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  1. Been waiting to watch the replay as was watching live after a few beers so maybe I missed something, loveracing are seemingly not going to upload it due to obvious reasons. To me, that looked like a terrible overly aggressive ride from a top rider? Got blocked for the initial run on the bend, and then got caught in traffic on the home straight and decided best way out was to play dodgems to try make running room into gaps that didn't exist? As I say, would prefer to have a replay before voicing anything, but anyone else think the same on initial live viewing? I do hope I'm out
  2. Yip thanks, was just the way that the bet slip showed the sections that had me second guessing and thinking I was missing something obvious.
  3. thanks, so am I correct that if the 1 runs second and the 2/3/4/5/6 wins, I still collect on that?
  4. On this wonderful betting platform the NZ TAB operates, how do I place a bet for a banker quinella? Do I select the horse that is my banker and click the 1st/2nd boxes, and then the other runners as position 2 like in the attached image? Banker with 5 others should cost $5 for a $1 unit bet, so the cost seem right, just the way it reads on the betslip seems off?
  5. TAB topped everyone back up to break even so no winners or losers.
  6. Think they got out even with the quinella in the last at Caulfield.
  7. Is there anywhere that is easy to find the tote starting price of all runners in the race? I have found the results page on the HRNZ page, however it only shows dividends of winning results, but I really need the SP of all runners in the race. Ultimately I want to get all this info onto a spreadsheet to build a small database. Data presented like in this link here would be perfect if it had the actual SP instead of order of favoritism
  8. Where was it originally posted so I can be on the ball in case it pops up again?
  9. This is a great idea, will have to look out and see if they do another seeing as the take up on this has been so good, would love to get involved myself.
  10. $96 return for $100 investment, so small loss on the day.
  11. Looking at Race 2 result, I see that horse won on Saturday and then again today. How does it get the second win in the maiden class? Is it to do with nomination times that if you were already nominated you can race even though you are no longer a maiden?
  12. Am I blind, or has the index tab been removed as well? Could have sworn it always used to be in the top right somewhere, but now I cannot find it at all?
  13. Its been this way for years has it not?