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  1. fermoy

    Want To Race A Horse With M Pitman...

    shouldn't this thread be in the classifieds?
  2. fermoy

    Karaka on TV?

    Just rang SKY who gave me the old "turn it off and on at the wall" advice and sure enough there it is.haha.
  3. fermoy

    Karaka on TV?

    I thought I heard it advertised that the sales would be live on TV on SKY channel 263 but nothing there yesterday at 3pm???Whats the story?
  4. fermoy


    i backed him but im sure those that dropped him after his previous awapuni run wouldnt have been too happy to hear the trainer say in the post race trackside interview yesterday that the awapuni run was only a trial. oh dear.i wonder what the stipes thought of that as well?? hahaha
  5. fermoy

    Diademe LETS HOPE NOT

    hes a chemist isnt he?
  6. fermoy


    Wasnt she a foundation mare at Wellfield in the 80's?
  7. fermoy

    London Trader

    what about drum?
  8. fermoy

    Horses from the 60/70s

    now he was a great horse but a very moody horse.by wandering eyes out of sparkling maid if i remember correctly.he had to have his own way in front,then he would let a few horses go past him before he would rally with his tail swishing and bustling billy digging him in the ribs with both heels and flash past them again on the rails to win.amazing will to win,with a little help from his friend w j skelton of course.lol
  9. fermoy


    i knew that "one flew over the cuckoo's nest" was your favourite movie,but is it true that you are the lead in the latest peter jackson movie to be filmed entirely on the west coast,a remake of the jim carrey classic "liar,liar,liar" ??? tax breaks and publicly funded backing from your blue rinse mate don key presumably??? hahaha
  10. the stipes are not the arbiter. the jca panel are after listening to the views of the 2 horses connections(which will be one eyed) and the independent stipendiary stewards.
  11. fermoy


    hahaha.cant you remember your first attempt at post #91????.are you are having a john key brain fade again??? a wise man once said "never try and have some useful discussion with a lier" "gom back" to post #91 little tommy tittlemouse and click on "history 1" underneath and you will see your first post and this will hopefully refresh your memory.hahahaha.talk about michael rodent.
  12. fermoy


    gom back??? haha accountants are good at counting and that is all which is no doubt why you have failed to point out which of my 3 points you disagree with,but of course that would take an open mind and some fresh thinking,
  13. fermoy


    tom,you know full well Sir Michael got his on 3 counts. a.service to nz by sorting out nzs finances with 8 surpluses in a row b.service to the racing industry by giving winston the funds to be the best racing minister ever c.service to the national party by building up enough of a war chest so key could afford to buy his way in to power with tax cuts and cuddle money to the maori party that even blind freddy and his stuck in the mud conservative grey man backward thinking west coast accountant could see were unsustainable.
  14. fermoy

    FOB Turnover

    if we are reliant on the book making skills of hunt stafford and co to make the tab a profit off fixed odds betting as opposed to the guaranteed profit from paramutual betting is this why distributions to clubs and stake levels are so low?? how many beat the bookies bets have they lost lately??5 out of 6??
  15. shame you forgot the sponsors name here