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  1. Congrats to Mark Corcoran and his team on the Listed stakes win with his young new sire Derryn in the Castletown Stakes Not only did Derryn sire the winner he also sired the 3rd placegetter a pleasing result for the first years runners on the track.
  2. Berri Did you click on the url below which was in my posting dated 09/03/2022 1]https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zeala... Agree with your bottom paragraph.
  3. Googled this Berri From: CURTIS, Melina New Zealand Police March 11, 2022 Kia ora Sarah I am contacting you about your OIA to Police in relation to Clarke Gayford where you asked: “In May 2018 the then Commissioner of Police issued a public media statement saying that “Mr Gayford is not and has not been the subject of any police inquiry, nor has he been charged in relation to any matter.” Currently there are significant number of rumours, supposedly supported by eye witness accounts of a range of reputable people, th
  4. There can be a death in any race, any race meeting,any conditions, you willing to sign off on it ?
  5. I would say a fifty fifty call the inside horse was angling out and may have contacted Bridget's horse. interesting that Robbie Hannan rode at the jump outs so he can't of been worried to much about the track.
  6. Here I was thinking that he was the drone operator.
  7. A NZ Sports Turf Institute representative, under the guidance of NZTR Track Advisor, Todd Treweek, will inspect the New Plymouth track on Monday following Friday’s abandoned meeting. This was the third abandonment of the previous four scheduled meetings at the track. The club has been advised that NZTR will not schedule meetings at New Plymouth until such time as the track provides a safe and reliable surface. The report from Monday’s inspection will provide advice as to what is required to return the track to that state. The RIB was present on Friday mornin
  8. How did he come across with the licensing debacle that was under his umbrella to speak of. Needs to have cleaned that up well in the new rules along with a few other things. ‘if he doesn’t get that right he will be no good.
  9. It’s nice that to see Taranaki Racing has contributed to this cause and was the first to do so… taranaki racing 4 days ago frank a true battler of the racing industry. great supporter of many clubs including taranaki $200
  10. Going on what I have seen of recent communication by NZTR to trainers a hard line approach will be taken including involving the police to Covid rule breakers. So I would assume that police would have been involved on the day and maybe it has been left to NZTR to to deal with the alleged case. I notice she has been charged with a serious racing offence so that would presumably carry a disqualification and /or heavy fines. Two cases heard by RIB recently have resulted in 2-3 thousand dollar fines but this is much more serious.
  11. Mrs Keegan has tried, so see where that gets her. April last year (May below refers to the year before) More than 400 New Zealanders have been convicted of breaching coronavirus restrictions, with one in five of them sentenced to prison terms. New Zealand passed new laws in May last year that gave the Ministry of Health special powers and provided a legal framework for closing businesses, enforcing lockdowns or creating stay-at-home orders during the pandemic. Over the past year, thousands of New Zealanders broke those rules – with more than 7,500 breaches re
  12. You put the mockers on the day Chris. You can have the afternoon off now.
  13. No rules No racing face up to it man
  14. Trying to circumvent the rules is not a good idea . I heard the person had to spend the day in her truck till the horses went home..