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  1. As the result of many years of dealing with them on many issues, I would never consider the words "politicians" and "of course" to be natural bedfellows. Usually it took a lot of time and effort to get them up to speed. Wrt the NZRB, there's no doubt they could have done some things better (couldn't we all...). But there's equally no doubt that racing is a sunset industry and the NZRB are stuck with a product that's declining in popularity, for all sorts of reasons. Racing may indeed have a monopoly over racing, but the relevant sector is entertainment --- and there it faces numerous competitors.
  2. Yes, I was thinking along exactly the same lines. And being Australian, he's even less likely to have any understanding/appreciation of harness than the equivalent NZ gallops administrator. Still, my impression is that Peters (whatever his other faults, and they are many) is aware of the tensions here, which should ensure Messara has to be an honest broker (or at least give the appearance of one). One can only hope...
  3. Basil

    Aaron White

    I was thinking more along the lines of this or perhaps this The real point though is that being "offensive" is not a reason for not saying something. If that were the case, nobody would ever be able to say anything, since somebody will always find something "offensive" in everything... Which, getting back to this thread, is why I have no problem with the tack Brodie took. Yes, it may have been irrelevant, it may have been tasteless, and it may even have been "offensive", but he's perfectly entitled to be all of these if he so chooses.
  4. Basil

    Aaron White

    I was under the impression that the objection was to 'Redskin', not to 'Red Indian'. So I checked with the Chippewa wife of a mate of mine and she confirmed this (although she did also say that 'Red Indian' is very rarely heard these days, probably because of its similarity to 'Redskin'). But it's all just words anyway. Which, as my grandpappy used to say, never hurt no-one. So feel free to call me whatever names you like.
  5. Basil

    Aaron White

    It seems a bit strange to be defending Brodie (who's usually more than happy to do it himself ), but this is a little exaggerated Iraklis. After all, one of the primary advocacy organisations for Native Americans is known as The American Indian Movement. And some long-time activists such as Russell Means have publicly stated they prefer the use of "Indian" to "Native American". So it's by no means a one-sided issue.
  6. Basil

    Aaron White

    Very true. But I can sort of see where Iraklis is coming from as well. I don't think it would be unfair to say that Addington has become pretty shabby over the last 15-20 years, and not very customer-friendly. Even on Cup Day, when the big crowd covers up some of the more dreary aspects, the absence of a public stand and the presence of a large video screen in the centre of the course combine to make it impossible to even see the races. And as for the other customer 'amenities', don't get me started. So while Addington still has the best track, and the best racing, and the best horses (usually), I reckon Alex Park provides the better on-course experience.
  7. Basil

    I see there is no ....

    On a similar theme, it was great to see Franco Nelson win so outstandingly at Menangle last Friday. I had to laugh at Adam Hamilton's comment though: "As much as Franco Nelson achieved through his many successful years in NZ, it seems he reached a new career high since joining Tritton’s stable." In Adam's mind, a convincing win against a field of hacks in Sydney apparently counts for more than beaten a nose in the NZ Cup by arguably the greatest mare to ever race in Australasia. Aussies eh...
  8. Basil

    McCormick v Ottley

    Earth Control to Peter p --- in what language are you attempting to communicate with us? (clearly one in which punctuation is optional) We cannot understand what you are saying. Repeat, we cannot understand what you are saying.
  9. Basil

    Have a Holiday

    That is certainly a true Hall of Infamy drive! If it weren't for the fact that they'd already been going for over 4 minutes, you'd have to wonder if he'd miscounted the number of laps and thought there was another one to go. Anyone watching that who had money on Still Eyre would have been well and truly justified in throwing things at the TV (or, in Mark McNamara's more colourful phraseology, kicking the cat ).
  10. Basil

    Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    Do two wrongs make a right? But to answer your question, and perhaps I'm just not paying sufficient attention, but no, I don't. The All Stars certainly have their supporters on here, with a roughly equal number of detractors. And as is usual in such debates, neither side pays much attention to what the other says (so any intolerance is not, as I think you're implying, all one-sided --- it's strictly mutual). But at least as far as I can tell, the volume of All Stars discussion is on a completely different scale to the noise generated by Brodie's punting fixation. I promise to now stop adding to that noise.
  11. Basil

    Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    Well, the advantage of gloves off is that it eventually burns itself out. The short-run risk is that it'll drive the rest of us out in the meantime. I agree with you that it's all a bit tiresome*. But Brodie has only brought it on himself ---- 2000+ posts on exactly one topic: punting (his own), and particularly the world-wide conspiracy to curtail his punting activities. And no matter how many times, and by how many people, his logical and factual errors are pointed out to him, he just blithely keeps on repeating them. No wonder a few have decided to get in a bit of (sometimes tasteless) retribution. Personally, I don't really think it's all that bad. And Brodie and his acolytes give as good as they get --- the difference being that they seem to think they should have a monopoly on giving and be spared any of the getting. * Although I enjoy Kotare's cryptic one-liners. Very droll...
  12. Basil

    Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    Oh, I don't know. It's not so long since we had Beer With Duncan (in all his various incarnations) and John Evans going at it hammer and tongs. The current stoushes are lightweight (in all senses of the word) compared to that. What is new is the sight of the current chief troll running to teacher asking for protection from other trolls.
  13. Basil

    Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    Brodie, really. Being told you're not "on the money" (which is your phrase) is not remotely the same thing as being called a liar. And even if it were, asking for the perpetrator to be suspended is pathetic. If you're going to dish it out, you have to be able to take it as well. C'mon, you're better than this.
  14. Basil

    Hawera -v- NZ Metro Easter Saturday

    Don't go all Brodie on us.
  15. Basil

    Kiwi Guns Racin Tonite

    I agree that the jury is still out as to whether Lazarus is as good a miler as he is a stayer (that would make him the best pacer of all time, without doubt!), but I'm not sure I'd use Sat night's 1.51.5 as an indicator. After all, he ran almost that fast for his *last* mile in the Hunter Cup. On Sat, he couldn't even keep up on a 29 second quarter down the back straight --- he clearly wasn't right.