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  1. https://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/114013804/new-plymouth-racetrack-waiting-on-governments-horseracing-decision
  2. Whyisit

    How y’all looking now

    If you close down the feeder clubs you won’t get the 25 horse fields you dream of Berri.
  3. Whyisit

    How y’all looking now

    Would be boring on course. Can’t see much straight six trentham head on until they get 3-400 out
  4. Whyisit

    My radical plan to fix NZ racing

    How come those in the hospitality rort are a protected species in your plan
  5. https://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/112521224/future-of-racecourse-lease-put-on-hold-at-new-plymouth-council-meeting
  6. Whyisit

    Big news right here

    I look at it like this 20 little country tracks closed ,average 10 trainers each , 80% will give up training not wanting to relocate although having the same dedication and nous as Kevin . so that leaves 160 trainers less opposition looking at it in a business sense . As I said Racing will soon become for the rich
  7. Whyisit

    Big news right here

    Of course he’s just looking after himself Racing will become only for the rich.
  8. Whyisit

    The cream rises to the top

    The ones quoted in the Messarra report.
  9. Whyisit

    The cream rises to the top

    And made a lot easier for the big boys training horses by closing down the country tracks per say .
  10. Whyisit

    Boys get Paid

    It wouldn’t be out of line the clubs charge for the facility for the BGP . I’m presuming clubs willingly give facilities for the BGP patrons in return for their turnover patronage.
  11. Whyisit

    Venues 2019/20

    Frankie It’s going to be passed by government that the NZTR can own the clubs assets via changes to the clubs constitution.
  12. Whyisit

    Venues 2019/20

    With the latter comment in mind (already mooted aka messara report) What does John think will happen to the 15 trainers that will have their training facility taken off them. Also what has he been told about relocation / compensation costs towards those trainers . Or is it we are going to take your land stiff cheese Stratford trainers .
  13. Whyisit

    The Cattle Prodder

    Gee Leigh your old stamping ground Your old boss must of must have mentioned it to you . I think it was one of those dual code trainers that trained out of Stratford .(deceased now).
  14. Whyisit


    It’s just the shortcut in your browser that’s doing it. Renew that shortcut by deleting it and renew it from the new website .Problem will be solved.