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  1. All my NZ breeding interests are coming back to soon as they get their spot on the plane.Shame but the future in NZ does not look good
  2. Santiago won the Derby over night.By Authorized out of Wadyhatta by Cape Cross. Complacent in NZ is by Authorized as was Hartnell in Aust. Has anyone in NZ any Complacents in Training and what are they like?
  3. Sold for $18000.Service fee to Almanzor is $30000+GST.
  4. I see Territories a first season Darley stallion by Invincible Spirit has also had a couple of winners over there,which one would expect by such an early running sire.He stands for $11000 in Aust.
  5. How many actual starters has he had?
  6. Lot 263, Fashion Black in foal to Almanzor for unreserved sale.Located in NZ and presently only $3000.Might be a bargain for some lucky Kiwi.
  7. I use frozen semen from the States for the top cutting horses. The only thing I would say is that it is a win win situation for the Australian breeder as the fees are not in USA dollars but in Aussie dollars and there is no increase for the conversion. I would presume that if a NZ stallion was used it can only be a benefit to that NZ stud as the NZ dollar is so low.
  8. Sad news for a Racecafe friend. Having never meet you both does not preclude one from wishing you my deepest condolences and thoughts.May you gain strength from my prayers at this difficult time.RIP Mrs Cubes.
  9. jeepers

    Oh dear

    I hope what you say is correct,as I have been waiting for a while now for an empty mare and her now weanling to come to Australia.(Empty probably because of a Stallion with a sore prick).What with this bloody virus and now this,what next.
  10. That is very disappointing to learn.A mare of ours that has never missed to early services, was still trying to get in foal in December. At an one stage we were phoned by the stud and told the mare was in the serving barn but the horse wouldn't serve her, and do we want to use another of their stallions. Unfortunately she wasn't served that round, as the horse was obviously having problems. Shame we were not told the real facts at the start of the season so we could have booked to another commercial stallion elsewhere. Annual Grazing fees and charges at the stud wasted.
  11. Those with their own track and stalls will be at a distinct advantage.