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  1. Every cloud has a silver lining.There's a few horses about to have their first decent holiday in a long time.
  2. Basil brush

    Cut salaries,,,NOW !!

    Maybe all Racing CEO'S should be paid in Bonus bets
  3. Basil brush

    do some bloody prep work

    On the few times I've tried to watch Trackside on my computer the buffering drove me nuts
  4. Basil brush

    What will the excuse be this time?

    What happens if the owner has already spent the money?Messey
  5. Basil brush


    Sure as hell aint wee Mattie
  6. Basil brush

    Splitting Races

    Pros and Cons on the old division races?
  7. Basil brush

    The ride of the day at Trentham

    Flying Crest(1970s) Out by up to a furlong at times.This horse got me really hooked on Racing early on.
  8. Basil brush

    Unique Treble For Jason Waddell

    Great day for you yesterday Ted.Between your picks and Mick Dee Ive got enough to keep me going for months.Best day for ages
  9. Basil brush

    Suppression Order - WOFTAM!

    Logged on to U.K. papers and name right there.
  10. Basil brush

    Weighing in light

    If the bladder holds 600mils Gruff I hate to think how much I'm lugging to the toilet every night
  11. Basil brush


    Lynsey is very good on front runners.
  12. Basil brush


    Any outlet in Raglan?
  13. Basil brush


    Downdraft Constantinople Sound
  14. Basil brush

    Losers Get Laid 2019 (14th edition).RESULTS thread

    Problem solved.Read rules properly Graeme.Black type races only
  15. Basil brush

    Losers Get Laid 2019 (14th edition).RESULTS thread

    My pick seems to have run off.(King Of Leogrance)