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  1. Gary Vile, who had a distinguished training career spanning almost 40 years, was last Friday given notice that he had 10 days to vacate a racecourse barn he had occupied since it was purpose-built for him in 2008. He was first given non-renewal notice of lease in February. The 64-year-old says he has tried to engage in mediation with landlord RACE. The sport's governing body New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing said it had engaged with RACE in an unsuccessful attempt to seek mediation for a resolution. RACE is the trading name for Racing at Awapuni and Trentham Combined Enterprise I
  3. Why call it CJC? Tim Mills made the call. He obviously cannot work out a way to make things work when Others can. He is well past his use by date.
  4. You will never get "everyone" to stand together... ever. So stop dreaming... Start by naming the "six figure receivers" (not earners) who you suggest are failing.. The CEO's of the clubs that have been dreadful... The caretakers of the tracks that are failing... Nobody wants their name in lights when things go wrong..
  5. Another Raceday abandoned due to weather.. Another round of whiners on here, blaming somebody for not doing something.. one day we will find "somebody" Remember when International rugby was played in either swimming pools or mud pools?? "somebody" figured it out and fixed it.. Now go find Somebody, we need him and stop moaning.
  6. What's making you so angry little fella? Need some help?
  7. I'm not sure you read my post correctly, but who cares, it's fun to read your responses..
  8. With gas or perhaps creating an uneven playing field? As you said, it's currently legal.. so was Bicarbonate until it wasn't...
  9. JJ F wit ty as you are, you had to be first to report the shit. If this were league or rugby players the powers that be would have "found a way" to get their best back on the paddock. What's the hell are these guys (Pale stale males from the VRC) achieving by not standing by their own? Kah wouldn't want to go into war with these blokes beside her.
  10. Don't worry about the two monkeys that did what they did, they didn't break the law, they just broke the ethics rules.. Worry about a judge making a confession - when she didn't have to be involved - that she didn't know what was happening.. This lady sits on a bench in judgement of others.. She has more history than most of the people she has sentenced.. This needs to be looked at..
  11. This thread as amusing as it has been, and as confusing as it is, clearly shows the difficulty of humans and opinions. The same Vax or not to Vax arguments, and the outcomes, are occurring in cities all over NZ. Smart people are arguing with similar people and therefore dumb people sit and wait. It's somewhat reasonable to have these arguments however, it's not getting anyone anywhere. Covid has killed more people than the Vaccine has and since the vaccinations have started way less people have died. I don't mind if you vaccinate or take the risk, the government supports
  12. In NSW from next Friday you can get married with five guests in attendance. That's a total of seven people from potentially different residences all getting together.. I guess it cannot be a couple of jockeys getting married... Imagine the potential threat to racing..
  13. You are correct, however you simply cannot move the prescient of 14 days and two clear tests to a new high of $5000 fine, 12 weeks off work and a silent fine of a few hundred thousand. That's a bit naughty by any legal standard.
  14. Another bizarre comment from you, given you have no idea of my identity. You'll have to think about that one a little longer JJ, but as a hint, if your brains were dynamite, you would hardly blow your hat off..
  15. JJF, thanks, I have to say you are certainly more clever than you look.. The well reported actions of Rugby League players in Australia six nights a week is cause for covid restriction concern - even RL players have one night at home - yet they get away with 14 days and two tests. And a badge of honour in the newspaper. The punishments to RL players who transgress are sanctioned by RLNSW, who's boss is Racing NSW boss.. a prescient therefore already set in NSW, you would have to assume.. it's a pity for these guys the boss of the AFL, who have also had several "brain fade" covid anti