1. It was the ride by ollie that made the difference on the winner as he was unexpectedly on pace, he would not have won if he had humidors run, humidor certainly looks the best of the rest ( familiar territory against winx)I will keep the faith with the old fella and keep posting 3 at a time which has been profitable so far($100 into $ 350) betting10/30 or 20/60 making for a good month so far
  2. Todays triple longshot throw at the stumps.Bucharest( best bred horse all year) to upset odds on love tap, Humidor goes best 2nd up , good place price at least.Shot of irish finally gets a run on a softish track with showers predicted.All paying $10+ (better prices because of odds on faves)
  3. Isnt that how italian pillowbiters do it.....inuendo
  4. A yes vote on the REEFERendum might give them some help
  5. My three for today.fabric, won this day last year( beating haut brion her)begood toya mother ,won this race last year. avilius also won the same race last year , all paying good dough .good luck to all
  6. How much of our recession, unemployment,shrinking economy etc etc yada yada yada can be attributed to countries like Aussie USA UK etc etc yada yada yada that have not controlled the virus and therefore WE CANT TRADE with them and how much is comrade cindys fault.At first I thought the current Auckland lockdown was overkill but despite the covid numbers in the community there is a total absence of kill.We will all get our chance on election day but how much can any politician do until the rest of the world sorts their shit out
  7. I just fact checked myself and watched the youtube interview of Tom Waterhouse and he said as CEO of William Hill he had 1million plus customers and 12 winners not 6 but he never refused them , at worst he would restrict bets only from those 12 and lay off with other bookies, knowing that the "losers" would more than compensate.His family have had a reputation as fearless punters/ bookies and he is cut from the same cloth.
  8. Why indeed? Tom Waterhouse has videos on you tube recounting tales of his days as a bookie( from a long line of bookies) and one story stuck out to me was that of all the MILLIONS of punters he dealt with could only think of 6, yes six that were regular consistent winners , so they really have nothing to be scared of, no real reason to restrict any punter other than the fact they are gutless.They are in the gambling business but too scared to risk anything , too scared to take anyone on for a short term loss and they are losing the long game as a result.
  9. If the pools are comingled it does not matter what you bet on, the tab gets the same slice for themselves and the industry.Racing .com has so much programming aimed at promoting turnover on their product, that win lose or draw at least we are getting ALL the info and punters like me have been lured in , tried it ,liked it and are happier as a result.The racing industry here has had the template for success put on a platter for them by messara and they have wasted YEARS not implementing anything, in oz the free to air broadcasting on the 7 network during the lockdown was such a success they have expanded future offerings , putting racing in front of a bigger audience than normal and having watched it , it was rather ironic that 7's coverage ( using racing.coms video) was far superior because the graphics never obscured your vision, so even could improve a bit in that regard.Again the template for success is on a platter and the aussies are successful because they have attracted punters LIKE ME.
  10. They never stopped racing like we did and since we restarted there have been so many outsiders winning at home it makes following ozzie form an "easier"and more attractive proposition and if you add in the racing .com app that is so user friendly.......
  11. Here are 3 that should like it wet at flemington ,savatiano, shot of irish and doubtland. all have shortened up pricewise but still good value
  12. Further to your point , lots of maori (including my family)have land or shares in land that is not able to be traded on the open market or used as collateral in the same way as " normal " land , another handicap to wealth creation for the rank and file but not for the tribal leaders who control much of it( for a price of course)
  13. The last chance to get a raffle ticket for the kosiusko ends shortly or might have already finished.5 bucks for a chance to get a slot, racing for a million and open FOR THE RANK AND FILE.
  14. How much did anyone make owning a few hairs of lyell creek who was offered to the masses many moons ago?
  15. Here is my two cents worth( which might end up costing me a lot more) an annual fee is preferable to me whatever the cost , it means you can budget for months in advance with cash already in the kitty for any and all comps instead of weekly contributions.As for the quaddie has a format that is perfect for racecafe.Their presenters pick 3 legs and a guest picks the 4th, we could have 4 pickers do a leg each and the following week the next 4 names on the list get their turn and on and on it goes.The only problem, and it is a good one to have is what to do with any winnings.