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  1. Hope you're right Lad , however I just don't see the same widespread societal, political and 'cultural' support and push back from the NZ public in support of Greyhound racing like the Aussies did.. Other interesting thing is the anti gambling angle that seems to be a target recently, not just wastage and injuries but "gambling is so bad for society let's ban it". Covid showed alot of otherwise ignorant people the extent to which gambling makes the world go around...and they didn't like it..
  2. See attached link of MP Chloe Swarbricks Facebook.. updated just today saying that she is turning her attention to greyhound racing, she has a lot of profile/push, add that to the current left leaning/ cancel culture society we live in and the end is nigh.... https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.facebook.com/chloeNZgreens/posts/845775605758080&ved=2ahUKEwijo_CPh-PuAhWDF3IKHezTBzoQFjAAegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw2Xb1Yx4qHHqjqeBSmW8mtE
  3. No I'm happy for her johndoe. No sarcasm, I said she's been wonderful to follow on the punt. I'm not a trainer, but I do know what I'm talking about, or at least more than you john because you're 0/1 buddy..
  4. What are peoples thoughts on the NZ Cup this year? It struck me as a very ordinary field, all they can do is qualify and I'm sure connections will happily collect the 100k regardless, but just from a punter/racing fan point of view it just looks like another average Addington field, intermediate grade at that. Happy to see Ripslinger Roxy make it thru, she's been wonderful to follow on the punt...always capable of running a place, be it C1 , NZ Oaks or NZ Cup. (Racer not a chaser)
  5. Those were the days! When people were racing for the sentimental value of certain trophies/ribbons and for the love of it as much as anything else. Reminds me of a Trophy everyone wanted to win back in the day at the Manawatu track.. the Applejack boy cup. C2 middle distance if I remember rightly and I think the trophy was huge hence the reason people targeted it on the racing calendar, I'm sure the Cobain kennel would've won a few Applejack Boy's.
  6. I see this dog was a Nonnie/Cheat on Sunday too, no mention in stipe report though. I suppose it might've done it discreetly enough to get away with it...but those of us that know what we're looking for....
  7. I think you'll find Roso writes those comments these days (for CD) , he's been away on leave = no comments. Clearly not Roso's fault, he's entitled to leave, but you're right Everton, it's poor and just shows 1 man goes on leave and the punters miss out on comments which really should be a core task/resource for the TAB to complete. Also on similar subject.. no on course commentator, we knew we'd get to this point one day and it's a sad reminder of where we are in terms of our sport...well it's less a sport/hobbie these days and more of an industry , namely a gambling industry.
  8. For the record kizanan, there was no information available when I started this thread. Thanks to Shodsie for the reply. When I sat down yesterday to do the form I didn't know if we were going ahead or not and didn't want to waste time on an abandoned meeting. Very unfortunate for the Craik team and the handful of others north of the Bombays, almost say its unfair to go on without them...but I suppose 'fairness' goes out the window at a time like this. My thoughts and best wishes to everybody out there at this uncertain time.
  9. Can anyone tell me if Cambridge dog meeting is going ahead tomorrow? And any news on how Nothern greyhounds will cope/deal with current Covid situation ?
  10. They went with the angle of 'Taxpayers money was spent on this' which was clever on their part aswell, and got me thinking.. this makes the sport much more accountable in terms of this 'social licence' thing we hear about, it engages the public much more on the issue and means they are far more likely to form an opinion. I feel like we've gotten too big for our boots, stick your neck out it gets chopped off. What I mean by this is we've gone far too professional...all about pumping out gambling product...allowing certain greyhound trainers to become Millionaires!! We've strayed too far aw
  11. Agreed BH, Pete's a legend. - Aqua Mouse's Silver Collar (feat. Astro Teddy) "Ohhhh god I dont know"... - Auck Cup... "How good are ya Denzil?" - or even some silly ones like when he made the noise of a squirell as Nutty Squirell was winning. Pete's been on the airwaves my entire living memory and will be missed. Enjoy your retirement Mr Earley.
  12. Yeh it's one of his funny habits.. "C'mon Danny, let's get them up and get them in". I'm not sure what his hurry is.
  13. Was anyone else unfortunate enough to see the Rosanowski-Cole interview on Trackside today around 1pm? It's like Rosanowski read this thread and thought 'let's take it up another notch'. It was truly vomit inducing. Rosanowski interviewing Cole pointing out how awesome he is, Cole agreeing that he's hotshit, saying he will win 1000 races next season "I promise you that". Rosanowski pointing out how awesome Craig Rendle is, Cole agreeing saying he was happy to go into business with "such a great guy". Then Rosanowski says (I'm paraphrasing) "are you concerned that you're dominating
  14. This is a huge, historic achievement. It's genuinely news worthy. It's just unfortunate that if it did make the news it would probably be Reported on by Michael Morrah who would have to mention "oh and by the way this guy is currently facing criminal charges for animal cruelty/cheating. Hmm maybe don't mention it on the news after all. So I agree with Everton's comments, Roso is OTT talking about Cole, it's inappropriate and cringe worthy, but it doesn't stop with Roso, the TAB had him plastered all-over the TV last week previewing each race, and GRNZ why is he even allowed back on track!!??
  15. Gee where do I start Jape? Broad question...to a broad statement, which I guess was your point. It was more of a comment to freightman who seems to suggest that doing something that's been done in the past is a bad idea, which I didn't necessarily agree with, sometimes we need to look back and say what was going better, what were we doing better? Anyway...what was going better 20 years ago....hmm - the racing industry - obesity rates - air quality - the White House - the racing industry