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  1. Joe blogs

    Brendan Cole

    Who was the high profile trainer that got reinstated
  2. Joe blogs

    Brendan Cole

    Haha really you think it's only cole who has been doing it
  3. Joe blogs

    Black arm bands

    Who was the one person
  4. Joe blogs


    Bev mark should never be allowed to drive the lure he is no good he has ruin many a dog I have herd you say how bad his lure driving has been over the years so why the change now
  5. Joe blogs

    Blazin’ Audrey

    Tje dog turned its head didnt check of the back of anything The dog should be out for a year now gavin i know you read this put the dog out as you still have the power to do so
  6. Joe blogs

    Positives in the CD

    I hear there are a couple of positives in the CD
  7. Joe blogs

    News Just Through..

    Dennis What is the problem with him being late with his post
  8. Joe blogs

    Raceday welfare

    But cant you put the dogs back in the kennels after they raced
  9. Joe blogs

    Raceday welfare

  10. Joe blogs

    New Track Record @ Addington

    Really when was the last time cole was at the New Zealand cup he dont have paddy so cant see him going this year
  11. Joe blogs

    Awards Dinner/Conference

    How old is mr lin And what age do you have to be to be a youth i was thinking under 18
  12. Joe blogs

    this week

    Gee bev ring up your mate gav an ask him why are they not there
  13. Joe blogs

    Thoughts for AGM

    Why should they mouse should we take that money from 4th and everyone get 20 dollars from 4th to 8th
  14. Joe blogs

    Police Raids

    I think sunseeker won the kaikoura cup the year lord module won the cup And i dont think he won a race for a very long time before hand
  15. Joe blogs

    Police Raids

    Dose that mean they can still work around the stables