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  1. Eclipsed


    I think we should have started at sunrise and raced from there! It clouded over and temps dropped from a handy 14 degrees down to a fairly bitter 9 by the end of the day. 22 teams entered which is more teams than we had in 2014, 20215 and 2016 before we paired up with the KPC comp. The winning team had but one collect - got a trifecta early on and then spent their $100 per race to make a profit of $100 overall. The winning total of $900 was our lowest winning total ever. There were hard luck stories aplenty. The leader throughout went into the last with over $1,000 in hand and lost the lot. Two teams had $100+ bets on the runner up in the last. One of our eliminated punters had a $40 quinella in the last and that paid over $100. But there it was - a group of non punters threw in $200 each, got fed and watered all day and walked away with $1,300 each - they'll be back next year!
  2. Eclipsed


    Looking really good at 7.30 this morning
  3. Eclipsed

    John Allen

    Air New Zealand names new CEO no step up here to a role that John Allen, could pretend really well at.
  4. Eclipsed


    gee whizz - there's computer based models like YR and then there's real people, born in NZ ,with many years of knowledge who call it as they see it. As of this morning our meteoroligist is calling 5mm or less between now and the weekend.... Track committee and stipes are all happy. Roll on Sunday and hope to see lots lining up in our punters comp to win 4 large in folding, on top of your winnings for the day......
  5. Eclipsed


    it'll happen. Our weatherman, a keen harness man for 40+ years, posted this, today.... "Methven Trotting Club Weather Outlook for Sunday October 13 2019. Situation; A large area of high pressure covers the region with settled weather despite chilly nights and inland fog patches. Some areas of coastal cloudiness for Canterbury should resolve by midday, whilst inland regions such as Methven enjoy pleasant mid spring conditions and more than adequate sunshine by day. Forecast; Fine and sunny after early light frost with quiet winds into midday. Moderate east-northeast winds develop during the afternoon. Max temp 15-16 Nelson Weather Services"
  6. Eclipsed


    It got pointed out that our rules for the day did not include that the Principal Member for all entries must comply with the TAB's AML requirements. Attached are our updated Terms, Conditions and rules for the day. Brown Pub Methven Punter of the Year Competition.pdf
  7. Eclipsed


    Methven has always been a byo racecourse so you're welcome to bring whatever you'd like to Greg. Our beer sponsor is Speight's and they have many other options - Coaster Howe opted for drinking Corona last time!
  8. Eclipsed


    Welcome all to the 2019 Brown Pub Methven Punter of the Year competition. Methven will revert to same format used from 2010 through until 2017 at which time we were ten part of the KPC format . Our format is over the last 8 races with teams of up to 4 people competing for a $4,000 cash 1st prize. Entry is $800. We'll again provide food and beverage as part of entering this tough comp. Depending on whether we card 10 or 11 races , the start time will be just after 1pm. Some great names on our trophy including The Whale and Westview. After recent workouts the track is in great order so we will be at Methven T's and C's attached MTC POTY comp 2019.pdf
  9. An interesting outcome although haven’t seen the results published online. 4 nominees made the cut from a list of 8 and the word is that the current Chair and Finance guru both held their ‘seats’ on the HRNZ Board. To be fair I still struggle with a Board of 8 when multi million profit companies like Ebos and Freightways can run with a board of 5.These two corporations both have a strong m&a programme so they’ve plenty on their plate. From an outsider looking in, HRNZ may have a few balls in the air, however does it really need 8 people around the table playing God?
  10. Eclipsed


    Blow me down.....TV One News tonight with a clip about Shartin - USA footage and then an interview with the NZ breeder. A great news clip. Top marks to whoever made that happen.
  11. Eclipsed

    One of the Best

    Commissioner raced against Noodlum a number of times and finally beat him at Rangiora when paying that great win divvy.It was an unreal feeling as Noodlum was chasing his 16th win in a row that day. Geez he raced lots. Won the big 2yo go at Auckland midJune before lining up at Kurow only 7 weeks later. Commissioner did go on as an older horse and win many times at Addington beating horses like Master Dean,Stanley Rio, Lunar Chance and Trevino - days gone by when there was never a shortage of good horses racing competitively. My memory of Noodlum was as stated earlier Freeman Holmes getting beaten on him as a 2yo at Forbury where he shied and fell plus also getting beaten on him at the next start. Maurice Holmes then got the drive for the remaining 6 or so races that season and won them all. At age 65 it was Maurice’s last season of driving - dumb rule in hindsight!
  12. Eclipsed

    Taroona Bromac

    Gone and well sold. Currently, in Hong Kong and Singapore you race a thoroughbred and one win a year will pay your way.In NZ a good young one will be sold to either of these markets for money you’d never win here in a fit. In the standardbred market the numbers are way lower however the comparisons are not dissimilar. A six figure offer when weighed up for stakes vs expenses over, say, two or three seasons of racing in the top grade in NZ says “take the money.” There was a rule of thumb that said 2 or 3 wins here would pay your way for a year. It’s been many a year since that held true and as a result, when offered a decent offer, it becomes a no brainer as regards the choice you’d make. Sadly It’s hard to see this scenario changing for the foreseeable future.....
  13. Eclipsed

    Taroona Bromac

    Impressive handling by the trainer. Turns it out when still green after a 2nd and win on grass tracks and returns to race at the Met. Home and winning with a last quarter of 26.6 last week after going up to sit parked, and jogged it tonight in a 1.55 mile rate - it’s winter? You’d think the phones would be ringing......
  14. Eclipsed

    Mark MacNamara A Big Loss

    a year or so back I hopped in my car and it was on Trackside Radio and Mark was calling the greyhounds. They went back to Des Coppins in the studio and he said “wow how good a call was that - Mark Mac can make anything sound exciting!” His calls, even down to labelling a dead heat correctly, are outstanding.
  15. The Chairman quoted as saying “this is a momentous day for the sport of Harness Racing in NZ” The new structure of 8 will now include two independent directors. There’s never an apples with apples scenario however in checking a couple of multi billion companies on the NZ Stock Exchange EBOS - 5 Directors Freightways - 5 Directors This reduction from 11 is a step in the right direction however could somebody explain why 8 is the right number? An old adage says that the more you have around the table the less that will be achieved......