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  1. premixer

    Come Back Trackside, All is Forgiven!

    Yes, was loving trackside 2 coverage of Rosehill, fantastic getting the actual mounting yard vision as well, needs to be done more often for the big days, hopefully they can utilise trackside 3 for this type of coverage once racing returns in full.
  2. premixer

    The Kosciusko

    Yes you can, but its a pain in the a** to get verified. Documents have to be witnessed/signed by a Notary Public. I found most weren't interested, and when I did finally find one, you are paying $150+ just get verified.
  3. With next to no sport available at the moment, has there been any thought into trying to get onto the main Sky sport or Prime channels for Saturday racing at least? Could be a chance to get racing in front of people with nothing else to watch that otherwise dont venture to the trackside channels. Also. at least we wouldn't have to answer the otherwise embarrassing question of where are all the on course spectators.
  4. premixer


    Question time from someone pretty green about the breeding side. How do they decide what horses go in book 1/2/3? I'm assuming they charge a premium to have your horse entered in book 1 versus 2 and 3?
  5. premixer


    yip can confirm. just spent an afternoon at riccarton wrestling the thing in the strong norwester.
  6. premixer


    Managed to pick up a copy from my local BP this morning. Havent had a chance to read yet but looks the part anyway. Only thing if I'm being picky, the size is a pain in the butt if you are intending taking it with you to the races.
  7. premixer


    Is there a list of retailers available? Or is it just TAB's for a start?
  8. premixer

    Tough times at Karaka

    How great would that be, parade ring coverage, prelims all shown beforehand, the wrap up afterwards. Instead now we have to cut away the minute the race finishes to another venue. Take a leaf out of the like of coverage. Reality for me these days, unless I am on course, I am more likely to bet on AUS racing thanks to the like of free coverage which includes the things I mentioned earlier.
  9. premixer


    Most recent club statement said they have engaged lawyers to take action to try sort out the insurance battle, this was late September, but have not seen anything further come from it, and the final outcome wasn't expected til early 2020 best case. Be fantastic if the whispers are correct though.
  10. premixer

    Form guides

    Are there no form guide these days which are delivered to service stations? I know the informant has gone, but thought there was another one? Normally I print them out at work but got sidetracked this week so figured I'd grab one from a local petrol station or dairy. No luck so far from 3 petrol stations and 2 dairys, guess I'll just give it a miss.
  11. premixer

    Weigh In back.....yay...?

    Wasnt weigh in the review show on Sunday morning last year?
  12. premixer

    Helena Baby

    Te Akau at $1.99 melody at $4.80
  13. premixer

    Helena Baby

    Looking at what I saw on TV from the parade ring, both the shark and melody looked like they were a bit fresh, layed em both so nice result for me.Insert other media
  14. premixer

    Helena Baby

    Can you do it again?
  15. premixer

    Tell me it ain’t true

    Have heard similar rumors doing the rounds, supposedly all about to come to light in the coming days, although have been hearing it will be withinin the next 24 hours since late last week, so maybe its all trying to swept under the carpet quickly.