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  1. shelley

    Southland Races ,Tomorrow.

    There will be White bait fritters for sale there,
  2. shelley

    Dog Transport

    had a bitch brought down with them from Palmerston Nth and was ok with how she was looked after
  3. shelley

    Thanks John

    12 hours doesnt sound right?
  4. shelley

    Box draws.

    Beat this,,8 7 7 76 6 6 8 7 6(1) 8 6
  5. shelley

    Box draws.

    Four box 6.s on a row
  6. shelley

    Go Southern Lights

    Thank you.
  7. shelley

    Go Southern Lights

    It was a good Go Lumpy Race as he has come backfrom a bad injury and 4yr old.
  8. shelley

    New all weather track.

    And you arent concerned about the money we are owed and long overdue,to be i recall,due to the """virus that struck the Horses,Do you see any of the Gallop'people pushing for us to get that money,No do any off them care No,
  9. shelley

    New all weather track.

    Taxpayers .money. how nice.
  10. shelley


    So lets a Revolution.On a Funny thought moment WHY do we need a CEO.we arent a company,,why cant we just have a Racing Manager?
  11. shelley


    And where did the money for that trip come from?
  12. shelley

    Fairfax Media

    I can yes .but the general public wouldnt no they were on if not in the Local the Otago as always'but they arent owned by Faifax Media..And that great Should Greyhound Racing be banned poll in the Herald.They would be owned by....
  13. shelley

    Fairfax Media

    and again no fields in the newspaper,yesterday a whole page off gallops and harness,and results,.
  14. shelley

    Looking To The Future

    And on and on it goes