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  1. Whyisit

    Racing Bill Submissions

    Do you honestly think the trainers will go to New Plymouth They get horses in good numbers because of the lower rents and costs the club charges and in some cases they own their own stabling facilities . New Plymouth can’t handle what they have got now Surprisingly I am told the NP trainers have to gone Stratford and Hāwera to gallop their horses so their track can have a month recovery . wouldn't YOUR two million be better invested in a Bryely Park facility. . The land and tracks are already there include the stabling as well that’s what I would call a goldmine investment in racing for the future. The Club has been happy to help out the New Plymouth trainers in the hour of need. NO NEED TO CHANGE ANYTHING
  2. Whyisit

    Racing Bill Submissions

    Get real TA racing just doesn’t rely on race days. Somebody has to produce the product to race sitting on your arse with four race days at New Plymouth doesn’t produce any horses to race.. They are investing in racing with their training and their accounts show they are doing well enough to not go down the gurgler.There are plenty of young people investing their lives training at Stratford. Most go the whole hog broodmares to racehorses.
  3. Whyisit

    Racing Bill Submissions

    So you are happy to invest the poineers through to the presents hardwork take it out of freehold and put into a shakey lease agreement just for a raceday and as you have indicated before f*** the trainers, owners, stablehands, jockeys,horses etc.
  4. Whyisit

    Racing Bill Submissions

    So you want one days Racing in New Plymouth to satisfy the pioneers against. 365 days to continue as a training track I know what would fostering racing in Stratford would mean to the poineers .
  5. Whyisit

    Racing Bill Submissions

    You don’t get it TA . The people who established the track did it to foster racing in Stratford not New Plymouth Hawera Or the rest of NZ. The Club is being stripped of a Raceday at Stratford in a last ditch effort by NZTR RITA to force them to relocate and prop up New Plymouth. .
  6. Whyisit

    Racing Bill Submissions

    why dont you look up their balance sheet off the Incorporated Societies Website.
  7. Whyisit

    Racing Bill Submissions

    T A. They don’t have a race date and I’m sure that they won’t go belly up. Dr Blue shouldn’t have to go further to ply his trade. Doesn't your assertion about stake money apply to o most of NZ Racing Clubs or are you just saying Stratford would fold.
  8. Whyisit

    Racing Bill Submissions

    You argue wrong T A Councils would dearly love that racing continues in their districts so it wouldnt be lost to racing regardless whether it loses its raceday or not To them its still a business for the district. So a financial club in no way has the wolf at the door just bends over and gives their asset up. I'm sure track donor's / financial backers / farmers would turn in there graves if that happens because its safeguarded in their constitutions as to what the track donor's / financial backers / farmers desire to happen Take your arguement further RITA want Stratford to go to New Plymouth. NPly Council land lease, at present the Club is in limbo with the Council as an annomally in the legal process of lessee ownership. It has been suggested by members of the NP council that the Racing Cub get the lease back for 10 yrs at the previous rent and the pay market rent after that for the privelege of racing there. A rough estimate woud be around $150,000 -$160000 a yr. How long would the club up there last. Im sure the track donor's / financial backers / farmers would turn in there graves if SRC just roll over and went to NP
  9. Whyisit

    Racing Bill Submissions

    That’s there so that Nztr can keep their hands clean of it. They want one Club and their trainer committees to close down (clubs talk between themselves) fellow trainers of another club. With Winnie wielding the axe for the final say. And for what. Less horses being trained . No gain at all .
  10. Whyisit

    Racing Bill Submissions

    Nice to see you can’t read what I said. lol
  11. Whyisit

    Racing Bill Submissions

    You conveniently leave out the contribution the Stratford Racing Club MAKES TO TO THE WHOLE INDUSTRY BY training eighty plus horses . one trainer I believe has 50 horses on her books . Now tell me TRIPLE ALLIANCE how are you going to quantify and qualify compensation for that trainer if Stratford has to close completely. its no fault of hers or the Stratford Racing Club this is going to happen.
  12. Whyisit

    NZTR Submission on Racing Industry Bill

    Talking of Dr Murray Blue he would have been more chuffed if the submission was held tomorrow.Really a stalwart of retaining the Stratford Racing Club’s racecourse . Finally got a win today after 113 starts since his last win it would be a shame if they sold the course from under him he would be gutted seeing he has got his mojo back as to how to train a winner.
  13. Whyisit

    ORANMORE remembered

    Have NZTR got their finger in the pie to recoup what they have spent there in the past ??
  14. Whyisit

    Is this NZTR’s view of the Racing Amendment Bill

    The racing industry has provided stakes funding (of varying types and levels), meeting funding, venue funding, infrastructure grants, race meeting compliance funding and club compliance funding to clubs to enable them to hold race meetings and meet compliance obligations. Clubs have, therefore, benefitted significantly from the financial support provided to them by the racing industry over many years. In addition, Clubs have relied on the support of the industry for their meetings (i.e. the industry has “come to town”). Without the Codes’ financial support and the industry’s support, their meetings could not have proceeded. It really pisses me off when Nztr continue with this garbage.. FFS. They are talking of supporting Clubs like Woodville 4 or 5 racedays a year Stratford 1 raceday a year (used to) .and other clubs .due for the axe. The truth is that in reality Woodville Stratford and many of the other clubs support the code with horses they train for 365 days they share their hard work with all the clubs so are entitled to the so called funding listed above. Nztr’s 4 or 5 days work against 365 days work. Not hard to see the anomaly.
  15. Whyisit

    Splitting Races

    I think it would have to be about bulk funding . You couldn’t foresee the year ahead to fund each days Racing if 40 or 50 meetings decided to run extra races whether it two or three division races or just extra races.