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  1. no radio sevice is beyond ridiculous words cannot express it ............
  2. totally agree chris ,it has always been in next race/venue order easy to just turn page ,and not have to fumble around to find each venue ...us punters just get kicked again...it may seem trivial to some but its not ,its just another example of not knowing the product just so sad that we are witnessing the utter destruction of a once fantastic industry ,and more so for you ,it being your lifes work cheers
  3. keneperu ,i totally respect your opinion ,however the ''how many races have you driven in ''argument does not wash....there are thousands of things we all havent done ,but that doesnt mean we cannot have a valid veiw on them......agree with your comments on mr lamb ,it doesnt make sense that he is still there ..cheers
  4. sarah draws 1 ,always an advantage ...then hangs back and hangs back from the mobile ...the arm folds and she still hasnt retained the inside ,therefore the others cross and she finally gets going to be 3 back on pegs...a harness trot and you are now stuck back on pegs ,chuck your ticket...come on sarah ,if your horse draws the magic no.1 ,then for goodness sake at least start from the no.1 on the gate...its bloody criminal to not do so...you wonder why punters get angry
  5. the bloke had ample time and was in a prime position to ask questions and make suggestions to the administration...as a boss i welcome any criticisms or suggestions from my staff..all opinions should be welcomed and discussed..the staff at the coalface can see the issues and face them everyday ,if they voice any concerns ,it shows they care and want to improve things..des coppins had no reason to fear anyone ,he should have had the fortitude to speak up and support any issues/concerns that people brought up on his radio show and media jobs..
  6. R1...6/5/3/2 R2...4/3/7/1 R3...8/10/4/9 R4...6/10/9/2 R5...6/8/5/14 R6...7/2/11/13 R7...2/4/1/6 R8...2/1/7/3 R9...10/6/4/11 Thanks so much ....a good bit of fun
  7. rosehill r4 ] 3 , 9 r5] 1 , 8 r6] 12 ,13 r7] 5, 6 r8] 6 , 17 flemington r4] 1 , 12 r5] 3 ,10 r6] 4 , 8 r7] 13 ,14 r8] 4 , 8 appreciate the oportunity ,cheers
  8. R1) 2,1,5 R2) 1,4,2 R3) 5,2,10 R4) 3,1,9 R5) 10,4,1 R6) 1,3,7 R7) 9,3,4 R8) 1,4,10 R9) 3,13,17 R10) 10,3,9 appreciate your offer ,thanks
  9. cheers mr pitman....all the best to you....your right ,i am a total fool
  10. careful trump ,according to gruff and uneasy ,there is no such thing as race patterns or track bias..
  11. opie bosson suspended till april 2 and questioned about his ride on hot favourite te akau shark ...he cant do what he wants ,like he does over here ...proper stewards will ask questions...it involves sitting 3 wide ,as he stated he thought the inside was off and he didnt want to be there
  12. you just shot yourself ,uneasy .......ask your more learned friends what they saw
  13. jump riders are tough ,...and hungry
  14. you guys havent mentioned the massive track bias on oaks day ...i would suggest it was a disgrace
  15. havent heard des coppins mention this track bias at his "champayne"" turf....to just ignore it ,is to treat his audience as dummy"s ....ellerslie on derby day was also a joke ,when the inside was obviously off..its a major issue and is serious ...but no ,dessie will pretend it didnt happen ,musnt say anything to upset anyone ..this makes him and his show irrelevant ,as the issues are not discussed ,just a bunch of lovey dovey sugarcoating