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  1. Aaron is extremely good doing home work regards sponsors/owners details and the commentaries show the study he puts into his days work regards dog form etc.The title of the thread, how good is AW, very good as he obviously takes an interest. well done Aaron
  2. Critter crawl back into your negative life. fuck off
  3. Well done to all. Thought with huge amount of rain this would not happen.Good day, onwards and upwards, racing back and many back to work.
  4. Deborah ignorant bitch Russel. What a kick in the teeth for all struggling small business, subbies etc that choose to work, for not a huge profit but have more pride than sit on their a/holes.So far out of touch/ depth, just sums up the incredible, incompetent, attention seeking idiots pretending to run this country.
  5. obviously they have too much $$$, had an issue with deposit with credit card.only had an account for more than 30yrs. will reply when we have time ? really, all you tossers working from home on full salary go f yourself
  6. harsh in my opinion, but rules are rules, and rule 52.8 states that big time ocean is not eligible to be a reserve ??????? no opinion needed
  7. Hi Adrian Please let me know if the dog still for sale and what $$ you looking for. Cheers 0273995036 NZ
  8. Yes trying with lap top , I pad & phone. Cannot place a bet. Really?
  9. Please have a word Lance ?
  10. .Cannot place a bet , what a load of shit. Told you cannot bet on I pad because we have problems with I pad now cannot bet on lap top. Wtf. John and Bernard go and do the right thing fo and never ever step foot in this country. Take your money that you did not earn and fo.
  11. Scooby Best you bar me as Per your threat.I find your opinions so complicit with the that will see the end of this industry. I read so much offensive rubbish on this site that is ok for you as they obviously buddies of yours. Enjoy your ever decreasing audience. Please find a reason Big Pete as it was referred to by stipe wasn’t swabbed. No dog that night ran as Big Pete. In the final where it would be swabbed needed a taxi to get back to the kennels. Good bye.
  12. But the dogs still run ? Amazing the cheats run a dog not swabbed in the derby heats, with full knowledge no swab. Cannot run 457 in a taxi. The scum that policing greys complicit. Cheat to get in the final and the race. If you want greyhound racing to have any credibility get rid of this and the filthy dirty cheating officials that are complicit.