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  1. Joe blogs

    Glenda Hughes

    Be very interested in know what sire you used that is standing at 2700 that's right you bought a pup for that you know that a bitch may have one litter of pups a year maybe two so the bitch has to be fed for a year then has to pay for a stud fee then feed the pups and worm them and all that sort of thing it cost money so how much do you think a pup should be worth
  2. Joe blogs

    Glenda Hughes

    Be very interested in know what sire you used that is standing at 2700
  3. Joe blogs

    Glenda Hughes

    I mean fozen
  4. Joe blogs

    Glenda Hughes

    So was that a nz based sire or a oz import
  5. Joe blogs

    Glenda Hughes

    Where do you get that pups are two expensive When was the last time you bought a pup and what did you pay for it Pups prices will go up plenty with the new price increase of Australian imports Now can you tell me who sells pups as well
  6. Joe blogs


    Why is it Gom you go along with people with dodgy dealings You told us you didn't think cole did what he has been charged with now earl who knows exactly what happened and not only that got let off very very light
  7. Joe blogs


    Lol know one on this site has said a word about it until bev piped up so how can you be sick of it
  8. Joe blogs


    Janet are you still saying cole didnt do it Even If the SPCA have charged him Earl is guilty he knows what happen Janet you also had a positive and you had a good record up until that point you also have been in the game a very long time Earl should just be honest instead of saying things like sardines He hasnt paid his fine as he has said himself
  9. Joe blogs

    Harpoon Harry

    If you have own a dog you will know you have to qualify You can not nominate the computer system will not let any dog into a field that isnt qualified And the dog has qualified
  10. Haha I don't think it will be aloud
  11. Joe blogs

    Brendan Cole

    Who was the high profile trainer that got reinstated
  12. Joe blogs

    Brendan Cole

    Haha really you think it's only cole who has been doing it
  13. Joe blogs

    Black arm bands

    Who was the one person
  14. Joe blogs


    Bev mark should never be allowed to drive the lure he is no good he has ruin many a dog I have herd you say how bad his lure driving has been over the years so why the change now
  15. Joe blogs

    Blazin’ Audrey

    Tje dog turned its head didnt check of the back of anything The dog should be out for a year now gavin i know you read this put the dog out as you still have the power to do so