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  1. Lowdown

    Lochinvar Flash

    You know what this dog needs...
  2. Lowdown

    Brendan Cole

    Just tuned in to hear Peter Earley's radio show, he went through his list of guests and interview subjects then said at the end rather sarcastically.."no one from Greyhound Racing NZ today".
  3. Lowdown

    Black arm bands

    Agree with these sentiments GOM. Very sad to hear about David's passing. I have such fond memories of the DD Schofield kennels around the turn of the Millennium/early 2000s, they really were a superstar kennel with all their shiny new Aus Imports, that was my 'good old days'. Some dogs that come to mind...Smokin' Prince, Overtime, Big Sam Junior, Big Sam Banner, the Charlstons, Te Amore Lee, Astro Teddy ( creator of the greatest dog race of all time)...Theres many more champions I've forgotten..?? Anyway that's what I'll remember David for, my condolences to Denis and Pam. I dont know the circumstances around Dave's death but those who knew him, know he had his struggles, this is a sad end..RIP now David, Champion Trainer, gone too soon.
  4. Lowdown


  5. Lowdown

    Philippa Morris

    Yes that's him Baz. Believe they were in Te Awamutu area training dogs before moving to C.D. Didn't see today's coverage but Phillipa must have improved out of sight if what you are saying is true, either that or we just have different tastes/ideas about what is a 'natural presenter' and a 'wealth of knowledge'..
  6. Lowdown

    Dead dogs on interislander

    Yeh, just re reading the above FACTS in JCA report I agree it is very disgusting!! Should be shutdown alright!
  7. Lowdown

    Dead dogs on interislander

    https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://jca.org.nz/non-race-day-hearings/non-racedy-inquiry-riu-v-j-mcinerney-and-r-armstrong-written-decision-dated-31-august-2018&ved=2ahUKEwjDxd2gnMTgAhUPbn0KHeWGARoQFjAEegQIBBAB&usg=AOvVaw1Sy9yyehW7L_AS2wXn-v6C Sorry Scooby, I would've had this up quicker but it takes a while to trawl through all the JCA cases against Mcinerney over the years...
  8. Lowdown

    Dead dogs on interislander

    Yeh, we learned that recently GOM when 'Team McInerney' managed to kill some dogs, (let's hope it's not them again!) that story escaped with less Media/Police/SPCA attention than this latest case...why? Ironically because the McInerney's where even more negligent and cruel, it wasn't dealt with straight after the ferry sailing, the poor dogs lay dead in the back of the van all the way back to Darfield! But at least that gave the Mcinerney's more time to get it away from the attention of the Media/Police/SPCA.
  9. Lowdown


    Yep, and who does that play into the hands of? The 'Big Trainers' who have bullrings and straight tracks etc to train and educate on, it smacks of 'you lowly LP's wanna mess with us then we'll mess with you".
  10. Lowdown

    Dress Code

    Well spotted Not Tonight because I must say I noticed something on Friday night aswell, a lady coming back to the dais in a very ordinary looking 'white' blouse (faded, wrinkly etc)... she might've gotten away with it until someone wearing an actual white shirt walked beside her and drew attention to the fact bigtime!!
  11. Lowdown

    New FOB and Shutdown

    I've got a question for SneakyTrader, and a warning for all TAB acc holders. Last week a friends TAB account had a sum of money subtracted for a 'Fixed Odds Bet'...the thing is this bet was never placed!! It claimed to be on 'thoroughbreds' and it also claimed that the start time of the event was long gone when the bet was 'placed'. In account history under description: it says 'unsettled'. As of now it still says 'unsettled' 5 days later. This was the TAB just subtracting money when there was no bet placed!! Now I know what you're thinking, but I insisted my friend ring and demand an explanation and sure enough the lady at help desk said straight away "yep I can see this is an error, you didnt place this bet" she then said she would email someone and get it sorted. And we are still waiting for a reimbursle 5 days later!! So my question to SneakyTrader and infact all account holders is have you heard of, or had this happen to your own account?? Because if you look at the bigger picture here this is very concerning , how many times is this happening? Possibly without even being detected from account holders?
  12. Lowdown

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Has dramatically changed my punting experience, not for the better either. There is no such thing as 'option numbers' anymore, not on the online platform anyway. I don't have a TAB acc, it's because I'm an 'old school' retail customer that I've been shafted. No more sorting out my sports multi/bet slips at home, I can't even go in store and fill out my betslip using my device anymore, you've got to get your option numbers off the self service screen, far from ideal.. I've phoned the help desk and had all this confirmed, my particular M.O has been shafted. Oh well I'll just get with the times and get fully online but not with the NZ TAB. Pffft "upping their game" my arse, just trying to catch up only about 10 years behind.
  13. Lowdown


    Wow Steve, I didn't know about any of that shit talk, but it's floating around in my head now! Because of your post, I agree with Scooby, just ignore it, only surprise is that you're not big enough and ugly enough to have realised that yourself!
  14. Lowdown


    Mostly agree with what you say RFS.. but make no mistake Cole is making big money and has been for a while..
  15. Lowdown

    Presenter on Trackside

    Anyone hear the Big Fish throwing shade at Cam Shaw tonight on Trackside? Says to him.. your catchphrase which I've heard thousands of times "swing on in" is not working for me. Nxt cross Cam tries to make light of it again and whale's just like "Pfft whatever Junior" or words to that effect. Or was I imagining?