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  1. if it is that 30% of those employed by RITA will lose their jobs then the roles of the 70% still remaining will cause some angst Overseas analysis suggests those earning the least are more likely to go. Attached is in $US
  2. Clarification Leggy - from MSD from a site audited Subject: Wage Subsidy Hi xxx Thanks for your time today. You advised me during our conversation that one of your employees named xxxxx has handed in their resignation and sought some advice in relation to that. As xxx was as employee at the time you made your application and has left on their on accord and was not made redundant, the subsidy for them can be retained and kept to support your other staff and your business. You will not be required to refund this. Kind regards xxxx Investigator Fraud Intervention Services Ministry of Social Development
  3. AFL NRL NZ Rugby TAB A couple of bars on Viaduct’s early days and already some deck of cards in both sport and business are swaying in the breeze. A bit scary,to be fair, if it lingers for what some are saying are time frames well past a year. Stakes in 2021 and beyond ain’t looking anything but well south of where they are today - natural attrition and not legislation is more likely to drive venue closures.
  4. none of us have lived through a global pandemic. However in adversity there's always aspects of life that do do well. (Ask any motel owner in Christchurch in 2011) Jacinda has effectively shut our borders down for 16 days. So on one hand there's no travel beyond NZ yet on the other hand it's going to be 99% safe, living here. Among the activities that will be OK to do is to get to race meetings . They'll be safe places especially when you're congregating with a small-ish group. ( As does a golf course as well.) How hard would it be to set up a marketing message via RITA that congregating with family,and friends groups, at a racecourse with a BBQ and a few cold ones it'll be the best and safest thing you could do right now.
  5. Thanks for your replies Dean. Equity aint looking pretty July 2017 $69.3m July 2018 $53.5m July 2019 $24.9m ( against a budget of $60.3m) The outcome of the balance sheet not deteriorating further is, as you suggest, "challenging" Substitute John Allen for the late Terry Jones and cast yourself as John Cleese and there's some similarities emanating!
  6. hmmm Gambling companies will be banned from allowing customers in the UK to use credit cards to bet in a bid to protect consumers and improve the sector's image. The ban, which starts on April 14, comes after reviews of the industry by the Gambling Commission – the sector's watchdog – and the Government. Major betting companies such as Bet365, Betfair and 888 all allow customers to place deposits online using credit cards, which has led to warnings from campaigners that gamblers risk racking up big debts and falling into addiction.
  7. This year our Club again ran on course punters comp. It went super well with over 100 participants enjoying the day which included free food and beverage for those who entered. We also have free admission, free racebooks and a no charge byo policy fo promote family/friends outings and bbq’s across our 5 racedays. There is zero incentive for our Club to do this however we have this naive notion that getting people on to a race track to view racing will give them a buzz and have them interested for the longer term. Dumb we clearly are, to those who distribute the funds to pay the stakes.....
  8. Two questions..... 1. when, as a date, will RITA determine the code body funding distribution quantum for the 20/21 racing season? 2. given speculation over the sustainability of the current level of funding in the current 19/20 season, what will be the key determinant in assessing the distribution quantum for the 20/21 racing season?
  9. Phut.....both sides in complete denial. Who does your trail lead back to Leo?
  10. Royal Ascot now awaits..... Go them.
  11. I think we should have started at sunrise and raced from there! It clouded over and temps dropped from a handy 14 degrees down to a fairly bitter 9 by the end of the day. 22 teams entered which is more teams than we had in 2014, 20215 and 2016 before we paired up with the KPC comp. The winning team had but one collect - got a trifecta early on and then spent their $100 per race to make a profit of $100 overall. The winning total of $900 was our lowest winning total ever. There were hard luck stories aplenty. The leader throughout went into the last with over $1,000 in hand and lost the lot. Two teams had $100+ bets on the runner up in the last. One of our eliminated punters had a $40 quinella in the last and that paid over $100. But there it was - a group of non punters threw in $200 each, got fed and watered all day and walked away with $1,300 each - they'll be back next year!
  12. Looking really good at 7.30 this morning
  13. Air New Zealand names new CEO no step up here to a role that John Allen, could pretend really well at.
  14. gee whizz - there's computer based models like YR and then there's real people, born in NZ ,with many years of knowledge who call it as they see it. As of this morning our meteoroligist is calling 5mm or less between now and the weekend.... Track committee and stipes are all happy. Roll on Sunday and hope to see lots lining up in our punters comp to win 4 large in folding, on top of your winnings for the day......
  15. it'll happen. Our weatherman, a keen harness man for 40+ years, posted this, today.... "Methven Trotting Club Weather Outlook for Sunday October 13 2019. Situation; A large area of high pressure covers the region with settled weather despite chilly nights and inland fog patches. Some areas of coastal cloudiness for Canterbury should resolve by midday, whilst inland regions such as Methven enjoy pleasant mid spring conditions and more than adequate sunshine by day. Forecast; Fine and sunny after early light frost with quiet winds into midday. Moderate east-northeast winds develop during the afternoon. Max temp 15-16 Nelson Weather Services"