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  1. CT cracks me up, I’m not even sure that I believe the story. That aside it shows extreme social ineptitude by sharing the story. You guys have been putting up with his Teflon coated nonsense for more than a decade, I don’t know how you cope. You know I once lost a bet to him ($100), we went double or quits, I won and he paid me $200. So you see more social ineptitude.
  2. CT’s story makes this thread whiff a bit, the owner of the $4700 would likely have been found in about half an hour via the hundreds of security cameras around casinos.
  3. Chalk and cheese indeed. I hear what you’re saying .. even the experts differ in opinion. Sadly your 1 call this and 1 call that is not reality. My daughter has spent hours on the phone trying to get things to happen. It’s not as easy as you make it sound. it seems that rules are different for Kiwis living in Australia, half of the 600,000 + are not eligible for a benefit if they arrived after 2001. I see other posters suggesting that mitigation is not the answer, it is absolutely the answer. It’s buying time to stop the progress of the virus and give science a chance to get a vaccine in play. I’m not going to pretend that i completely understand the dynamics of this thing and anyone who does is guessing in the guise of knowledge. You have to play the cards you’re dealt. Sadly a lot of us won’t be convinced of the seriousness until we are personally affected.
  4. Sure, thank your god of choice (I don’t have one, I find religion ridiculous) that our current government (which I personally wouldn’t vote for, for all the tea in Ceylon) values life.
  5. Must be my imagination but it looks like some mad ravings have been removed from this topic. Good job they were fair dinkum lunacy.
  6. You forgot Morrison, Australia could be a cot case in a month, we have a son and a daughter there and asked them to come home but they’ve made their lives there. Not closing the joint down is a decision they will regret.
  7. Why not racing ... f me ... myopic much. Jesus f’n christ there are morons everywhere. Here’s a question .. why can’t I go out the gate, because I don’t want to die and I don’t want to be responsible for anyone else dying either. That’s perspective.
  8. It’s a hoax, the grazers are empty etc. etc. Maiden races at GERALDINE a fortnight ago were for 7k and a bit. Its unsustainable.
  9. HRNZ says the stake was $5000 ... so maybe £2500 ?? ... indicates that the horse won $3260 ....
  10. In the same vein, I believe that a couple of decades ago Steven Ramsay rode the winner of the last race of our season and the winner of the first race of the following season .. could be wrong but it’s a bit of trivia rattling around in the grey matter .. ?
  11. As you said earlier, and the point I originally made Matt’s called are excellent but the hyperbole should be measured. As for Bevan Sweeney, I wasn’t a fan originally but in the mold of Mike O’Sullivan is an outstanding tipster and can read a race. But the best thing about Sweeney is that clearly he doesn’t take himself too seriously and can have a laugh, which makes him perfect for the role ... he doesn’t need to worry about criticism from muppets like us.
  12. Brilliant commentaries this week but the hyperbole pre and post race is giving me a headache. The Couplands mile has just been run and the third horse was “brilliant”. Yesterday at Addington it was mind numbing. Maybe just youthful enthusiasm but someone should have a word ... it’s television and less is always more. But huge potential, kudos for that.
  13. It’s hardly surprising, I’ve seen horses do amazing things when treated with a kind hand.
  14. Dexter would lap Sears and history will prove it ... the other issue with Sears is that he appears to “drop his hands” occasionally.
  15. Is it naive asking Michael to divulge any communication with the GM of the RIU in an ongoing case. P4P you’re either fishing or you think you know something, MH has “handled” you pretty well so far, I don’t expect that to change.