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  1. Interesting to see how Vela is going to tackle the Karaka $1,000,000 stake There will be a big fanfare around they've done an amazing job to come up with 100k for the Group 1s Oh did we mention the 7k minimun stake , just for now of course......
  2. Time to move on ,been there for years , need the young bloods george simon and aaron white, the way of the future, can't wait to thurs and sun , bring it on
  3. Hi Aaron , are you from that awesome programme we saw tonight on TV 1 ???
  4. Baker / Forsman Te Akau S Marsh R James B & K Kelso S Ritchie O'Sullivan / Scott How many runners between these leading stables ??
  5. Absolute insult to greyhound racing , if Peter Early tips you a dog you invariably get on , if anyone else does you won't be backing it will you
  6. Whether it's the internet age or not , No fields in the papers , surely a retard could see you need some sort of printed media. I can't wait for Raceform. Maybe in 10 years , there will definitely may be no need for Raceform etc but that's 10 years or so away , just like the argument for tote operators , 10 years away , at least
  7. Had to block her/it , it was so bad
  8. And herein lies another problem Leggy , most of the operators will be fresh up after a 6 month spell and might just struggle as much as some punters . Not bagging them , most are great but we are all rusty after a spell...
  9. Cheering for you and your Club tomorrow Shane , Your enthusiasm is infectious and I think your positivity will get people on track or tuning in, PS follow the Antony Fuller team tomorrow Cheers, CB
  10. Major Menace = Melton Mafia , 2 x M's , can understand how it happened. Pity there wasn't an on to it Crew member to yell into his earpiece he had the wrong horse
  11. That was proactive getting the All Golds on track , utilising a floor of the Stand, are they still in business ?? Who's the one prick ?
  12. Are the radio frequencies still available or have they been sold already , love to know...
  13. Berri, You will be absolutely delighted, I see this totally qualifies your drop kick mate andy kydd. Experience does not = ability
  14. Racing Industry Bill "There are over 30 areas where the Committee has recommended Changes" Holy f***n Moley , how far off the pace are these guys !!!!
  15. What's this one about ? Haven't seen this anywhere
  16. I just don't get it ? So no Mick G , Greg O or Whale for Cup Carnivals Chch and Akld (if we get that far) Chch , Marc Cookson Justin Evans ?? nothing against those blokes but , is that what they are thinking ? Or Popplewell and Sweeney ? Have they thought about this ....
  17. Spoke to friends high up in IT at the Council, they were adamant OIA and SFO should be looking into this debacle as there is NO WAY any system should cost this much, let alone 17 million to maintain each year. When I explained RITA can't implement the 12 week upgrades they nearly choked on their cognac, then were fuming that after such a waste , absolute waste of money , Racing gets a $72.5 million bailout from Govt. Luckily I explained it was only $50 million to rita ..... They were ropeable , more re the website costs so great to get an alternative view
  18. Who's the good buggers ? Starting to lose track..
  19. Go to Albion Park, 1 tote operator on most occasions ,surely we can at least leave a couple on track in strategic positions. The old terminals were temperamental to say the least , hated that you couldn't see your collecto on display when/if ever cashing in tickets. Imagine how these delicate SSTs will cope with all the travelling and handling on the end of a hand truck ..
  20. FFS, any retard can see Ellerslie needs to race at least every 2nd week all year round. They are the flagship of the Industry and if they can't race every 2nd week then what chance are we as an Industry ...
  21. Proved again today , it just won't happen, I'll bet with anyone , except them. I hated the thought of betfair , however here I am , laying away....