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  1. Do they pay 3 dividends in a small field race, or are they just weak as p**s? Looking at the fixed place odds in race 3 at Woodville, 6 horse race, the fixed field percentages came to 376% in what should be a 200% market before takeout if paying two dividends. Please tell me they are actually paying on 3 places, and not just screwing the mug punter who might take these odds.
  2. premixer

    Joining a racing club

    Thanks for the replies and thoughts. Decided I may as well try it out for a year and see what road it takes me down. See you at the track.
  3. premixer

    Chautauqua's racing future in jeopardy

    Retire him please, and lets just remember the good times. What a horse! That last win in the video still blows my mind no matter how many times I see it.
  4. premixer

    Koral Steeples Saturday

    First time actually watching a steeplechase live at the track, great spectacle, even though I did my dough when Notabadrooster fell at the last.
  5. premixer

    This is getting ridiculous....

    All favs NSW metro -6.1 on turnover 28.8% win SR Waller trained -25% on turnover 23% win SR EDIT: small sample size
  6. premixer

    Joining a racing club

    Often looked at in the past, but never actually done it, but what are the benefits of joining a club, in this instance Riccarton as its my 'home' track. Looking at the fees its $275 for the year for a new member. Apart from a few tickets to some of the bigger meetings, what else does it entitle me too? They mention access to the members stand, but on a normal day I can waltz in there anyway, and on the big days over cup week, I would probably rather be out in the sun on the grass with friends than inside. I'm not bagging it in case it comes across that way, genuinely interested in what other benefits there are apart from simply supporting the club with the fees. Cheers
  7. premixer

    This is getting ridiculous....

    Last Season NSW metro favs: All favs: 6% Loss on turnover 33.1% SR Favs trained by Waller 3.36% Loss on turnover 35.2% SR hmmmmmmm
  8. premixer

    This is getting ridiculous....

    Never really understood this mentaility. If his favorites don't salute, how bout betting round them, or jumping on Betfair and laying them? Will run a test tonight on Chris Waller favorites and see how the results are.
  9. premixer

    Glorious Goodwood

    Times like these i wish I didn't need sleep. Love watching the big UK festival races.
  10. premixer

    Dark Horse - The story of Dream Alliance

    Thanks for the heads up, missed it tonight, but see its available on demand so will try watch it soon.
  11. premixer

    Chautauqua....has he had enough....???

    Jumped this time. Facebook link to video
  12. premixer

    Four Corners Aust program

    Haven't seen it myself, but from reading a few posts from other forums it wasn't that bad, and most though the below quote summed it up. "Four Corners thought they had the Cox Plate of exposes but instead it was closer to a BM58 at Warracknabeal" Heres a link if anyone wants to see it. Will watch it myself later
  13. Anyone know what its about, or expecting something announced from the TAB? On the TABs facebook page they are promoting a live broadcast of something on July 5th 6:45pm with no details, just a teaser it seems.
  14. premixer

    Australian TAB

    Sorry, badly worded. I tried a JP first who happily signed them and who I have used previously on any betting accounts which needed it, but the TAB wouldn't accept them, and advised it had to be a notary public.
  15. premixer

    Australian TAB

    Depends on the TAB. I know for the NSW TAB account I have, the only way they would verify my account to allow me to withdraw funds was to have my documents verified by a Notary Public, which also cost me $150 for the pleasure. I tried the JP first, but they would have a bar of it.