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  1. LOL, You have to be kidding!!!!! We need someone with wisdom and experience and an ability to plan and implement a a future that the Board and new Chairman can orchestrate and design. Someone that understands the requirements of the industry that is in need of great foresight and direction. The incumbent came from a really good industry experience in the VRC, with premium resources available, but missed the cut. NZTR doesn’t have those resources, so they have to be innovative, resourceful, and vastly experienced to understand the magnitude and challenges confronting the local re
  2. I have to laugh at this note., Peter Keating, Bloodstock Manager at Ra Ora at the time, said to me when I said I was sending a mare to to the first season sire in Defensive Play, he said “a big rolly horse, a handicapper” you will get a broodmare stallion. Well he was right, dam sire of a stakes winner for us, here in NZ and the the US, but alas did not produce the stake winner we wanted Pete is happy and well on the Gold Coast enjoying life, how right he was. John
  3. Stand Tall rider gets an 8 day holiday! Bangs four hours off stride as they are balancing for runs home. Wins 3/4 of a length to an affected horse at the turn, and the punter has to understand that rationale? Spare me? John
  4. If I may 6xes, I am an eligible commentator as a registered Maori. The 3 Waters scenario is total deception and also total undermining of democracy in NZ as we know it. Having read the 3 Waters proposal, boring as, when presented to Councils, it asked for input. That was pure lip service. Ms Mahuta had an agenda, and after gaining the support of Board of Local Council NZ representation in Wgtn, she circulated the outlining documentation. It was clearly a premeditated political manoeuvring that had an outcome before it was released. But what was the surprise to Ms Mahuta was that the major
  5. Note the add for Smith and Mac is the wrong date, PFP has the right date…….just saying
  6. Frankel still rocking along. A 2YO Group 1 winner and the Aussie trainers buying yearlings and stats for black type horses continues to rise. What a stallion! John
  7. This is a rather strange turnaround. Simple question, are vet costs on a mare aborting a foal, an expense or capital cost loss of a dead horse? Dumb stuff. Cheers John
  8. I think Roggigiani is a reasonable horse, but to chuck him in a Group 1 at the weekend was a bit reckless and hopeful. Tardis will go well tonight but to think Time Test will have a Group 1 horse in the NH is a big call. We’re getting to the pointy end of the NH season and I imagine if he can pick up a good Gr 2 winner or Gr1 placing he is going extra good. They will get better next year. I have a very athletic TT filly and looking forward to what may prevail in the Summer here, but she looks as though she has precocity as an asset.. Cheers John
  9. Interestingly, I see that Mr George has NOW approved and appointed a mentor for the 19YO. Is that not a case for the gate being closed after the horse has bolted………. John
  10. I’m not sure why this topic has been moved to the general site as the question was asked in the thoroughbred environment. My reason for choosing that site was predicated by the fact that Mr George is presently our Chairman of New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing. I am somewhat surprised that we have had such little reaction from keyboard critics as to the question asked. Perhaps there is only one supporter and one critic, for a billion dollar industry reaction is somewhat mute. Cheers John
  11. Any thoughts on the management skills of the CEO of the warriors?
  12. So what are your though Berri, is he any good?
  13. For a person who was the former head of the Racing Integrity Unit, Mr George seems deprived of said scruples and values, and perhaps has alway been from that initial appointment within the industry. John
  14. When the payer for water rates is the consumer, is not that consumer the part owner of the system. He/she is paying for the service of water supply, maintenance of the system, consumption of the volume of water, expansion of the infrastructure as required and also administration of the supply chain to deliver water to that consumer. The administrator of that infrastructure is the local council. The local councils vary in their delivery of many things, some good some not so good. The Wgtn Council not so good with water, nor is Akld. But why does Labour believe they have ANY right to takeover th