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  1. Took the mare to Australia in early August,served on a natural heat on 6 Sept and in foal straight away.One wonders if it was their stallion or incompetence.
  2. Do you New Zealanders realise that most country races pay $550 for running tenth and many races don't have many more than this number per start. Not a bad way of scratching a living if one owns the horse.
  3. jeepers


    So pleased I have an O'Reilly mare from this great Waikato family which was served only last week.Probabeel is in my mind the best NZ mare racing at the moment.the Lindsays deserve such luck as their investment in NZ breeding and racing is outstanding.
  4. jeepers


    Congratulations to all concerned.A very good run. Also Very Elleegant another Gr 1 and another top performance.
  5. Just heard that sadly Lucas Cranach has died in a paddock mishap. He stood at Leneva Park in Victoria.He was a German bred by Mamool from Lots Of Love,and ran 3rd in the Melbourne Cup. Had 12 starts six wins a second and a third.
  6. Had a mare served by Vino Rosso today.What a lovely animal and with the most amazingly placid temperament.They let us give him a carrot and pat him after the deed was done and he came out to let us inspect him again. Very pleased with our decision.
  7. Good on you Lindsay takes a lot of guts to eat humble pie. I just can't believe how well VE looked in the birdcage the other week,I've never seen her look stronger and so good. Chris is a marvel.Does anyone know what his main feed type is ie Mitavite or such.?
  8. Chris Waller nothing short of the best Trainer there is about.A Champion in his own right.
  9. What a hell of a good run.She looked magnificent in the birdcage,has put on weight and developed well.Waller,MacDonald two champions. Perhaps I should have left my stakes producing Danroad mare in NZ and gone to Zed.Top little sire. What a great season Verry Elleegant is in for.
  10. Our kindest thoughts, best wishes and our prayers are with you and your family Peter.
  11. One of my Trainers has monthly charges of $140 for supplements,two Chiropractor at $100 each,and one shoeing per moth at $170 all plus GST.Track fees are $75.Gallops on the grass $21 each.Odd thing though is farrier and Chiropractor accounts are not available for inspection when requested.
  12. We pay around $4200 per month with other owners for one horse and with a different trainer we pay around $3000 a month as a solo owner.I intend to take out my Australian license as I still have my NZ license.The last of my NZ horses arrived last week We also stand a Stallion in Aust so are tigers for punishment but one must do what one loves doing.
  13. Makes it hard Pam when there are multiple owners,especially if the trainer is involved. It is interesting that I find when one is in sole ownership of the horse the Trainers seem more accommodating,probably as they know that the owner can call the shots.I have also found here in Aussie that what ever one is quoted as a daily rate one can add between $600 to$1000 to the monthly account. Good thing about these Inglis Digital sales one can place their percentage share up for sale and get out of syndicates or multiple ownership if need be.
  14. This is not a high profile trainer,he also charged $270 to travel the horse 29km to the races.One of my other trainers only charged $160 to travel 140km to do the same.Differences in fees make for interesting reading,vitamins and supplements,gear hire,chiropractor frequency, farrier charges and frequency of shoeing etc.Can make a big difference to ones monthly account. This charge for race attendance is a new one on me.They must think they are bloody royalty,
  15. Just wondering how many Trainers charge their clients with a horse racing to attend a mid week meeting 30 mins from their establishment,? Is this normal?