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  1. I don't think there's any evidence that the knackers yard is being considered, especially considering Fame Shines was only 7 lengths from the winner last start over 1600 m a huge improvement on the previous start when 46 lengths from the winner over 2200m. Double Prosperity's form over those last 6 starts you refer to is 521501. This is hardly the form of a horse who is being abused. Why don't you come straight out with it and tell us what or who your problem really is?
  2. Any idea if these are still on tomorrow Thursday 21-4-22 ??? Start time ?? Fields ??
  3. Not to mention paying overs in the first place, the buyers commission from certain vendors, monthly management fees and agistment for all those horses, generous cut of sales / commissions, generous staff shout deductions from owners horse stakes etc, etc. I was surprised how embarrassingly plain the helicopter looked in Army Grey actually. lol.
  4. Had a bet on Pin Up in the last at Turffontein last Saturday night and checked the results on Sunday morning. The horse had won and divvies for the race were all declared in results. When I checked my resulted bets there was no divvy payout just a refund of my initial bet. ?????? Went back and checked the results again and they had been changed to Race Abandoned.?????? Checked websites for the TAB's in South Africa and Australia and they showed that in fact the race had indeed been run and won by Pin Up. There were the divvys , margins, time etc. What the heck is going on
  5. No hoax. Hubby and his rellies were not happy thus all the Maori seats going to Labour at the next election. Very embarrassing after being accused of jumping into bed with the government for the previous 9 years.
  6. Love The Grey Ghost getting into the The Silver Fox.
  7. Foxton wont let anyone race on their track.
  8. So are you a follower of Brian Tamaki?
  9. No wonder the jockey actually tried then.
  10. only to get the drag in the Wellington Cup.
  11. Oh so is that why the so called South Island's leading trainer wasn't at Trentham chasing the $10k South Island Trainers bonus? Had he already thrown his toys out of the cot when the bonus was announced maybe?
  12. If he's a multi-millionaire it will be because of the large amount of people apparently ,who believe the hype and ring these tipping lines, as opposed to making money from his own betting, and also from his cut of the sponsorship funds he raises as a Wellington Racing committee member , supposedly.
  13. Wow, scary. Whos bright idea is this? New broom sweeps clean maybe? Any new appointments at NZ Racing lately?
  14. Just a sideline to his other job getting sponsorship for the Wellington racing Club isnt it?