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  1. Has anyone got and update please
  2. The whole meeting should have been put off fancy have two dog races
  3. Did lamb stuff up the start of last years cup as well
  4. And who would replace him And I think you will find he has a never ending contract
  5. Here is someone asking for the stipes to do there job and then when someone breaks the rules he acts like a 12 year old im think you must be the person that im talking about
  6. He should be struck off every one else gets told to clean them They are supposed to be black
  7. What about Johnny's shoes bloody white
  8. No it wasn't the latest one there was one on Friday as well
  9. Not many sell there pups And the ones that do its word of mouth Robin wales has a site not sure what its called or if its any good
  10. Can you tell me what race was $1500 at wanganui Think you will find all races were over $6000
  11. No its not all tracks need staff to do what the security guards are doing wanganui and palmy choose security i understand they get it at a very reasonable price