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  1. Sorry just had to look that up.I always knew the meaning but thought it odd. Must admit half- way through the Irish game I was rooting for the Irish.Bet I wasn't the only one.Did you watch the Black Ferns?.I thought the skill sets of the Northern Hemisphere girls were pretty good.
  2. Te Rapa Race 5 :10X13 Riccarton Race 6 :3X7 Riccarton Race 8: 5X6 Riccarton Race 10 4X5 Rosehill Race 8: 6X7 Flemington Race 2 :3X5 Flemington Race 4: 1X3BB Flemington Race 5 :1X5 Flemington Race 6 :1X6 Flemington Race 7 :8X11BB Flemington Race 8: 2X9 Thanks for all your hard work I'm sure even us also rans have enjoyed the comp.
  3. Flemington Race 3: 2x17 Flemington Race 5: 1x2 Flemington Race 6: 3x12 Flemington Race 8: 4x7bb Flemington Race 9: 6x7bb Thanks all
  4. Te Rapa Race 6:' 3x4 Flemington Race 1:1x11 Flemington Race 4: 7x9bb Flemington Race 7: 2x22 Flemington Race 8: 1x5 Flemington Race 9: 7x13bb Flemington Race 10: 8x10 Thanks
  5. Tauranga Race 7: 2x12 Awapuni Race 8: 1x9 Rosehill Race 5: 6x8bb Rosehill Race 6 :4x10 Rosehill Race 7 1x9 Flemington Race 1: 5x6 Flemington Race 2: 7x9 Flemington Race 3: 1x2 Flemington Race 4: 3x8 Flemington Race 5: 8x13 Flemington Race 6 2x6: Flemington Race 7: 2x7bb Flemington Race 8: 3x10 Flemington Race 9: 3x16 Thanks
  6. With a lot of us needing massive scores and looking for real outsiders I'm predicting a lot of really low scores(yeah yeah just the usual)
  7. Matamata Race 6: 1x14 Riccarton Race 8: 2x8 Riccarton Race 10: 3x6bb Randwick Race 3: 1x3 Randwick Race 7:2x4 Randwick Race 9: 3x12 The Valley Race 3: 2x3 The Valley Race 4: 5x6bb The Valley Race 5: 3x5 The Valley Race 6: 1x7 The Valley Race 7: 11x13 The Valley Race 8: 7x12 The Valley Race 9: 9x10 The Valley Race 10: 2x14 Thanks
  8. Hastings Race 6: 4x5 Hastings Race 8: 13x16 Ashburton Race 8: 6x9 Randwick Race 5: 7x13bb Randwick Race 6: 1x2 Randwick Race 7: 1x5 Randwick Race 8: 2x9 Randwick Race 9: 4x13 Caulfield Race 4: 3x4 Caulfield Race 5: 2x4 Caulfield Race 6: 2x10 Caulfield Race 7: 6x8 Caulfield Race 8: 9x10 Caulfield Race 9: 10x15bb Caulfield Race 10: 3x9 Thanks for this.Lots of fun
  9. Hastings Race 6:-3x7 Hastings Race 8:2x10 Randwick Race 2:4x11bb Randwick Race 3:10x12 Randwick Race 5:3x8 Randwick Race 6:5x7 Randwick Race 7:1x3 Randwick Race 8:1x2 Randwick Race 9:12x14 Flemington Race 3:4x11 Flemington Race 4:3x4 Flemington Race 5:2x12 Flemington Race 6:1x2bb Flemington Race 7:3x4 Flemington Race 8:2x56 Thanks
  10. Had the odd interaction with the Police have we Archer
  11. Just reminded me why I love the NRL.What is it with halfbacks?Chip over the top,chip over the top,chip over the top.Has one of these mental midgets ever had an original thought?