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  1. Please name the instances instead of generalising to back up your assertions. Remember stipes ask jockeys for their opinions as to the state of the track and go by what they say. So you have 3 parties the track managers ,stipes and jockeys deciding on the state of the track, Track managers advise at 7 am. Jockeys and stipes after the 1st race at 11am You quote 18 mls overnight which may have fallen in the hour prior to 7am not necessarily the night before ,readings at 7 am may have read a 8 or 9 and the extra 1.5mls could push into the 10 category.
  2. https://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/300061807/racecourse-survey-51pc-of-respondents-want-new-plymouth-racing-clubs-lease-ended
  3. One does feel that the beliefs he had then still apply regardless what the new act says. Maybe its him that holds the upper hand and NZTR are going to have to take the club to court to prove otherwise. Its a catch 22 for NZTR whether to have a go in court. They can't do anything with the Club as they have no racedays to take away from them. They have removed them already for the last two years so all they can do is aquire the assets. Lose that battle they all should do a Todd Muller. Maybe leaving Stratford alone to their own designs maybe the best in the long run ,there's no harm done.
  4. I couldn’t see where they intend to hold race meetings per say in their press release. I think it will be more retrenching into a training facility like Bryely Park .Properly handled It still could be an asset to both the community and racing.. I do think that NZTR have handled things wrong.
  5. https://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/122086115/stratford-horse-racing-club-breaks-away-from-national-body-to-try-save-land-from-sale
  6. I’m thinking along those lines to Huey .It was clear in the submissions to the select committees and their reactions as things went along. The MPs who supported the bill in the final stage through parliament were adamant that If things hadn’t been changed it would have been a no from them. I think there is an inclusion In the bill that if a club wishes to take the matter to court the governing body fronts up with the lawyers.
  7. Looks as if it get passed into law in Parliment today it’s final reading.
  8. Winnies racing bill passed through parliament with its 2nd reading yesterday. Fully supported by all parties.
  9. From the trainers association newsletter about the racing bill Ian McKelvie, National MP and their Spokesperson for Racing sat on the Select Committee. He sent a letter out to racing enthusiasts earlier this week which encapsulates most of the changes to be made to the bill. We are very appreciative to Ian and all the Select Committee members who worked hard to get the required amendments through and keep the Bill on schedule. Following is Ian's letter: 9 June 2020 Dear Racing Enthusiast As National’s Spokesperson for Racing, I thought it was important to write to you to provide an update on proposed changes to the structure of the Racing Industry. As you will be aware, the Racing Industry Bill was introduced by the Rt. Hon. Winston Peters in December 2019 as the second stage of a restructuring the industry. It was in response to a report prepared by John Messara recommending substantial structural changes but, unfortunately, when the Bill was introduced, it bore little resemblance to the Messara recommendations. The racing industry was naturally outraged and have been critical of the Minister for allowing this to occur. In response to this, our National members on the select committee - myself, Andrew Bayly and Tim Van de Molen - having listened to the submissions and spoken to many racing people, set to work to get the Bill into a state that we believe is what the Racing community want. We have led the reform of the Bill and have succeeded in making the following changes to the Bill: TAB: We have amended the TAB board appointment arrangements to ensure all the Racing Codes and sports bodies have the ability to make specific nominations (based on merit) to sit on the TAB board and we have also built in an appropriate degree of accountability in setting the TAB’s Statement of Intent and reviewing its Business Plans. Intellectual Property (IP): We have removed the proposed transfer of the IP to the TAB (it is currently owned by the Codes), a move which was heavily supported by the industry. Racing NZ: John Messara recommended a coordinating body called Racing NZ (to represent the Codes) be established to undertake a number of roles, such as setting race meeting dates and to act as the bridge between the TAB and the Codes. The initial draft of the Bill only provided for this as an option, but the Bill now specifically incorporates this arrangement and clarifies Racing NZ’s role and responsibilities. Sale of Surplus Race tracks. There are eight clauses in particular (clauses 19 to 27 which relate to the sale of surplus racetracks) which we were very concerned about. We have succeeded in significantly altering the arrangements by adding substantial protections for provincial courses. There is now a 3 stage process: Decision to withdraw racing licence: this is a Code/TAB decision and occurs normally as a result of an unsafe track, poor facilities or inability to attract sufficient horses to meetings. At a later date the Racing Code may wish to sell the land of a