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  1. Sighted

    ROUND2/3 $500 VOUCHER Competition

    Final Say Chocante Cote D'Or Ace High Thanks,
  2. Sighted

    Mata comp 11

    1 Bugs Moran 2 Amen Corner 3 Sahar 4 Giant Elm 5 La Rochetta 6 Lord Snow 7 More Torque 8 The Concord Thanks,
  3. Sighted

    Golden Slipper F4 Challenge

    1, 10, 17, 2 Thanks
  4. Sighted

    New Oaks Day Competition....

    Leading Role La Fille En Jeu Dana Zorro Akoya Hasahalo Thanks a lot.
  5. Sighted

    T K Allan - Done it!

    1000 wins. Congratulations!
  6. Sighted

    Auckland Cup

    I've just looked at the nominations - Group 1 $500k. Is this a joke field?
  7. Sighted


    Maktoum Aloisia Hasahalo
  8. Sighted

    Aiden R

    So your age is higher than your IQ?
  9. Sighted

    Tom Woods wins Award

    Tom Wood
  10. Sighted

    NZ Cup entries Here.

    1st Gobstopper, 2nd Imperium, Last Villa Elba Thanks,
  11. Sighted

    You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    Matt Cross said Carnival will win the stewards - RIGHT P4P said: Matt's selection is not rational, sensible or informed -WRONG He needs help - WRONG It'll get lapped - WRONG It will be 15 - 18m inferior or 1.52 second slower - WRONG Passing Shot ran to its rating, Carnival will be 10 lengths behind it - WRONG Matt you're in danger of looking a bit stupid - WRONG
  12. Sighted

    Go Winnie

    How? Of course they wont.
  13. Sighted

    Melbourne Cup Comp

    Count me in please
  14. M4 R9 #5 Gingernuts + Labour I played the joker last week but I don't think it was calculated in my score. I have two lives left.
  15. Hi Midget, I think my last pick has not been x 3 for the joker?