SATURDAY COMP TeRapa this Saturday all are welcome to enter!!!!


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  1. 1)1 8 9 12 2)2 7 12 13 3)3 4 12 13 4)3 5 11 12 5)3 4 13 15 6)1 3 4 9 7)3 5 9 12 8)1 2 4 11 9)5 6 7 8 10)3 4 5 7 11)2 5 8 12 12)4 15 16 17 the sun is out ,the horses are set , hey hey its saturday.
  2. Fair enough, better to know going in than not knowing but IF there are late scratchings and the sub wasnt a pick as happened to lots of people on the final race of that comp it MIGHT affect the tally and the result.You have made the call early so thank you again.
  3. Thanks for the upcoming comp , but I have a query about late scratchings where the sub ends up running in the money.The last time this format was used two races were affected by late scratchings and both were won by the sub.( this did not affect the result as far as 1st 2nd and 3rd, but the totals were a bit different for a lot of pickers) If you could clarify this issue( NO is perfectly alright as long as we all know beforehand) anyhow good luck to all especially with any real bets this week.
  4. OUCH $90 back in exchange for $300 but had 3 chances in the last at melb with 8 combos alive but they all missed the start badly( sadly) turn the page til next week
  5. Mooney Valley place6 another$150 for 20% 1 2 5/1 2 8/6 9 11/1 2 4/2 7 12/2 5 8.
  6. This guy has more lifes than a cat .This is his second life ban......
  7. Place6 for sydney $150 gives 20% 1 3 4/2 9 13/4 6 10/7 10 12/3 8 9/4 6 11.the lollypop heist is all on
  8. If you want incentives they should not be a cost or a burden like the money back/ free bets seem to be.Split the bookies off and let them stand or fall as a separate entity and tote bettors can have plenty of incentives "cost free" funded from the uncashed tickets ,unstruck jackpots, seeding pools as they do currently.
  9. Winners are grinners moosie, well done, its so hard to win at gambling overall that place6 seems like taking candy from a baby.
  10. Just do a google search and it will pop up top of the list just choose android or ios etc, also checkout youtube for chromecast apps which is how I first came across this and others like mobdro which are the 2 best hassle free tv and movie apps
  11. Hard not to agree, on another thread I commented on the temporary coverage provided by channel7 in Aus being far superior to what our TAB through SKY, Aussie SKY and have to offer.They had most of the usual suspects providing" expert" opinions but mostly as a voiceover allowing unobstructed views of all horses parading and galloping to the start.Very minimal graphics as well ( who needs the same info 3 times over? bookies odds ,tote odds, and tote again scrolling across the screen.)
  12. It wouldnt be the first time a fisherman has used his rod to hook into something fishy
  13. The last couple of saturdays I have been enjoying the racing coverage from Aus on channel7 as they have had it on free to air and able to be picked up on a few apps like freeflixhq .Their coverage is totally unobstructed , focussing on all races from randwick flemington and doomben today and having proper lead ups and post race summaries for the big three meetings with virtually no annoying graphics spoiling the view .BEST EVER.Ihope they extend the 6 week term.It is ironic that it seems to be provided by sky and the tab but it is so much better than what they provide to their paying subscribers,go figure
  14. A tough day at the office but a profitable one never the less .$800 for the day $1200+ in 5 goes at place6.
  15. Here is todays throw at the stumps, place6s at melb and sydney .$140 each gives me 28% at melb and 19% at sydney. melb r4)1 11 16 r5)2 5 12 r6)7 8 r7)4 8 11 r8)1 4 11 r9)2 3 9 . Sydney r4)2 6 7 r5)5 9 10 r6)3 5 7 r7)1 2 6 r8)2 7 14 r9)1 9 15.Started off with$ 200 a month ago , still have $400 win lose or draw after these bets.might settle a few arguments either way and nobody loses .....especially me.