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  1. Nukkledragga

    Place please T.A.B. 05/04/20

    Just a wee addition that might improve it if it ever does happen .They sometimes run turbo pick6s that have races from different venues.The one thing I dont like about place 6 is small fields that pay only 2 divvys and therefore kill turnover ( mine anyway) if they cherry picked fields to give a better product like they do with pick6 it will get a few punters ( just like me) interested
  2. The media skyline has already changed, every sport including racing can be accessed on the interweb quite easily , apart from drivers tuning in I dont see an audience for radio sports .
  3. Nukkledragga

    Racing Revamp .

    They can make as much as they like but until the ports and shipping get back to normal no- one has any advantage.I work as a builder and I know there is a limited supply of nails, screws, nuts and bolts that I need to keep working and prior to the lockdown my colleagues were not just panic buying toilet paper!!!. We might get back to normal but we will be on a knife edge for sure .
  4. Nukkledragga

    Racing Revamp .

    What goods will be sold? Nothing from china , no imports fullstop ,killing more people will not fix in nz is coming back in july hopefully and realistically imports might start back at the same time.Just a little patience is all we need, then more of us can get back to work , more of us can get back to punting rather than killing thousands in the name of expediency.Because the WORLD is in the same boat we have NO OTHER CHOICE but to ride it out as best we can and ffs stop moaning about it.
  5. Nukkledragga

    Thoughts to help NZ Racing....Please help !

    If we suggest a fix or fixes what happens re the messara report? Is this a sign they wont proceed with rationalisation/ track closures etc or anything else ? This bunch of losers dont deserve our help so dump them all and start afresh!!!
  6. Nukkledragga

    Is this happening in Petone

    I dont think hes watching pornhub, isnt it mostly 'straight' porn?
  7. Nukkledragga

    RATS another plague on our houses

    Tastes just like pangolin apparently
  8. Was in chch years ago just after the big shake and the suburbs were overrun with rats seeking food and shelter .I think they could have existed quite happily in the cbd post quake but for the lack of food.A similar situation could develop here as the 'food chain' is disrupted, the city rats will move to the suburbs or up is it boils or locusts?
  9. Nukkledragga

    Where to Next .

    Reasoned Arguments Can Instigate Serious Talk Mainly Over Familiar Opinions
  10. Nukkledragga

    Where to Next .

    In todays world it is impossible to keep a lid on information or social media etc so I would give them a provisional 10 just like the rest until there is proof otherwise .There is no reason to think otherwise except 'ideological' bias.
  11. Nukkledragga

    Where to Next .

    The numbers from china compared to the rest show us all what can happen if you go hard, go early.Love them or hate em they put a lid on it , gave the rest of the world a lesson that most have chosen to ignore because of 'ideology', it feels so much better dying OUR way than surviving THEIR way.
  12. Nukkledragga

    Where to Next .

    What we as a country have done should take the gamble out of the equation to a large extent.People are still crossing our border, people are still violating the lockdown rules even medical pros are risking it all just doing their jobs, but their efforts must not be wasted by a few selfish twits.If the lockdown only works half as good as we want, it is still twice as good as Aus ,as the numbers WILL show as time rolls on.
  13. Nukkledragga

    Is this happening in Petone

    It is more than they deserve
  14. Nukkledragga

    Mulit issues

    Not quite right, ALL multi bets will force you to pay for another combination of all 6 runners giving 16 bets in total,diluting the payout even more if you miss on any selection but boosting it if you get them all home.It is a relatively new rule imposed on punters that you can only avoid by doing each combo individually.
  15. Nukkledragga

    Is this happening in Petone

    They are deserving of bonuses for maintaining their productivity in such trying times.