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  1. with respect, have you ever approached Jason on matters which can be confronting? and if so have you seen his reactions? and more so, his behaviour in recent times to those involved, i.e. te rapa? im not condoning ostracizing him or adding light to the situation, however you can only ever help someone as much as THEY are willing to help themselves.
  2. in my experence, and on average, the most distinct differences in maturity and development levels are at an early age, and from a racing perspective from ages 2 in particular and to 3, then from there the ledger tends to be far more even. is a valid argument that concessions are restricted to 2 and 3 year old racing only?
  3. come in Leo i understand it is incorporated based on the theory of horse development, and differences between gender that lends an advantage to males.
  4. Northerly, Lohnro, starcraft, frankel, dundeel, apache cat, takeover target, buffering, fields of omagh, weekend hustler, chataqua, so you think, id add Karasi, absolute iron horse. think we are reading a bit too much into this male and female stuff. the term champion is so loosely used. I heard bevan sweeney refer to advantage as a champion after her win at Otaki, i thought that was a really dumb statement, shes done nothing yet which compares to the list above, or her female counterparts like sunline, winx, atlantic jewel to only name a few. whilst there have been some amazing
  5. but we are so bottom heavy, we give no encouragement for horses to gradually climb grades, or have an appropriate band of rating races to encourage horses to race on. Surely our biggest priority should be introducing rating 50, 55, 60-65 races? and start pushing some horses through the grades? additionally, the mares allowance is too much in wfa. i think it should surely be 1kg allowance i think would be fair.
  6. what gives you the divine right to criticize a post for what is a frequent challenge in the south island. i have had shares in a couple of stayers in the south island, and unless you are based at Riccarton, the programming is often diabolical. This has been raised so many many times with various bodies and little is done about it, the amount of times from various leaders I have seen they are reviewing the programming. However this is a public forum here were we can further raise these issues. And is a public forum which is read by different bodies involved within the industry.
  7. I have and am yet to receive a reply. I note Red Rum asked Scooby to add as a late question to Dean. That is it, and that is why I have been so vocal as it is a matter of integrity. A number of things I have raised here, is also because of information from others which I have been told about, like for e.g. take out rate on that race being different. That is why I asked in this post, at the very beginning because i know for a fact TAB marketing read this site. The issue is not the promo, nor the bet option, or even as some have said the inflated odds you could say BGP got. My in
  8. can i add for clarity, most of my betting is done via the TAB, largely because i prefer to bet in store and am trying to be supportive because i know investing via the tab benefits our industry. as does any punter who invests through the tab i have no issue with BGP nor do i take issue with promotions and incentives. i just think that punters derserve better, because ultimately we need more punter funds invested via tab for the benefit of distributions to the codes. and if i had a sizeable bet on that quinella and won, i would feel aggrieved if my funds were used to subsidize th
  9. JJ you are futher exposing yourself to being in some way challenged. I have at length already explained to you this observation. Additonally the will pay was meaningless because you dont know what the TAB were doing with tote prices, from when they accepted the BGP quinella bet, additionally the will pay price is quite meaningless when substantial funds are being added to the pool. i am done dealing with you because it seems impossible to understand eachothers viewpoints so i move on
  10. yes, but they dont lay onto the tote because an an exclusive offer to one group for the same bet. The will pay before race is meaningless because of the fact that the pool size will change to close of race, and then ofcourse close to race time they are drip feeding the sum to the pool. How else would you explain a quantum increase to the quinella pool versus other races but no significant change on win and place, logical no? e.g. taking a 10k quinella, and getting $1.70, but 1 exclusive group getting a near whole unit more. Was there a change in take out on the pool to subsidize the o
  11. it seems some of you are struggling to grasp that its imperative the tab shows integrity when dealing with punter funds. and your excusing the action because it was a fun day, was a 1 off promo, its BGP, you were wearing red socks. extreme exaggeration that its end of life stuff, but you are someone who seems challenged at grasping things JJ. it seems mind boggling that we can potentially excuse what is a rip off action to tote punters because you had a good day out, jesus fucking christ
  12. then it is clear you can neither read or see. i think from reading your arguments, particularly across another site, you are making yourself look a bit plain on this topic. if you cant unerstand despite various explanations, how it seems very obvious it was played against tote pool, and its repurcussion for this pool and its punters then thats on you. will pays especially for a bet like tht before tote close would be a waste of time because the tote is adjusted on close, and why should the punter do that, would it not be reasonable to assume they would get a market rate price for ret
  13. JJ, how else then would you explain the quinella pool being approx 45k more than any other race on the card, whilst at the same time, there was no change or reflection of additional betting revenue for win or place bets on the same race. So perculiar, then that the last race, which coincidentally is carrying the big quinella for BGP, and there is a noticable differential in the quinella pool, again in the vicinity of 40 to 45k. again the TAB will not compete against a 1 man pool, and given the differential in tote for the last, it is quite obvious to anyone with any common sense and basi
  14. sorry mate i disagree. The tab need to be competitive for the benefit of the industry, and for distributions to the codes. That requires an increase in wagering, hence their ad. They have to stay competitive. If not, punters will flock. bonus bets are covered via the book on fixed odds, off set by the fixed odds price. its not the same. Times have changed, we have become more sophisticated with betting, and punters want better service, treatment and value. its a common theme amongst gripes with the tab. i like bonus bets too. But i realise by doing this, im betting on a fi