Racing Club and, after negotiation with the Club, vest the proceeds back with the Code. At this juncture, if there are grounds that there is significant community interest in the use of the land then the Minister must appoint an independent reviewer to assess a number of specific factors, including how the track is used by the community, whether it will remain as a training facility, the level of financial contributions to its development by the local community, ownership interests in the land, etc. Only after this can the Minister then decide whether or not it should remain in community ownership and control. There is an appeal process to the High Court. If the race course does not meet the threshold in 2 or the Racing Club offers no resistance, the Minister must then undertake an assessment having regard for all the factors listed in 2 as well as assessing the costs of removal of the buildings; whether any payment should be made to community or other ownership interests. Again, the Minister can only then decide if the land should be sold and whether the arrangements are fair. Should a decision be taken to sell the surplus land, the Bill is clear that any sale proceeds are to be reinvested into upgrading existing or constructing new racing facilities in the same region. Again there is an appeal process to the High Court. We believe the new arrangements provide sufficient protections where there has been (and will continue to be) strong community use of a race course but the arrangements will also allow for a proper and fair settlement of unutilised race courses over time. We are very keen to ensure the industry thrives as a result of these changes and very much hope that the industry will continue to get the very best people involved in the leadership positions as a result of the Bill passing into Law. Finally, the international gaming market is extraordinarily dynamic and will need to be expertly managed by the new TAB board to ensure New Zealand racing remains relevant and has a sustainable income base to ensure its future and that of the breeding Industry. Thank you for your help and advice and we wish you all the best in the coming season. Yours sincerely Ian McKelvie MP for Rangitikei
  10. Came across this on their website . Often in the news for the wrong reasons have certainly turned the corner with the following decision. LOVE FOR OWNERS AND TRAINERS AT STRATFORD RACING CLUB Stratford Racing Club President Graeme Aldridge and Vice President Vaughan Keegan announced Wednesday morning that all track fees ,stable rental and jumpouts for locally trained horses will be free from April through until the beginning of the new season. It's primarily due to what has happened around COVID19 and the realisation that the industry is really struggling, so we really want to get behind the trainers and owners who support our club and assist them in getting their horses back to the races said Aldridge. We as a club can really feel the struggle out there and we just want to be a part of trying to assist those in the industry in getting back on their feet. We know there are only 60-80 horses trained at Stratford but they are all important participants in this industry, in getting it up and running again and we hope perhaps a lot of other clubs might follow suit in assisting their owners and trainers during this difficult time said Keegan. We've heard a few horror stories out there recently but we as a club just think its a time for compassion and recognition in showing that we really value the contribution that owners and trainers make to our club. Who knows it might be something we look at again in the future should it be required . We are all just battlers here but we are battling for the same thing and that's the future of this great industry said an animated Keegan.
  11. Maybe some have horses in their stable who’s owners are on the RITA board. Leaves them in a catch 22 position. would be nice to see some word from them on a united front.
  12. It was even quoted on radio News yesterday afternoon that a media release was to be announced that afternoon as to future racedates etc
  13. Whyisit


    I think it’s more to do with the bigger stables not being able to go to Oz. May have been a differenceif Oz was still an option to race at.
  14. Do you honestly think the trainers will go to New Plymouth They get horses in good numbers because of the lower rents and costs the club charges and in some cases they own their own stabling facilities . New Plymouth can’t handle what they have got now Surprisingly I am told the NP trainers have to gone Stratford and Hāwera to gallop their horses so their track can have a month recovery . wouldn't YOUR two million be better invested in a Bryely Park facility. . The land and tracks are already there include the stabling as well that’s what I would call a goldmine investment in racing for the future. The Club has been happy to help out the New Plymouth trainers in the hour of need. NO NEED TO CHANGE ANYTHING
  15. Get real TA racing just doesn’t rely on race days. Somebody has to produce the product to race sitting on your arse with four race days at New Plymouth doesn’t produce any horses to race.. They are investing in racing with their training and their accounts show they are doing well enough to not go down the gurgler.There are plenty of young people investing their lives training at Stratford. Most go the whole hog broodmares to racehorses.