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  1. premixer

    Weigh In back.....yay...?

    Wasnt weigh in the review show on Sunday morning last year?
  2. premixer

    Helena Baby

    Te Akau at $1.99 melody at $4.80
  3. premixer

    Helena Baby

    Looking at what I saw on TV from the parade ring, both the shark and melody looked like they were a bit fresh, layed em both so nice result for me.Insert other media
  4. premixer

    Helena Baby

    Can you do it again?
  5. premixer

    Tell me it ain’t true

    Have heard similar rumors doing the rounds, supposedly all about to come to light in the coming days, although have been hearing it will be withinin the next 24 hours since late last week, so maybe its all trying to swept under the carpet quickly.
  6. premixer

    Philosophical Question

    Anyone know if this includes the increase in turnover from the promotional offers? So turnover may be up, but is 29% of this increase being returned to punters on the $30 money back offers? My turnover with the TAB has gone from zero to a few hundred a week betting the promo races, as you pretty much cant lose on the offer with cash back for 2/3/4 placing, but is it really an increase in turnover if the figures are padded and not taking into account the thousands being paid back to punters on these races?
  7. premixer


    If you have a betfair account. Back with the TAB, lay it off on Betfair and you get a near enough free ride. If they can hit one 6 you are normally even, any more is free money.
  8. premixer

    N.Z Racing

    While it is sad to see, this is not only a racing problem, same thing with all sports these days. I remember back in the 90's a NPC game for the ranfurly shield stopped the entire town/city where the game was being played and half the nation. Hell, I couldn't even tell you who holds it now.
  9. premixer


    I wonder how long it goes before they start promo banning customers like all the AUS TAB's and bookies do.
  10. premixer


    Yip all races advertised, have been paid out on multiples, my turnover at the TAB had gone up tenfold. Usually take any winnings and reinvest as well, so a winner for the TAB. Although i reckon I might have hit a record this past weekend, in the 8 available races, i only got one horse in the top 4.
  11. Betfair wins overall for value odds unless you are meaning for NZ Racing only, in which case you are wasting your time apart from on some of the bigger races as liquidity is very limited. BFSP is a great tool as well, betting/laying into 100% markets on average. BFSP beats all the other tote/SP based products comfortably long term. From bookies, NEDS and Sportsbet have been best to deal with retrieving funds, usually same day I request the withdrawal its in my account. Bonuses at both these bookies are good while they last, easy way to build a betting bank really quickly, in particular there money back for 2nd 3rd, althoug these might all be gone now. Aussie TAB's are the worst purely because to get your account verified, documents need to be signed by a Notary Public (at least this was the case a couple of years back) which costs a resonable sum to get carried out as they are mostly high end lawyers.
  12. Is there a way to view the full form from previous meetings on the loveracing site? For instance can I go back to a meeting and get the following page where I can click on the race and view the Fields/Quick/Trials/Gear tabs? I know I can go to the results/calendar page to click on the older meetings, but it doesn't seem to offer the different tabs like it does before the race is run.
  13. premixer

    Betting rules for owners

    yes thats it, not laying them (my horse) so much that the payout on betfair if it did win was more than the stake money earnt, but enough to split the difference or something along those lines. Haven't quite stacked the numbers up yet, and your horse would actually need to be shortish in the market to make the stake/liability weight up, but thats the general gist of it. $10k race, horse wins $6k, after jockey/trainer/entry fees maybe $500 returned to a 10% holder. Lay the horse to for example $300 liability, it it wins you lose $300 laying it, but win $500 in stakes so net $200. If it loses, win your betfair stake and maybe pick up some prize money for minor placing.
  14. premixer

    Betting rules for owners

    Just doing the numbers on getting back into a few horses and its so bleak I was starting to look at the options of laying it every start to hedge my bets so to speak, about the only way I can see owning a horse without completely just setting fire to money. 10% share of a horse you need a return (roughly) of $3k a year to be break even or thereabouts depending on trainer/area of country unless you luck into a top horse.
  15. premixer

    Betting rules for owners

    Thanks, that's kind of what I was getting at, seems a bit backwards in a way. You cant lay, but jump onto Betfair which is near enough a 100% market, back every other horse and its the same difference, but legal.