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  1. Mate, when the wits were given out, you certainly got the one's labelled "fokk". You publish the identical TabCorp result (with the $15,753 First4) that the TAB is comingled with, as evidence that the TAB are somehow "thieves". Someone of your intellect at Racenet has stuffed up the scratchings and you think that reflects badly on the TAB? Racenet are wrong, but they are not thieves, just careless.
  2. Pickel

    CD racing

    You could be on to something there Joe, but keep taking your paranoia pills, maybe its because the TAB put up the Bonus Bets on Races 1 & 2?
  3. A man who called a spade a spade....his reply from ten years ago..... Posted July 14, 2010 I had forgot about Peters sabbatical and Murray Burns. On the strength of that I will have to immediately withdraw my comment of you having no knowledge of greyhound racing, and I guess your summing up of Little Mother probably means I should withdraw my comment about her as well. However although your unfortunate geographical location gives you some kind of defence on the remaining point of the red and black eye patch I will have to leave that in place after your list of best ever in previous years. Rest in Peace
  4. Pickel

    I give up

    Wow Chik you weren't kidding, they look very good. Plus they had Zoom interviews with greyhound trainers on Trackside today. As Jape said the form comments were there for Auckland and are already there for Addington Monday, Tuesday on the normal formguides. And a Terminating Pick6 everywhere you turn. Churchill was right about not wasting a good crisis!
  5. I like it Rusty, back in the day of yellow tickets at TAB and the $50 window at the track. I cant access the 79 TAB annual report so will guess that the $14m was for a year (and distributed to clubs over the Next year, as was the funding policy of the day) The Reserve Bank has a website tool for NZ's CPI and they say that $1 in 1979 would be worth $5.94 in 2020. Lets call it $6, so that $14m would now be worth $84m - which works out at $7m per month. Giving this month's $71m gross revenue plenty of scope to smash that out of the park. I no longer own a radio, and subscribe to the Herald on my phone. I even watch racing live on my phone. I used to read Barry Lichter in the racing section of the Star, but now I can also read him, and a bloke called Rusty, on the same phone.
  6. We're Doomed - of course if it truly is "absolute rubbish", you should effortlessly be able to suggest a better time. As you are not able to suggest a better time, than you must be in agreement with me.
  7. Quick summary of the Score so far: Huey & Eljay agree with me (they were unable to point to a better time). Red Rum, like most of us, doesn't like how the money came - and believes that there must have previously been a time of sustainability. Leggy puts forward 12-15 years ago...Remarkably right at the time Winston dropped Gaming Duty from 25% to 4% Not sure I can concur with you Leggy. In your corner you have: a TAB earning just over $20m a month and run by Graeme Hansen. The GFC was just getting warmed up & TAB Staff expenses about to grow from $32m to $55m in 6 yrs. In the last month we have: TAB gain $71m ($50m bail-out, $5m subsidy, $16m Revenue), run by Dean McKenzie. Another recession but TAB staff costs about to drop $10m and $20m for new tracks. OK the handout feels like cheating BUT the money is real, I still believe Now wins on all counts.
  8. Interesting times. A couple of months ago, or a couple of years ago you could have browsed Race Cafe to read about dissatisfaction with the status quo. Now that there are many changes afoot - you guessed it - you can pop on Race Cafe and read about dissatisfaction with change. If you like something, have the guts to say so. If you dislike something then (briefly) suggest an alternative. Having a whinge about inaction and also having a whinge about change makes little sense. Going by their 2019 Annual Report the TAB pulls in just under $30m revenue a month. This month they've pulled in $50m from Winston together with a wage subsidy and whatever they've made from Aussie racing. So this must easily be the best month's revenue ever for the TAB. Then there is another $20m for two more synthetic tracks and ongoing TAB staff costs are allegedly heading down $10m per annum - when has that ever happened? Arguably NZ Racing's best time ever. (BTW if you think that you disagree with this statement then do so by nominating a better time - because if you are unable to nominate a better time, then you must be in agreement.)
  9. WD, I can not let this one go through to the keeper. Jack Bennett was one of the first names on, and carved extra deep into the TAB Wall of Shame. If he ever invites you to dabble in property - stay well clear.
  10. Freightman - you might still have a touch of concussion from your fall in the '84 Derby. There is a not-so-subtle point of difference here - 20 years ago everyone paid noms. The suggestion here is that a trainer's first say 12 noms at a meeting are free, and payment only required from number 13 onward. So it would be free noms for nearly everyone.
  11. GOM Apologies, where I used "suggested", I should have typed "You have had trouble with this requirement for years, You questioned it for a long time". So in your eyes there the old protocol of a compulsory catcher was unnecessary. And I cannot imagine that anyone will disagree with you. The early publication of the new protocols appear to fit in beautifully with the H&S act.
  12. Rules For Some I'm not sure that you understand what is being discussed here. At the greyhounds, handlers put the dogs into starting boxes, and at the end of a race, catchers catch the dogs. For many race distances the handlers and catchers are the same people. For the Cambridge 375m boxes (375m is the distance of the race) separate catchers were a requirement because some people felt that they couldn't safely make it to the catching point. Now, those who believe that they can safely make it to the catching point can do so. Those who do not believe that they can safely make it , will continue to engage a catcher. If you watch a couple of dog races, it should come to you pretty quickly.
  13. Rules for Some It is not a rule - rules can be inflicted upon you - this is a safety protocol that everybody is part of and gets to have their say. I made no comment on the protocol, I certainly did not say it was "absurd". And the new safety protocols will be replacing some old safety protocols - surely this is not a difficult concept for you to grasp?
  14. GOM So when GRNZ allow a handler to catch over 375m it is “bumbling” (your word). Was it also “bumbling” when YOU suggested it? BTW I can’t see anything in the proposed protocols that forbids a catcher at 375m so it would appear that both options will be available on Thursday.
  15. I am told that on a Greyhound Facebook page there is a discussion regarding bringing back Nomination Fees. I am thinking that what they really want is for each trainer's first 10 or 20 noms per meeting to be Free, anything over that say $50 per nom. Surely this would get through an AGM with around 95% support.