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  1. jeepers


    It did sound a strange explanation to me so obviously I offered no comment.The person in question had been partaking in the generous hospitality provided by three wonderful studs at their stallion parades on Northwood Road.
  2. jeepers

    Just something interesting

    If my memory serves me right it might be that Drums of times out of Juvel that Rex bred.
  3. jeepers

    Just something interesting

    Was it one of the early horses trained by Gary Vile when he was in Taranaki ?
  4. jeepers

    Just something interesting

    Noble Times was that the horse trained by Rex Allen of Waitara,in Taranaki?Rex gave me one of my first rides on Blue Falcon.
  5. jeepers


    A trainer in Aust ,whose case is yet to be heard by Stewards,has been charged with having 0-desmethylvenlafaxine -a metabolite of venlafaxine -an anti depressant in their winning horses system ,twice. I was talking to this person at a stallion parade and I with others was told that a forensic chemist found traces of this drug in the paddock where the horse was kept, presumably coming from the effluent waste overflow from the septic tank.Seems possible as in Aust the grey water from septic overflow is pumped into paddocks.The persons partner is very ill and on numerous drugs.
  6. jeepers

    Interesting Lot in Inglis Online Sale

    An interesting relatively new stallion at stud in Aust is Hardham. He's by Redoute's Choice from Nureyev's Girl thus a full brother to Kings Rose. K's R has already left a gr winner in Satono Arther by Deep Impact.Hardham won $657150 was a Gr2 winner and seemed to have S Moody and Sir Patrick Hogan among his owners. He doesn't seem to be advertised so may only be used Privately but I've noticed a couple of mares sold in foal to him on these past Digital sales. What a great way to sell they are,full credit to Inglis.
  7. jeepers


    The yearling in question was removed from its paddock mates,transported to a depot in Auckland over night,transported on a plane to Australia,placed in another depot over night then transported for two and a half hours to his destination.He handled this with little fuss and tucked into feed in another strange stable immediately.He hasn't missed a feed or become upset after all this.Perhaps a little more than just getting on and off a truck. Certainly race day is different to a training schedule and I have also found that bad handling or breaking experiences can have a profound affect on a horse in later training. I am 71years old and have actually been riding them for 57years to be exact but one thing is sure one never stops learning.My earlier breaking methods are very different to how I do the job now.Pressure, release when the horse does what one wants, is the now method with surprising results. we never stop learning in this game. Careful and controlled track work education is so important before one sits on a horse in a gallop.
  8. jeepers

    Good onya Dummy....

    Well done Dummy you have always been a master even when I rode against you .You are a true genius and Paddy gave you due credit in his interview.Both gifted horsemen.
  9. jeepers


    I have been breaking and riding thoroughbreds for over 50 years,and I still do my own track work. I also ride cutters in competition so I do know a small amount about them.I also rode on the flat and jumps for 16 years. I still do most of my own shoeing.Do you also do such work Nasrullah.
  10. jeepers


    We have a 2018 Complacent colt that we have just taken to Australia.His temperament is exceptional,he's well grown and is eating the house down.The truck driver commented that he's one of the nicest he's traveled stating that he walked on and off the the truck like an old hand stayed over night at their depot ate up and not a worry in the world.I must admit I am surprised at how relaxed he seems. Mapperley Stud have certainly done a grand job with him.Maybe this sire is a real chance.Complacent was a very good race horse and highly thought of in Aust.when racing.
  11. jeepers

    Roaring lion withdrawn from service

    Don't bypass Contributer the word over here is good, and we've just flown in a Complacent yearling colt to Aust. his temperament is amazing ,even the transport people have commented on how pleasant he has been to travel,and with no paddock mates.
  12. jeepers

    2019 New Season stallions

    I intend to go and have a look at Mendelssohn. Sending a mare to Aust is only the air fare as I have a farm over there. Sadly many NZ stallions progeny do not command good prices at many of the Aust sales. It will be interesting to see how Vadamos goes.
  13. jeepers

    2019 New Season stallions

    There is a shuttle stallion at Coolmore in Aust, Mendelssohn by Scat Daddy out of Leslie's Lady and stands for $17600.He is a half brother to Into Mischief.This stallion was a $3,000,000 yearling and won the UAE Derby by 18 lgths in course record time. I know he is an Aust stallion but for Aust he seems to be exceptional value,what do others think? I consider Scat Daddy sires a good cross for Danehill line mares.
  14. Especially at $135 per day.
  15. jeepers

    Tony Pike strikes again.

    These country staying cups are popular throughout Aust.This one for $160000 with $83000 to the winner.Staying bred horses are getting a better chance now in Aust than in NZ and the money here is worth going for. A maiden 1200m race at this meeting was worth $45000.This sort of money gives those horses that are not quite up to city grade another chance.Why would anyone race in NZ?