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  1. jeepers


    Two trialed today at Avondale. One third, both went well really. Check on the NZ Racing website Pogo and you will see the video. Cheers.
  2. jeepers


    This stallion seemed to have a low fertility rate in his second year and I have heard of a number of breeders that seemed to have missed this last season. Does he have a problem or was it just the season? I am told that his 2yo's seem to go alright in track work but none out there yet, not that one would expect them to make 2yo's
  3. jeepers


    Thanks for the competition Ponderosa8 .Well done Kingshill.
  4. jeepers


    First one today sold $500000,a colt a full brother to La Mouline (f).Lot28. I would prefer a filly,note all in Karaka Mill. were fillies. I have one in Aust yet to race.
  5. jeepers

    Are the Whip rules working

    Race 1 today at Ellerslie. Ryan Elliot on Intrigue lost his whip at the top of the straight and got beaten by Dance Card ,M Dee who had his whip.Intrigue probably wins if Ryan had his whip. Shows the difference of having and not having in a tight finish.
  6. jeepers


    Lot 316. Looks like a 3yo.American Pharoah ,should be quick.
  7. Today sold the Exceed and Excel colt for $1.8.
  8. jeepers

    training fees

    Advice; don't go shares with a trainer as you are locked in and at their mercy and for as long as they like,unless you get out early at a loss. Most extra good horses seem to show ability early and if they say it needs time then give it time in someone else's paddock, if it hasn't shown that early ability.
  9. jeepers

    Copper Belt Lodge.

    It's only the training complex of 15ha approx (subject to survey) as Kevin's total property is around 53ha. Good luck with your sale Kevin, you deserve a break from training at your age ,if that's what is planned.I bet he won't stop farming as he's a goer.
  10. jeepers

    training fees

    If one is astute one can pick up a going horse, at a reasonable figure from Inglis online digital, that is not up to City racing but very suitable for the country.Two sales per month it's that popular.
  11. jeepers

    training fees

    Agreed. Good money even in the country over here. But then good horses that fly in from NZ can and do earn it.
  12. jeepers

    training fees

    My trainer Melbourne $100 +gst per day and monthly $100 vitamins + $100 chiropractor. Horse always seems to be shod every month also, on trainers bill only so who knows. City seems to range between $100 and $135 per day; Country Aust seems to be as low as $65 per day.Some charge extras some don't.
  13. jeepers

    White Island

    Must have read my post.See they just need a little prodding.
  14. jeepers

    White Island

    Seems strange that a Chopper pilot states he could have all bodies out in 90minutes and is prepared to do so. These poor people should be out by now and the weak Police and that pathetic PM need to take some leadership and get on with the job. Sadly this is what happens when a weak kneed woman is in charge. Too busy worrying about plastic bags etc.
  15. jeepers

    RIP Sacred Falls.

    Condolences to Waikato Stud.Sadly Sacred Falls has died today after a short liver illness.