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  1. Absolutely.I know someone who had 10% but then his wife found out so had to take three mates in to share the cost so now only has 2.5%.Oh dear.lol.
  2. How many people own her and what size shares do people typically have in these syndicates?
  3. Hmmmm ,,,I dont know if there would be Trainers take out would there?Trainer would be on a wage wouldnt he?Do the owners get the trainers % or Te Akau/ Ellis?
  4. haha beautiful,,,,but do I detect some PENT up frustration there?
  5. Unfortunately the powers that be at Foxton have not wanted to cooperate with any one else but especially Awapuni and RACE in regards to track sharing ,amalgamations etc but have wanted to do their own thing and now dont have enough money to replace their burnt down grandstand rendering their Racecourse useless for anything other than trials and jumpouts.
  6. I think the security was at fault.That Red Badge rabble were all too busy watching the race instead of the public.They were stationed 20 or so meters apart but not one of them even flinched until the incident was over.If that wasnt bad enough after getting that huge wake up call 2 races later just before the last race 2 streakers jumped the fence in almost the same spot and ran across the track and disappeared into the distance and across the track again to escape over the back fence.Red Badge security shouldnt be paid for the day after these 2 security breaches and maybe they should be asked
  7. I agree.After no local meetings on both Wellington and Auckland anniversary days it appears NZTR dont know what they are doing.Maybe a local should be running it?
  8. Haha Im sure that wouldnt take 12 days.
  9. So why not from the 7-9-20 then?
  10. Hahahaha.So this is a ruling made on Sunday the 20th September to cover arses for what was allowed to happen in contravention of the existing rules the day before at Hastings???? Is that what you are saying??
  11. or is that code for "I dont want to supply a sample as I know it will be a fail" ??
  12. Winston bailed out Racing, RITA and the TAB in the last few months.Have you all forgotten that???? Do you really think any other political party in NZ would have done that??? And also lets not forget, Labour allowed it to happen with Kieran McAnulty Labour Wairarapa of course being an ex TAB bookie. Worryingly ACT want the money paid back, and National have never seemed to care hence appointing the likes of John Carter and Nathan Guy as Racing Ministers over Ian McKelvie who is now their spokesman by way of their last man standing policy.
  13. This rule re no owners or public at races,trials and jumpouts has nothing to do with the Government.It is solely a rule brought in by NZ Thoroughbred Racing. That being the case why was it changed supposedly for Hastings on Saturday?.Dont tell me it was to let owners of horses in the Group 1 race attend because there were a lot of other high profile people there other than those owners,trainers,jockeys and staff etc.????
  14. Woa!!! steady on.You are talking about the Racing INTEGRITY Unit there!!! Are you questioning their INTEGRITY????