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  1. Portfolio


    That’s bloody hard, just imagine if they did that in nz?
  2. Portfolio


    Great to see them racing on the grass again, those involved with the club do a great job. Race one tomorrow sees 2 well bred Jenkins runners. Both worth a buck, both paying double figures. Been going well at trials, stable goes extra on the green stuff. Loissonya in race 2, rocknpop race 3, ok I’m bad race 5, with Bobby t bet of the day race 10. Me old mate Highland Reign out again race 11, probably be fav again, but I do like Apocalypse, could be the boil over. Good luck to all
  3. Portfolio


    Thanks weasel, got $3-80 on Betfair day before, thought it would start shorter. Always good when a plan pays off, makes up for the bad days!
  4. Portfolio

    Positives at Nelson

    No, my main issue has been the ongoing offences by many, in all 3 codes. If you read my posts, I have no issue with the Dunn stable. As for you comment, that I am accusing the Dunn’s? You may want to read JCA report, they have both entered guilty pleas to all charges??? Nothing to do with me. Anyway, that’s it for me on this subject, as I have stated, not here to upset Dunn’s, if I have posted something I shouldn’t, let me know, I will delete it. Over and out,
  5. Portfolio

    Positives at Nelson

    To be fair, I didn’t see your last post. And, I don’t think I was stirring the shit. P4P stated I was in the shit for posting something, I asked him which post was the problem, so I could look or edit. I don’t see anything I have posted that is out of order
  6. Portfolio

    Positives at Nelson

    So what about P4Ps abusive post, no issues there?
  7. Portfolio

    Positives at Nelson

    Calm down buddy. Let me know which of my posts upset you, would love to know. Not nice to threaten people either, thought you had moved on.
  8. Portfolio

    Big day out ffor Kiwis at Meadowlamds today

    Anybody know what these nz horses were sold for? Would love to know
  9. Portfolio

    Hawera Commentator

    Yeah, sounded good.
  10. Portfolio

    Positives at Nelson

    Nah, nothing I have said suggests I need a lawyer, might be a couple of posters on here pooping their pants ? Will all blow over, until a different stable does something similar. If you made a list of well known harness stables that have been charged for various offences, the list would be staggering. I am sure I can say that!!
  11. Portfolio


    That would be an elite punter probably, probably moaned so the tab buckled. They need those types
  12. Portfolio

    Positives at Nelson

    Just one thing, I have nothing against the Dunn stable, far from it. But what pisses me off, is the ongoing offences that certain stables have over the years. The list is incredible, and yes I’m sure some are due to food contamination or drug time limits, those you can sort of understand. But come on, from somebody who has been around for a few years, witnessed the 80s blue magic days, many of these offences over the years are pretty suspicious. Just puts off owners & punters, believe me.
  13. Portfolio

    Positives at Nelson

    That’s pretty threatening stuff P4P, but fair enough. Maybe some have over stepped the mark, but this whole saga has gone on for a very long time. I’m looking forward to seeing this orange squeezed , because at the moment is resembles a sour lemon. I very much doubt anything more will come out of it, but I am sure your previous post will scare a few off.
  14. Portfolio


    If a jockey is injured after first race, bets still stand. If horses scratched, bet stands. This is jockeys fault, so bets should stand. Part of betting on these types of options
  15. Portfolio

    Positives at Nelson

    So somebody hears a conversation on Bluetooth, so stable knows about raid before they arrive??? Oh dear, the whole thing seems a bit flakey. Not knocking Dr Molloy, but it appears having him on Dunn’s side, really helped the outcome. Give up HQ P4P, this is were you can make the bucks! Every time anybody is under investigation, your phone will be running red hot.