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    Cannot believe the TAB made a 4 dog race a freebet if your dog did not win but finished 2nd 3rd or 4th.They have gone to the dogs and made me bet 30 on the winner thanks you idiots
  2. dbtab

    Racing in July

    The muppets are at it again.All races open entry so your maiden horse will race if it gets a start against class 65,72 ,open class horses.Unbelivable,that is why they are on the big bucks.
  3. dbtab

    Racing in July

    The muppets at Petone are at it again.All races in July are open entry so maidens racing against class 65,72 and open class horses.Really who thought that one out somebody on 300k who has never owned a horse ,i give up the place is an embarrassment
  4. dbtab

    My local TAB store gone!!

    It is unbelievable that the TAB is driving their customer base into the ground . Soon they wont have anybody to bet, the older generation who are used to paper form and placing bets at aTAB will just give up .The most idiotic thing i have heard this week ,smacks of somebody on 300k who does not bet
  5. The decisions being made are so bad i cannot comprehend that anybody who knows racing would do this.Giving up phone betting lost 20% of their customer base this will be with no on course betting be another 10% .Nobody who is in business for themselves would do this, wind the buggers up and start again
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    $700 Comp... Randwick this Saturday

    r1 1,2.3 r2 1,2,7 r3 2,12,4 r4 2,10,12 r5 4,1,12 r6 1,7,2 r7 1,4,7 r8 2,4,13 r9 17,2,9 r10 14,7,9 thanks
  7. dbtab

    Common Sense Versus Mediocrity

    Wow that is impressive reading BERRI ,i am 100% behind you in this .I cannot believe what is happening at our airport.Everybody coming in should be tested no exemptions and quarantined to result found .Have you got ideas about racing ,maybe race cafe should get behind and make a push to get you into a spot on the board.Stopping the economy like this is only going to stuff lots of people and going too take a long time to come right.I had a horse 3 weeks from racing ,spent so much to get to this point and now in limbo not sure what to do as he likes a wet track.Racing needs to follow the model in Auzzie where it costs bugger all to race except training fees
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    What a fantastic performance first up by this horse to win by 10 lengths without the brakes let go
  9. dbtab

    BGP ....sure is a BGP !

    They made a $115k profit on $250k.Biggest bet was$96,5 k on Probabeel and had a $28.5k multi on Catalyst intoTaroni to place which returned $100k
  10. dbtab


    Had a bet on Tibetan yesterday and missed the race as trying to fix a water leak, went to replay on Love racing site and found that is the only race they had no recording of.Amazing as this is a very important race heading towards the Derby to see if your horse is a stayer or not
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    Just backed Aretha at Hastings ,all my money and there is an inquiry 4th against 3rd 35 mins later missed 2 winners.Why can they not pay out quinella and win and place on first 2?
  12. dbtab


    Anybody having problems with site today cannot get on computer or mobile phone last 20 minutes
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    Now for the last 2 days fixed odds display is not the true price ,what is the problem TAB have you not got anybody capable too fix it?
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    both ph and computer say error occurred try again want a quinella in last 1and 9 better not come in mother fuckers
  15. dbtab


    Anybody having problems with this site ,i just went in too look at some trials and site is down?
  16. dbtab

    another good one to watch

    After giving build up to the race theTAB cut to the dogs with a win pool of $751 against HK pool of $6million you figure it out
  17. dbtab

    TAB website down for maintenance

    My biggest grievance is they dropped the trainers and jockey index so you have to scroll through every race to find the information
  18. dbtab

    This TAB website...

    Rang the helpdesk as i wanted to back k tyler in the 1st he told me to click on extended form, sorry mate i said there is none .He replied on the right hand side by watch and play ,my replay was there none of that as well ,48 million wasted and k tyler wins the1st paying over $20
  19. dbtab

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Went to TAB today to make a deposit and had to put pin no in but after 4 goes the lady had to get me go behind bar to use her machine ,she said has been nightmare for them ,they have rung TAB but have no response after 5 days
  20. dbtab

    Winner disqualified to 2nd

  21. dbtab

    Consensus !

    great win went to back her and the new site crashed and continues to crash ,nothing new
  22. dbtab

    Race shares in Lovely colt

    Any pics or breeding?
  23. dbtab


    r 1 7 10 win r 2 1 win r 3 3 win
  24. dbtab


    Wow did not except that response La Zip ,i would not mind owning the horse a lot of upside me thinks .