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  1. "Changed whip hand seamlessly" is right Berri.Had to put my glasses on and look closely to even see it.
  2. Thanks SNM. Your hard work is Appreciated by all.
  3. Te Rapa R3 3x7 Te Rapa R4 11x12 Te Rapa R6 7x8bb Trentham R8 6x10 Doomben R5 2x6 Doomben R6 3x6 Doomben R7 3x5 Doomben R8 2x8 Flemington R7 10x17 Morphettville R6 2x4bb Morphettville R7 2x13 Morphettville R8 2x13 Thanks
  4. Rotorua R3-1x8 Rotorua R5=4x5 Rotorua R6 2x5 Rotorua R8-5x15bb Eagle Farm R3-1x6bb Eagle Farm R5 9x12 Eagle Farm R7 11x15 Eagle Farm R8 4x11 Scone R8 1x2 Scone R9-3x14 Morphettville R3 6x7 Morphettville R8 3x5 Thanks
  5. I read somewhere that Eagle Farm will be the deepest its ever been this weekend.Makes life interesting
  6. Te Rapa R2-2X7 Te Rapa R4-7X9 Te Rapa R5-5X6 Riccarton R4-1x11 Riccarton R5-1X3 Riccarton R7-3x7bb Morphett R4-3X5 Morphett R5-7X9 Morphett R6-6X7 Morphett-R7-2X4 Morphett-R8-5X6 Gosford R8-1X4BB Thanks
  7. Te Rapa R2 - 7x8bb Te Rapa R3- 8x9 Te Rapa R5- 10x11 Te Rapa R7- 2x3 Eagle Farm R5- 3x6 Eagle Farm R7- 1x2 Eagle Farm R8- 2x7 Hawkesbury R6- 1x5 Hawkesbury R7- 6x11 Hawkesbury R8- 3x12bb Hawkesbury R9- 2x5 Sandown Hillside R8- 1x5 Thanks John
  8. Well thats me out but got the obvious Quinella with my cousin Cunning Fox
  9. Flemington Race3-#8 Miss Dunsford Flemington-Race 7-##1 Alegron Joker
  10. Great comp. even if I didnt survive race 1. Thanks John
  11. Te Rapa R4 -8x10 Randwick R3 -4x10 Randwick R4 -5x6 Hastings R6 -8x11 Te Rapa R7 -1x7 Randwick R5 -2x6 Hastings R7 -2x13 Riverton R8 -10x11 Randwick R6 -1x3 Randwick R7 -1x4 Randwick R8 -2x5 Caulfield R8 -9x16 Great concept(now watch me go out after the first)
  12. Awapuni R4 4x5 Awapuni R5 4x12 Awapuni R6 6x7 Awapuni R7 9x10bb Randwick R3 5x6 Randwick R4 2x5 Randwick R6 3x6 Randwick R7 4x8 Randwick R8 3x10 Randwick R9 2x7 Bendigo R6 2x3 Bendigo R8 1x7bb Thanks
  13. Avondale R6 #3 Waimoku Falls Randwick R8 #1 Nature Strip Thanks