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  1. only to get the drag in the Wellington Cup.
  2. Oh so is that why the so called South Island's leading trainer wasn't at Trentham chasing the $10k South Island Trainers bonus? Had he already thrown his toys out of the cot when the bonus was announced maybe?
  3. If he's a multi-millionaire it will be because of the large amount of people apparently ,who believe the hype and ring these tipping lines, as opposed to making money from his own betting, and also from his cut of the sponsorship funds he raises as a Wellington Racing committee member , supposedly.
  4. Wow, scary. Whos bright idea is this? New broom sweeps clean maybe? Any new appointments at NZ Racing lately?
  5. Just a sideline to his other job getting sponsorship for the Wellington racing Club isnt it?
  6. Do you have the same problem working out which is your left leg? You have a left leg and a right leg just like a horse has a left front leg and a right front leg.
  7. Here's the stats in NZ as of Wednesday 8-9-21. 855 delta covid cases 702 of these were unvaccinated - 83% 115 had had 1st vaccine shot - 13% 38 had had both shots - 4% Simple, if you dont want Covid get Vaccinated.
  8. If you read the article properly he is in Remission so not sure what you are on about. Also, what cure for Covid was found in "under a month" ? I'm sure the vaccination, if thats what you are on about, took a lot longer than "under a month" to develop.
  9. so you are a conspiracy theorist?
  10. Any one know what happened to the South Islands leading stable over the Grand National Carnival? One winner early on day one and they went on record saying they had targeted the carnival rather than trying to win the South Island premiership and it was all go ,,,,but then,,,,fizzzzz,nothing more???
  11. Why dont you ring up and talk to them about racing then?
  12. Correct as evidenced by my quote of Nerula's post which only dealt with the prizemoney at Feature meetings for only Open and maiden races.
  13. right so thats maidens and opens but what I asked was what about the r65 and r74s inbetween??
  14. So what are Feature meeting r65 and r74 stakes going to?
  15. Its very easy to blame another race course and say their boxes were contaminated without any proof.Surely everyone will now use this as an excuse and be "exonerated".I think people need to remember that when they point the finger at someone else there are 3 fingers pointing back at them.