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  1. Is there a way to view the full form from previous meetings on the loveracing site? For instance can I go back to a meeting and get the following page where I can click on the race and view the Fields/Quick/Trials/Gear tabs? I know I can go to the results/calendar page to click on the older meetings, but it doesn't seem to offer the different tabs like it does before the race is run.
  2. premixer

    Betting rules for owners

    yes thats it, not laying them (my horse) so much that the payout on betfair if it did win was more than the stake money earnt, but enough to split the difference or something along those lines. Haven't quite stacked the numbers up yet, and your horse would actually need to be shortish in the market to make the stake/liability weight up, but thats the general gist of it. $10k race, horse wins $6k, after jockey/trainer/entry fees maybe $500 returned to a 10% holder. Lay the horse to for example $300 liability, it it wins you lose $300 laying it, but win $500 in stakes so net $200. If it loses, win your betfair stake and maybe pick up some prize money for minor placing.
  3. premixer

    Betting rules for owners

    Just doing the numbers on getting back into a few horses and its so bleak I was starting to look at the options of laying it every start to hedge my bets so to speak, about the only way I can see owning a horse without completely just setting fire to money. 10% share of a horse you need a return (roughly) of $3k a year to be break even or thereabouts depending on trainer/area of country unless you luck into a top horse.
  4. premixer

    Betting rules for owners

    Thanks, that's kind of what I was getting at, seems a bit backwards in a way. You cant lay, but jump onto Betfair which is near enough a 100% market, back every other horse and its the same difference, but legal.
  5. premixer

    Betting rules for owners

    page 97 covers betting and laying. OF RACING (effective from 1 April 2019).pdf
  6. premixer

    Betting rules for owners

    Just been reading the rules for betting/laying as an owner and as to be expected, you cannot lay your own horses. However it doesn't say you cant back other horses in the race? Is this the case, or have I missed the relative ruling on this? Does this effectively mean you could back 3 or 4 others as a backup if yours doesn't win?
  7. premixer


    Whats worse is we have a great night of racing in Hong Kong, and instead of showing the parade ring and prelims, we get some donkey race from korea with $600 in the pool, or this time some shithouse music playing over the odds of a dishlicker race from Aus. Meanwhile the prelims from Honkers for a race with millions in the pool is no where to be seen.
  8. premixer

    Riccarton Grandstand

    In the last annual report it was still tied up with the insurers causing difficulties, so am assuming this is still the case as no update has been sent to members as far as I am aware. Real shame, as there were a lot of upset people after last years cup week who probably wont be back anytime soon. Cant say I blame them, as I am a member, and I wont be going back to the second Saturday after last years issues, pretty ridiculous when as a member I cant even get into the members stand to watch a race or buy a drink due to overcrowding.
  9. premixer

    Boys get Paid

    Pretty sure they were doing that with Ladbrokes initially. Not sure on the legality of it though, similar to any NZ based site not being able to advertise offshore agencies.
  10. premixer

    Boys get Paid

    Here's the post from Facebook for those who haven't read/seen it: Even with two chances in the race, unfortunately we still came up short in the Taranaki Summer Challenge at New Plymouth last weekend. Regardless, it was good to see the BGP silks on the racetrack for what was a great concept put together by Taranaki Racing. It’s ideas like this that the sport needs to get people involved and excited. We had 90 people in the two slots and everyone felt like they were part of racing a horse for the day. Admittedly I am very reluctant to push horse ownership to our audience because I know the stats, the costs and the lack of returns, so I don’t want to sour what would be a number of these guys’ first experience with the taste of the true cost of racing a horse. Hopefully as the powers that be address this situation, I’m sure we can get more people involved in racing. Before I left New Plymouth, CEO Carey Hobbs made a comment to me which I really admire. He said that the club was always open to feedback and if we had ideas about how we think the club could improve, to please send them through, they would be welcomed. This is the sort of attitude that we need across the board. If we can be open to conversation and opinion as potential for improvement rather than taking it as criticism or a requirement to defend our decisions, then I am sure we will see more progress in the game. What’s next for us? We have a big portion of our Karaka Million Punters’ Club looking to stay in for a longer term syndicate, so it’s time to finalise some rules and get that underway. We will look to spend a set amount each week and invite clubs to have that bet on-course in return for a percentage of the turnover. I also had a catch up with the team from Awapuni before heading back to Auckland and a few of the Palmy boys are going to take the reins on a Sires’ Produce Stakes day event. It’s exciting to think we’ll be involved in an initiative back where it all began for Boys Get Paid.
  11. Have you got the figures for the 2-3 weeks before the new platform roll out compared to the previous year? Be interested to see if the decrease is directly related to the new platform, or just a downward trend in racing turnover in general.
  12. premixer

    Karaka Sales thread

    Thanks for that link crusty, always wondered about that myself.
  13. premixer


    They had pop up TABs and bars on the lawn in front of the old stand today, imagine there will be more spread out for next Saturday, although with the pretty dismal crowd on hand today there wasn't a queue to be seen.
  14. premixer


    Yes its closed due to earthquake damage. The second question will be interesting for sure.
  15. premixer

    Swing Note

    might need snorkel and flippers if this rain carrys on. How well does Riccarton drain normally?