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  1. Tony

    results page.

    Apparently John Allen is receiving an award for implementing this new FOB platform. A spokesman for the Salvation Army said that a presentation will be held at Wellington's Vivian St Citadel next week where John Allen will receive the army's highest honour "The Honour of the Founder" The spokesman said that the new FOB platform has cured more people of their gambling addictions in 10 weeks than the Salvation army has been able to in 10 years.
  2. Tony

    Waipukurau -Thursday 25th October

    They might have to have a "final race" now that Otaki is abandoned to cope with the extra nominations.
  3. Tony

    No B Sample

    I heard Peter Earley talking to Mike Godber today on the radio and they were discussing a positive to TCO2 down south. The Owner or Trainer had asked for the B Sample to be tested. Godber says that no B Sample is required to be available to the owner or Trainer because the RIU test it twice. This doesn't seem right. Any sport, even Pony Clubs that test for drugs must have a B Sample available to the other party. The rules state "no B Sample, No disqualification". That's why on some high profile cases the B Sample gets lost. In Australia they take 6 vials of blood for the TCO2 tests. 4 for the Integrity people and 2 for a B Sample if required. Surely our testing requirements must be the same as other countries under the International Racing Federation and their rules.
  4. Tony


    You are right on the nail LongOwner. Racing Royalty is treated different to the peasants. The inconsistencies in penalties is glaringly obvious. I don't agree with P4P. Harness an Thoroughbred have the the same starting points for penalties. (ie Presenting starting point $8000 for both codes) The same concession or discount for 1st offence. If the penalties are to be different for each code then this would be written in some rules some where. I would love to see this. Is it written in a Constitution, Mission Statement or some hidden away rule book. And who are these people handing down the penalties. Take the statement in the recent Dickson case. 39] We were told initially that Ms Pickford was the only person to feed the horses, yet Mr Dickson confirmed that he and another person may at times take care of feeding duties, depending on the nature of the day. It is apparent that there is a fairly relaxed approach to feeding and further highlights the need for a more formalised regime in place as it is apparent that Ms Pickford was in fact not solely responsible for administering the horse’s feed. It is entirely possible that three different persons could be involved in the feeding of the horses at the premises on any one day. This is a form of negligence that we would not expect from a licensed trainer with the level of experience that Mr Dickson has. If Ms Pickford was to take her horses to the races at New Plymouth she will be away all day and probably not home till well past feed up time. Obviously somebody has to feed up or you will start to run in to animal welfare issues. I would think this form of negligence is happening across the whole country and across all 3 codes. That's if you can call this negligence
  5. Tony

    Saundry on AW tracks

    Someone better ask the Jockeys if they will ride on a synthetic track inside the Awapuni course. Te Rapa spent i million on a Trials track inside their course and the Jockeys won't ride it at speed. I believe Awapuni is smaller than Te Rapa so would be tighter than the Te Rapa Trial track. Woodville is the go. History shows that the best horses to come out of the Central Districts have come out of Woodville. Bruce Marsh always reckoned the climate was perfect for horses.
  6. Tony

    If Messara really is The Messiah

    Chris you are not the only one disappointed by the Trainers Association and now that they are funded by NZTR don't expect them to rattle any cages for fear of having their funds cut.
  7. Tony

    $12,000 Open Handicap - Ashburton today

    The 75 horses actual run for less than the Maidens and 65 horses. They have to pay Nomination $57.50 and Acceptance of $86 .25 on top of the Jockey fees. So finish further back than 5th and you are up for a $300 bill. It gets worse on a Saturday. Finish further back than 5th Saturday and you are up for over $400 in the 75 rating race. Then if your horse is good enough to run in a Stakes race well it's almost a sweepstake race. You are better off running around in Maidens and 65 races.
  8. Tony

    Hastings Track Update - 30 September

    I can remember going to Hastings on Premier days with horses when there were empty tie ups everywhere. Then HB Racing sold the land the tie ups were on and I suspect somebody miscalculated the number of tie ups needed. This was about 15 years ago when the powers to be were telling us that unless you run 10 races in a day you couldn't run a viable meeting. With this being the thinking of the day 99 stalls were never going to be enough. Jason, there is no getting away from the fact that HB Racing has the most inadequate pre race facilities for horses in the Central Districts. Trainers are constantly being hammered about health and saftey issues. Yet as trainers we take our horses and staff to your Premier Meetings and put both in to an over crowded and dangerous enviroment. It is time HB Racing stood up and accepted responsibilty for the issues and did something about it.
  9. Tony

