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  1. Pickel

    Interdoms tonight - from a money angle

    This thread is almost as stupid as the one that suggested W Waterhouse was anything other than. Last night one Quaddie paid $4 and the other $11 - and they were for a $1 unit. Pick6 is for 50c so would’ve paid less than $6. When you’re running processions instead of races no bet type in the world is going to help.
  2. Pickel

    Bill Waterhouse Dies

    Other possible epitaphs are: Here lies or Mr 200%. The NSW Bookies lobby kept the TAB out of their state for as long as possible to allow them to keep raping punters. The entire cartel would be 200% on Melbourne Cup morning. They were not so much bookmakers as they were thieves. I spoke to a regulator who asked one bookie, who had all hands writing bets on Melbourne Cup Day, how he could keep track of his position whilst no-one was recording the bets? “Don’t worry - we’ll make money” was the reply.
  3. Pickel

    Fixed odds display

    Change channel on your TV and then change back - this will get rid of the Delay that kicked in when you hit rewind on MySKY.
  4. Pickel

    Tote Place Divs.

    Showing the Top3 odds for NZ is long overdue, they have been showing Top3 for racing in other countries for some time. As the Squirrel says, the tote place odds are hopelessly unreliable with so much money being bet late, and even worse if the hotty is showing 60c for a place. With Top3 if you like one showing $2 with 30 sec to go, you get the $2 - and it is Top3 so you dont have to worry about the two divvy race crap. And if you're into the real shorties, the $1.30 will not collapse into $1.
  5. Pickel

    Hitting wheel discs

    Haven't seen one of these for a while. Can anyone explain how this can happen 3 days after winning the NZ Cup? "CRUZ BROMAC - broke after 100 metres. Driver B Orange explained the gelding had been striking its wheel discs in the early stages."
  6. Pickel

    Why TAB has to change

    Yes, and I’ve heard of one even better than that. Apparently there’s one giving money back on some races provided your horse doesn’t run last!!! I won’t talk on, apparently someone else’s (the little punter) behalf, I will have the courage to say that I think that is good.
  7. I couldn't have said it better myself. Sorry I mean, I couldn't have said this myself. Sorry I mean, no-one could have said this.
  8. Pickel

    In my view

    JackSprat Looks like YOU will be the one spending another year in Form 2. The new policy recreates a c1, with 1 win horses only allowed below R45. But with no horses being re-rated all of the incumbent 2+ winners who are sub45 remain there until they win. MHouse’s suggestion allows the 1win Only class to start very quickly. And, it was so OBVIOUS that it didn’t need mentioning, 2+ win horses now can Not fall to the bottom which Decreases the horses available for the log-jam down there. However the issue of a maiden winner becoming anything from 48 through to 58 has not been addressed. NZTR maiden winners get 2 Points more at Ellerslie than they do at Hokitika.
  9. Pickel

    In my view

    I'm liking this. Yes a new bottom of 35, only 1 win horses below 40, and winners of < $10k maiden go to 42, $10k to $15k maiden to 44, >$15k maiden 46. And the age group stuff.
  10. Pickel

    In my view

    Tim, by far the most disadvantaged horses by the ratings have been 1 win horses. They can clear maidens and run straight into Bird of Paradise. Now they will avoid Bird of Paradise & friends once they get to R44. The 2+ win horses aren't really much worse off, they will eventually race in the same fields as now, but just not until the 1 wins have scored their 2nd win. This will create more 2 win horses. It does not address a fundamental problem that a horse winning its 2nd race MUST be assessed higher than ANY horse who has just won a maiden. Also reassessments for age group racing must take account of the actual ratings of the opposition. Alta Maestro won the first 2yo race of his year, he was reassessed just like any other maiden winner. A week or so later he beat the same field but copped another full re-rating. So twice he beat maidens, and twice he was fully penalised. At seasons end they introduced the R75 ceiling for 2yos, but this would not have been necessary if the 2yos were re-rated relative to the ratings of their opposition (keeping the max increase in case Tuapeka Knight debuts & beats Starship). Yes - this would mean that Lazarus would have got 0 or 1 point for his Messenger win, but he should not be penalised for beating horses 10+ points inferior to him off level marks.
  11. Pickel


    Time to Remember, you have obviously got your magnifying glass out, and turned your imagination up to fool. No case to answer. Would not even have got a warning in Australia. If you're keen on searching for the worst in everything - buy yourself a mirror - it will give you a lifetime supply of fault to find.
  12. Pickel

    Inca the stinker

    Nelson Race is a dead duck. Stipes questioned a driver in Race 9. Stipes had zero questions about Race 11. Once the stipe takes the stand and states that he found nothing worth questioning in Race 11 it is game over because they have a history of being extremely thorough, just check out the Forbury report from June 22 - an inquiry was Opened and Adjourned into whether a driver's helmet had it's Chin Strap fastened. I have yet to catch up with progress in the chin strap case - please post here if you hear anything.
  13. Pickel

    TAB to blame?

    Nelli What a very odd post. Could you explain exactly how the TAB could possibly be to “Blame”? Also is it possible that 9 races could be a Good Idea? In such a case would you then look to sing the praises of the TAB - whether they were involved or not? For many many years Internal Affairs controlled the number of races that could be run and many owners missed out on starts. These times are generally referred to as the good old days.
  14. Pickel

    Bit of a rant

    Aaron - move the 3rd NZ meeting to Any other date without an NZTR meting, and turnover would go up - especially for the two remaining Saturday meetings and Moonee Valley. A few years ago Counties came off a Sunday to race alongside Hasting's Windsor Park Stks day and Riccarton on the Saturday. Not only did Counties turnover go down but Hastings' dropped $800,000. Fortunately this insanity has stopped and Counties are off the Saturday. The bigger the pie the better it is for everyone.
  15. Pickel


    What you describe is 8/5 (put on 5, get back 13) $2.60 in real Odds 3/5 is Odds-on (put on 5, get back 8) $1.60 in real Odds. Maybe in 100 years USA will adopt metrics and in another 100 adopt $1.60 instead of 3/5.