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  1. voice of reason

    opie suspended

    cheers mr pitman....all the best to you....your right ,i am a total fool
  2. voice of reason

    opie suspended

    careful trump ,according to gruff and uneasy ,there is no such thing as race patterns or track bias..
  3. voice of reason

    opie suspended

    opie bosson suspended till april 2 and questioned about his ride on hot favourite te akau shark ...he cant do what he wants ,like he does over here ...proper stewards will ask questions...it involves sitting 3 wide ,as he stated he thought the inside was off and he didnt want to be there
  4. voice of reason


    you just shot yourself ,uneasy .......ask your more learned friends what they saw
  5. voice of reason

    Ellerslie incident and the RIU

    jump riders are tough ,...and hungry
  6. voice of reason


    you guys havent mentioned the massive track bias on oaks day ...i would suggest it was a disgrace
  7. voice of reason

    speed strip

    havent heard des coppins mention this track bias at his "champayne"" turf....to just ignore it ,is to treat his audience as dummy"s ....ellerslie on derby day was also a joke ,when the inside was obviously off..its a major issue and is serious ...but no ,dessie will pretend it didnt happen ,musnt say anything to upset anyone ..this makes him and his show irrelevant ,as the issues are not discussed ,just a bunch of lovey dovey sugarcoating
  8. voice of reason

    speed strip

    embarassing pesentation of a racetrack.. ,lets wait for the excuses
  9. voice of reason

    speed strip

    nice speed strip on the rail at trentham ...thus destroying many chances ...and favouring inside draws...another day ruined ...good onya dessie ,your track is a joke.
  10. voice of reason

    Roger That

    i would say it was very surprising as the 40/1 price indicates ....not many of us were so smart before the race ...i and most punters did not consider it at all....well done to the fullers ,good to see the hard work rewarded
  11. voice of reason

    Well ....

    as i mentioned on the other thread ...everyone knew the 100/1 shot would stop ,so why the hell would anyone drop to the pegs behind it.
  12. voice of reason

    GOOOO! The Dream!

    mate ,im just a dumb punter ...this bloke is supposedly a top class driver...did you not think that leader would stop ?..i say again ,horses are only 3yr old once ,there is no second chance...i didnt have a bet by the way and amazing dream was fantastic as she has been all season....all the best
  13. voice of reason

    GOOOO! The Dream!

    awful mistake by ''the cheif'' ..we all knew that the 100/1 shot in front would stop ,so for butcher to choose to go to the pegs and trail was just plain dumb...he could have gotten behind natalie when she went to the death ...she like the rest of us didnt want to be stuck behind that leader....sure enough ,the longshot implodes before the turn and mr butcher is dragged back at the crucial time...a horse is 3yrs old only once ,these huge errors are unforgivable..
  14. voice of reason

    Ellerslie track

    the ellerslie track for one of their showpeice days was embarrassing....inside was obviously off ...why ?...watering more specifically ,uneven watering this is ridiculous ..it affects barrier draws ,it affects punting ,it affects results. didnt hear any of the numpties on trackside say a single word about it ..they are supposed to be experts just sweeney droning on in monotone about nil ..what a total ballsack he is
  15. voice of reason

    vinny on madam hass

    gubellini ,i maintain that giving her ,her head would at least mean she was in the race...,reefing and pulling and fighting vinny meant her chances were extinguished. the first two came from well back ,and she would have had a good head start on them....sure ,she might have stopped in the straight...maybe she would hang on...we will never know. cheers.