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  1. No idea sorry, will have to wait and see!!
  2. New Plymouth meeting in doubt, Track inspection at 9am tomorrow but if the forecast is correct this meeting could be toast.
  3. I bet he wouldn't know one end of a Horse from the other, if you asked him to to put on some fetlock boots, he wouldn't know how to put them on, or where to put them!!!
  4. t was a beautiful service, nice touch at the end having Dragon Queen cantering down the home straight, with the Westbury Stakes Race playing.
  5. Taiki Yanagida's memorial service will be live streamed on Tab NZ's youtube channel scheduled to start at 12:45pm.
  6. RACING TRAGEDY: Deeply saddened to report NZ jockey Taiki Yanagida has died in Waikato Hospital. Taiki suffered brain and spinal damage in a race fall at Cambridge last Wed. He was just 28. His mother and one of his sisters were by his side today. Ride with the angels, Tiger.
  7. There is a jockey fighting for his life, in Waikato Hospital, and you're getting your undies in a twist about what a Trackside presenter is saying, GET OVER YOURSELF!!!
  8. Taiki Yanagida latest: no change to report in Tiger’s condition after his race fall on Wednesday. He remains in Waikato Hospital ICU with brain and spinal injuries, his mother and sister are with him. Will keep you all updated when appropriate as know plenty are praying for him.
  9. Update on NZ jockey Taiki Yanagida: Tiger remains in an induced coma at Waikato Hospital. He has severe head and spinal cord injuries but doctors hope to attempt to bring him out of coma in 2-3 days. But there is no certainty that will work. His mother and sister are now with him
  10. I 2nd that, there are more important things going on at the moment, Taiki's Mum and Sister are due to arrive in NZ today, Yuto Kumagai,, has been keeping Taiki's family up to date with what's happening, and I think he might be greeting Taiki's family at Auckland Airport.
  11. Update on jockey Taiki Yanagida, who was injured in race fall at Cambridge, NZ, yesterday: sadly Tiger is in a critical condition still in Waikato Hospital after doctors decided not to fly him to Middlemore last night. He has brain and spinal injuries. We pray for a miracle.
  12. Yes, he has been, Further news on injured NZ jockey Taiki Yanagida from his manager with him at hospital: Taiki remains in induced coma but also has serious back injuries and is being moved from Waikato to Middlemore Hospital (Auckland). NZTR are also paying for Taiki's parents to fly from Japan to NZ to be with him. They are hopefully arriving in Auckland, on Friday.
  13. From Michael Guerin on Twitter: Update on NZ jockey Taiki Yanagida: Tiger was in a bad race fall in the last race at Cambridge synthetic today. Most seriously he suffered a head injury that saw him placed in an induced coma at the track and he is now in ICU at Waikato Hospital. Michael Guerin will attempt to keep everyone updated.
  14. This is from Aussie racing website Racing.com, Doctors are planning to reduce the level of Michaell Walkers sedation. Doctors will slowly look to bring Michael Walker out of sedation as the Group 1 hoop continues to make positive progress after a fall on Monday. Walker was riding in a jump out at Pakenham on Monday morning when the horse he was riding collapsed. The 38-year-old was treated by paramedics before being transported to the Alfred Hospital by helicopter. Walker was placed in an induced coma, suffering serious head trauma following the fall. Initial scans on Mond
  15. I know he's going to Australia, I meant any update on how he's doing after his fall at Ruakaka!!