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  1. A wee while ago had a series of studio panel discussions on this and some interviews with bookies from the "ring" said that they bet down to 100% because of the INTENSE COMPETITION, but were still struggling because punters prefer to do it on their devices rather than get up and get a better deal .And this is talking about people on course,go figure.
  2. If you want to target drugs then do it properly and leave it up to the cops.If you want safety then study the stats and target the areas that need it ,random drug tests are not targeted at anything by their very nature.There are druggies and there are accident victims where is the proven link nowadays, the public has wised up with drinking and drugs( the road toll used to be 3 times bigger) the benefits have already been gained, now we just have dinosaur ex cops crusading through our workplaces with no added benefit as far as drug use reducing or safety increasing.
  3. My point of view is that a lot of this discussion is anti drug but I am more pro safety.It seems that "safety" is being used to justify bullying and denying people's legal rights.
  4. Rights,what rights? My experiences in regard to this issue in the construction industry are that legally you have rights but if you use them you get sacked, no 3 warnings, no positive test and no job.Bullying and threats are the norm and how much safer are building sites as a result? I have asked sitesafe ,project managers etc. are things improving or not, or are you just anti drug zealots and not improving safety at all,show us the numbers.My job is dangerous with or without drugs as are jobs in racing so we have for years now kept track of accidents and incidents and the stats would show i
  5. It seems obvious to me that he might as well be a druggie, the penalty would be the same.I have to put up with this crap every day on every building site " random" drug tests on" safety critical workers"(broom pushing labourers) The cops cannot random test for drugs but they do for alcohol and the law relating to drunk drivers has been tested in a real court ,the penalties have been well established and do not automatically cost you your livelihood,you only test the drivers not the passengers, with drug testing everyone is at risk and a refusal is as bad as a positive test and can make you une
  6. If you compare F/O bets with tote bets,because of the way bookies percentages are calculated, tote odds win overall ,117% versus 130%. Pool sizes only matter in that the bigger they are the more average they become, they are not better by virtue of their size. Take a survey of results on the tote compared to bookies prices on any meeting and it will be clear that a majority of tote divvies are better and therefore doubles should be better as well except for the fact of the concession,so at the end of the day THAT is the choice, a double with the chance of a concession that reduces the payout b
  7. I think I asked this question already but did not get a full answer.Are any new TOTE BASED bets a possibility,exactas for instance, or my preference ,cross code multi type bets on tote pools,rather than through the bookies,117%poolsversus 130%+bookies odds, or ANYTHING ELSE on the tote .I am NOT INTERESTED IN BOOKIES PROMOS.
  8. I stand to be corrected but tab's and bookmakers everywhere are more concerned with race fields type of business where it sells and buys data to then provide betting to punters and it is a free for all ,winner takes all ,war of attrition for the punting dollar.It seems logical that they will eventually be swallowed by the eventual winning megamonster operation and we will just be providing product for a global market .These little bumps in the road will not hinder the inevitable future
  9. A 6 pack today to wash away the taste of TURKEY from some if not most of my picks.2 each at caulfield, eagle farm and randwick paying big bucks. caul R1 CHELOON ,scratching have opened this race up and I know nothing about this one except it has an excellent pedigree on mummy's side ,caul R5 CHASSIS, looks thrown in after claim and should show some form by now. Rand R5 MATOWI andR8 ST COVETS SPIRIT looking for a JMAC double divvie at good dough for him at least.Eagle Farm R7 BACCARAT BABY last year was a G1 contender so looks good at the price, TACTICAL ADVANTAGE, (oh no the taste of Turkey
  10. All over the ditch 2morrow just like covid thank goodness ...viral , pandemic , warp speed and plague stone
  11. Some saturday stocking stuffers for today ,Flem R7 RUBEN BLEU RAND R9 TRUE DETECTIVE RAND R10 ST COVETS SPIRIT.All 3 will be storming home in races that look to have good pace setting things up nicely.All 3 have raced with credit against much better opposition, so fingers and toes crossed for today.
  12. December is here , xmas on the horizon so here are some silly season selections to stuff your stockings with cash.pakenhamR8 ICONOCLASM is thrown in according to every measure, should race handy ,should win easily but unfortunately the horse cant read the form guide.R9 KURAMAE goes best fresh, will be steaming home .Rosehill R6 KARMAZONE 1length 3rd to warm fave last we have big weight penalty for fave AND big price for a very consistent runner.ST COVETS SPIRIT keeps running best race / meeting sectionals without winning ,but obviously good enough to wipe the floor with this lot.good
  13. Another roundup of rosy roughies to rescue my failing financial fortunes.started with $100 went to $650 and steady decline to $150 , still in profit ,but could do better.IRUKANDJI R4 GREYSFUL GLAMOUR R6 and IRITHEA are all taking on weaker fields than normal, are suited by the track and draws and paying relatively great money.
  14. Another go at my 3some of gold grabbing grange gallopers or kembla kash kollectors,BIG BOY ROY. R1.keeps placing in good fields will get one sooner rsther than later.OBELOS.R2.course winning import who has finally hit form.BEBEAUTIFUL import who has shown nothing so far in OZ but is up to suitable distance(2/2),again you would expect this waller trained runner to win sooner rather than later
  15. We get to win less money for the same investment than we used to.In days gone bye we could have taken a 50c =/50% bet and scooped the pool, if you were the sole winner of a 10k pool the dividend would be declared as 20k and you would get 50% =10k, but not anymore , now we get to win LESS money for the same spend, and I believe while the dead money can make SOME pools attractive dead money is just dead money and by not being returned to punters is killing turnover.If all pools terminated AS THEY USED TO we would have more money to reinvest ,we would simply WIN MORE MONEY, dead money is self evi