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  1. So what was the out come of the amateur driver who trains can't think of her name
  2. The chap leading the cole dogs out with her nose sticking out is a female
  3. Where did you get that the dog meetings are being moved to a Wednesday I know this week's meeting is being run on a Wednesday and also one on Friday So what I thought was Tuesday and Friday for the dogs at palmy Maybe I'm wrong
  4. Better than listening to McCook
  5. Are your serious they won't give the info and then they lie about it as well the same ones who are there now
  6. I'm telling you again Johnny he quoted on TV he had 600 dogs do you understand that And you do the maths you have been told how much he got for the wage subsidy it's online for all to see You have done some adding up how much it cost to run a kennel that size I have know Idea why but your amount would mean he is losing thousands a week Now Johnny how much did he get please tell me if I'm wrong
  7. I didn't hear him say Philippa did hear hime say him and McCook
  8. Johnny he is the one who said 600 not me so get with it And im dead right with my figures but your not so go away now
  9. Johnny you don't need a response I have given you the figures and you came up with how much you think it costs him and he was short by a long shot with your figures so enjoy your day
  10. Only clean out Jackson Street what about the board there should be a vote of no confidence as they allowed Nzgra to do this
  11. There isn't a shortage of dogs in the CD Your so right there mini jax
  12. Far out Johnny can't help you can I your figures don't work out do they so I can't explain a thing to you your a know all but you know nothing You are worried that when you come up with your figures they will be even more money im guessing And if he has owners paying money to him that means what Johnny