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  1. It's a long story which I won't air on here after another shady deal,so a month later pulled all horses out of NZ.The success of Contributer is of little concern. But I wish the stallion well.Maybe Darley, who are exceptional to deal with, will take him back one day.
  2. My first introduction to Matamata was traveling in the truck when Dyak was delivered to Rory McGoven's.I remember the Great Dane coming out to met us. My next encounter was picking up Charlie Casey's horses to go to New Plymouth. I rode for the odd Matamata trainer later on and still had a friendly association with the late Jack Timms who trained there until his passing.
  3. Hopefully the horse has got over his serving issues which were a disaster for my mare in the 2019 season,especially when the stud phones you from the serving barn saying the horse won't serve my mare,without telling you the truth as to why. Not the way to treat a client who patronized them for 5years..Sadly I didn't want to risk another season at that stud in 2020.
  4. Too true Shane NZ racing is turning into a major disaster. Such a shame.
  5. Got back second last on turn flew the last bit in photo for 4th finished 5th. Needed to get those old bones going sooner.
  6. The second dam Henriette was for sale on the just closed Inglis Digital with a Fiorente colt foal at foot. Sold for $5500.
  7. Yes a big boy Breeder,and I respect the Moroney's as being good judges. Yes a good point about The Oaks.
  8. Have a look at the height and weight of Lot 230, 16.1 and 469kgs. That's pretty big for a yearling and a Complacent who seems to leave them a bit on the fine side.
  9. Thank you Huey. It's not as if I haven't done it before just I'm a little more rusty now and will have the facilities I never had before.
  10. No Huey. Hopefully we will be doing better than that as other unhappy owners are involved, we have another strategy which just needs a majority approval. Once I shift to my new property in a few months I will have a Track,a treadmill ,a walker and a pool. No more pro trainers and no more multiple owners. I will then race my half brothers and sisters to Kufu's dam, plus others bred, myself ----- Until I fall off the perch. I may not have as much success, but I will have a lot of fun.
  11. How would you like to be paying $90 +GST (Aus)per day to a Trainer to have your horse put on a walker every day for a month,under the guise of Pre Training. Excuse was the horse recovering from a sore back.
  12. Mike you are a disgrace to real men.Show some respect towards women. I doubt you would have achieved less than half of what Kate has in racing and in life. I think an apology is in order.
  13. WELL if you must. KATE . as in MATE
  14. I see Katie is back riding in races. Great to see her back as she was a top jock and is a very experienced horsewoman All the best Katie I hope 2021 treats you well.