    Hastings Track Update 29 September

    Hi Jason, I'm sure everybody appreciates these updates but does the Club have any plans to improve the shambles that happens on Premier Days due to the lack of tie ups for the horses. HB Racing would have the most inadequate pre race facilities for horses in the Central Districts. At least the smaller clubs that NZRB would like to see closed down provide either a tie up, yard or box for every horse. Not at H B. Horses have to lead around due to the lack of tie ups and it becomes very congested and at times dangerous. Will it take another person being injuried before HB Racing takes any action. Trainers should not have to be sending extra staff to lead horses because a HB administrator got the maths wrong when the new tie ups were built. This has gone on for years and nothing has changed or improved.
  10. Tony

    The farce that is NZ handicapping

    Well what about Dubai Belle. She was a rating 85 like Mosse when she won a Group 3 worth 70K at Awapuni in September.Dubai Belle got 12 points going from 85 to 97 in one jump. Where is the difference. It is good for anybody who has backed Mosse in the Railway at Fixed Odds. Had he been penalised the same as Dubai Belle he could have been carrying an extra 3 kgs.
  11. Tony

    Water Walkers

    Are you interested in the circular type that holds about 8 or a water treamill that takes one at a time.
  12. Tony


    Sculptor looks a million dollars. I have had him here on my Water Treadmill since mid June. He is going on twice a day and doing plenty of work. He is a real power walker and is loving the exercise. His legs look as good as new ones. I don't think you can ever write off these elite atheletes and his trainer is a very astute man. At this point I don't see any reason why he couldn't get back to racing. A season of serving mares hasn't changed his attitude. He is just a lovely horse to do anything with and if he stays sound he could do anything. After all he is a Group 1 winner in Australia.
  13. I noticed on another thread it was pointed out that Graham Nicholson does have a point of difference to most other trainers. That point being that he has a Water Treadmill on site. It might be interesting to note that apart from Graham Nicholsons two winners yesterday there was also two other horses that won at Awapuni that are regular users of a Water Treadmill just out of Palmerston North. I know that Tip The Wink has spent 21 days on this Water Treadmill since Christmas. Royal Jazz had form of 000 before trainer Patrick Campbell sent him to this Water Treadmill in January. His form now reads 1381. Nitty Gritty who was second to Tip The Wink spent all of December and part of January on the same Water Treadmill. Eileen Dubh who was third to Time Keeper uses the Water Treadmill two to three time each week as part of her fitness program. Is it possible that there could be something in the use of a water treadmill. I was told that a Trainer in Singapore wanted to put in a Water Treadmil but the Club refused permission because they felt he would be obtaining an unfair advantage over the other trainers.
  14. Tony

    Levin Classic - my opinion, but I

    This race probably had 200 horses nominated for it two months ago and the strongest that have survived lined up. This is great placement by a young trainer who works hard. The top Trainers, Moroneys, John Sargent. Steven McKee, Richard Yuill, Keven Gray, Mark Walker, Chris McNab, John Bary, Murray Baker. They all had their best horses available in this race. After a near disaster at Riccarton where Eileen Duhn returned to the birdcage battered and bleeding Francis Finnegan was able to get her home and not only patch her up for this race but come out and win. Remembering that before Riccarton Eileen Dubh hadn't raced since running second in the Gold Trial Stakes over 1200 metres on September 19th this is a very good training feat and should be applauded
  15. What are the cops thinking. We keep hearing about the lack of resources that the police have yet they can tie up several staff for several days. A court room for at least a day. All this costing tax payers thousands of dollars and for what. If Sam Kelt is found guilty he may get a $400 fine but he is more likely to get off. It is alot safer to persue Sam Kelt than a Mongrel Mob member. There may not be many rapists or murders left out there to catch. See what sort of response you get from the police if you get burgled. See how many hours they will spend on your case.