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  1. Amber Sims obviously given riding away.What with her sister on Trackside and mum (Patsy Riley) training the odd horse a real racing family.
  2. Yeah.The more Imports the Blues get the better they become
  3. Anyone know how much it would cost for the clubs to have free wifi on raceday?
  4. Thanks Gruff.Just surfing the site about 6 not considering a bet when I saw your post and thought "what the hell havent had a bet since last week" and threw a few bucks on. Got 11s and $3.40 Cheers
  5. Is dingle dangle a technical term Nuk?
  6. Ditto there on everything for me WD.I find the PDF section on the TAB page gives us everything the Herald has given us for years.That and Racenet gives this Mug punter(yes thats most of us) all I need
  7. R1-3X6x10x11 R2-1X3X4X7 R3-2X7X8X10 R4-1X2X6X10 R5-5X12X14X16 R6-2X3X11X13 R7-1X6X11X14 R8-2X3X5X8 R9-1X4X11X17 Thanks Sponsors.
  8. Well done.Just reading an article with a bad dad joke that would be right up a Cubes alley "Without Geometry life would be pointless"
  9. 2% will pay for the Maccas on the way home.
  10. R14X6 R2-2X10 R3-1X10 R4-4X6 R5-6X11 R6-6X9 R7-3X11 R8-7X11 R9-12X13 R10-3X6 Thanks
  11. Jeez!Which one of them would you want to mate with?(Whatever sex you are Goodison)
  12. R1-1X6X18 R2-3X6X8 R3-2X4X6 R4-3X5X6 R5-3X5X6 R6-2X3X4 R7-2X4X13 R8-4X7X9 R9-1X4X14 R10-7X11X13 Thanks a lot for this.Doesnt really suit mug punters like me as its the real punters who can find value that will shine
  13. R1-1/2/4 R2-1/2/7 R3-2/4/10 R4-1/2/5 R5-3/4/9 R6-1/2/4 R7-1/4/5 R8-2/4/13 R9-1/2/13 R10-3/7/9 Thank you Ponderosa and Scooby Looks like the last fine day in the North for a few days so perhaps a nice long walk in the sun and then hitting the sofa for an afternoon.