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  1. Watched the race and saw the idiot on the track but did anyone else spot the stray golf ball almost hit the horses and riders on the first round. About 2min13sec into the race...could have been a bloody disaster.
  2. No shortage of nominations!
  3. Absolutly tragic news. Thoughts and deepest sympathy to family, friends, and co-workers at this sad time. RIP.
  4. Thanks for that Rdytdy. We have that Annual at home and over the years that article has been read to our chidren and grandchildren many times. Shifnal Chief died suddenly one night of an apparent heart attack without suffering at the grand old age of 30 and is buried here on the farm
  5. Anyone know where/who to go to or if its even possible to get footage put together of all the wins of a horse that raced in the 70's and 80s?.
  6. Anyone know where/who to go to or if its even possible to get footage put together of all the wins of a horse that raced in the 70's and 80s?.
  7. by jingos they going well at the moment!!!!!! 2 good runs today!!!
  8. Article states that sprayer wasn't working so was applied with sponge!!! So does this mean that not even the correct application procedure used!!!!
  9. Breach of privacy .....agreed!!! Should have been shredded.....agreed! But seriously...who goes through rubbish bins unfolding paper to have a read. Must have been a different sort of person who found!
  10. Article published 12/4 says Capella able to return to stables while other 2 had remained at vet clinic, Waikato Times 16/4 says Danica Guy rushed back to Sydney to be with her filly who has not improved as quickly as the 2 other fillies and appears burnt all over. Thoughts with all connections of the 3 horses concerned and hoping horses now improving. Shocking !!!!!!
  11. Pleased to see that horses have finally had races taken off them and prize money will be going to those promoted. I guess any farm manager can make a mistake with administering cobalt to troughs........just a coincidence I guess that it happenned on the days or days before horses won. Just wondering tho.....as the three horses under investigation were found with high cobalt levels on different dates does this mean that every horse at the stable had access to this highly dosed water over a period of 2 months or was it just an unfortunate coincidence that the water was overdosed only on the days that 3 that won. How many other horses had access to these overdosed troughs and placed 2nd 3rd or 4th and were not therefore tested?
  12. First of all congratulations to Phillip Devcich, El Soldado and Daryl Bradley on the fantastic win of the Auckland Cup. Great to see a small guy win one of our major races. Now the moan............I thought the whole point of having 2 racing channels was so that we could hear post race interviews etc...immediately post race without having to immediately cross to coverage of an Aus race!! What we actually got told was... use your my sky decoder and watch at 8.30pm. ............Surely if we want to increase peoples interest in Premier NZ meetings the TV coverage on at least one channel should focus on that meeting! ........... If a "Class 1" (and YES I HATE the Class system) had won would the same have occurred!!!!! To the connections of the winning horse WELL DONE...BLOODY FANTASTIC....you deserved better than the shocking coverage that you got.
  13. AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!! Case of who it is here!!! Cannot see the same time period elapsing if it was small owner trainer! Regardless of what charges were laid against trainers......horses were over the limit so should be disqualified immediately!!
  14. Well said!! Regardless of how the cobalt got there and the implications for the trainers,the horses were presented above the limit and should have been disqualified immediately this was known. Has the prizemoney for these races been paid out to connections of horses in question? If disqualified and prizemoney is paid to horses who will be promoted, and overdue by almost 12 months for this money, will they be paid out interest on it?