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  1. look on the bright side The money will be going to prop up all the clubs in NZ yeah right
  2. The roles should be reversed
  3. Positive he was on it at some stage remember him asking the country clubs if they would just have a Raceday without any TAB.
  4. Why didn’t they date it the 7th September Directivre Was a joke though Allan Sharrock legging up the jockey Allan had no mask on . watched only the one race . race two .
  5. No need to stand being corrected Shane.The directive is dated the 20th September 2020 on the download link. The rest is bullshit to suit the situation for those two clubs the day after the races.
  6. I’m being flippant as I said. You can’t compare times between courses only idiots do to back up assertions. In your opening post your bitch was the course manager does it regularly if you feel that serious about that take it to the Racing Integrity Unit course you would have give your name along with your allegations .I’m sure they would take you seriously because I’m not.
  7. Maybe one lot of horses were facing a stiff breeze down the back straight and riders also rode to the outside of the track. its completely stupid to compare times between tracks I could argue like you have the the Awapuni track manager got it wrong in calling it a heavy 11 in the times you have shown in comparison to Egmont times . Your assertion was they deliberately falsify the readings which in my view they don’t.
  8. Please name the instances instead of generalising to back up your assertions. Remember stipes ask jockeys for their opinions as to the state of the track and go by what they say. So you have 3 parties the track managers ,stipes and jockeys deciding on the state of the track, Track managers advise at 7 am. Jockeys and stipes after the 1st race at 11am You quote 18 mls overnight which may have fallen in the hour prior to 7am not necessarily the night before ,readings at 7 am may have read a 8 or 9 and the extra 1.5mls could push into the 10 category.
  9. https://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/300061807/racecourse-survey-51pc-of-respondents-want-new-plymouth-racing-clubs-lease-ended
  10. One does feel that the beliefs he had then still apply regardless what the new act says. Maybe its him that holds the upper hand and NZTR are going to have to take the club to court to prove otherwise. Its a catch 22 for NZTR whether to have a go in court. They can't do anything with the Club as they have no racedays to take away from them. They have removed them already for the last two years so all they can do is aquire the assets. Lose that battle they all should do a Todd Muller. Maybe leaving Stratford alone to their own designs maybe the best in the long run ,there's no harm
  11. I couldn’t see where they intend to hold race meetings per say in their press release. I think it will be more retrenching into a training facility like Bryely Park .Properly handled It still could be an asset to both the community and racing.. I do think that NZTR have handled things wrong.
  12. https://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/122086115/stratford-horse-racing-club-breaks-away-from-national-body-to-try-save-land-from-sale
  13. I’m thinking along those lines to Huey .It was clear in the submissions to the select committees and their reactions as things went along. The MPs who supported the bill in the final stage through parliament were adamant that If things hadn’t been changed it would have been a no from them. I think there is an inclusion In the bill that if a club wishes to take the matter to court the governing body fronts up with the lawyers.
  14. Looks as if it get passed into law in Parliment today it’s final reading.