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  1. Perhaps you can reflect on what Max Abbott has been up to lately. Just saying!
  2. Liz I haven’t been on the Committee for a couple of years as I moved to the Bay Of Plenty. So not privy to current info. However, I do know that in my time there, what land was sold was at much better than values quoted in some quarters. As that info will remain confidential, it will not be disclosed. But Wobbles was talking about less than CV, strange really that he should mention that measure. As the Club created the titles for the land sold whilst I was on the Committee, therefore it didn’t have a CV per se. Hence my comment about joining the dots. It is disappointing that this platform does have a lot of information discussed at length at times, when so much of the details in discussion are far removed from being accurate. Hyperbole is always good for a bit of dramatic effect I guess. Cheers John
  3. Don’t know where you get your info Wobbles, but the dots you join are miles away from accurate! Should be a member and then you might get the real picture. cheers John
  4. Go and do a bit more research, particularly on the impact of gravity. That video is a cut and paste job on the basis of their message they want to promote. Bit like the 5G communication process for Covid 19 I suppose to some. Cheers
  5. So Nomates How did those races happen to go to Ellerslie? cheers
  6. Think you will find a different Mr Wheeler to the one you know. cheers
  7. Leggy, the problem with collaboration, is that RITA hasn’t used any. My understanding is when generating the draft of the new RACING ACT, RITA did NOT contact or collaborate with any code Chair or Board or CEO, so I guess the pot calling the kettle black needs to be heard loudly by RITA. And if they don’t know, who of the senior team should be made redundant, then they should ask their customers, I am pretty confident those to go would be obvious soon enough.
  8. Bullbars being offered on the Inglis digital site for unreserved sale. Beautiful pedigree and great type but they need speed in the mares and take a wee bit of time. Can understand Highview taking that option. Shame for the loss of the blood. John
  9. Nil work for most of the senior salaried execs in Petone, were they made redundant Dean? Perhaps the $585 per week may have helped.....
  10. Well I think Glen Larmer is an amateur twot...................he does not initiate original questions, he plays buddy buddy with every person he interviews and in some cases they have never heard of him. He is a basic plonker who needs to understand what good radio journalism really is. My basis of this is that I was forced to listen to him every morning in a rehab gym for months about four years ago, maybe the years have improved him, but with his IQ I doubt that very much.
  11. Oh Dear, what a result this evening..........something wrong?
  12. Disagree P4P. I think he thought he had that substance, clearly not. The DIA ran him over and minced him and the others on the RITA board capitulated to their beliefs as they (the DIA) have believed that they have had control of gaming and gambling in NZ for decades. That’s the reality of it and plenty of submissions against the draft act recognised the DIA process of setting things up for themselves. Mind you, most of us were “boomers” with some wisdom of experience of bureaucracy at work, recognised what was trying to be generated. The ACT will be changed, hopefully to a position that is agreeable to most, but we need to keep the Welly bureaucracy away from the control aspect as they have wasted our reserves, sold the building and implemented a salvage process that was unthought of 10 years ago. Keep Safe Cheers John
  13. The times, they are a changing. Besides showing my age with that opening, I am really disappointed to see that the investment value of the industry is rapidly disappearing in broodmares. Times we live in require delivery in an instant. If you do not have a black type delivery broodmare, then you are going to be under the pump. She has to be a stakes horse herself for a potential ROI on her first three foals, if she is a half to a stakes winner, then you are struggling to warrant the investment of a suitable stallion mating. Anything else as a base criteria means your broodmare has tangible emotional meaning to you, and you have some other means to make it sustainable, or you live in hope that what you have in the paddock is superior to anything else she has produced. The proposition is still the same as years gone by, is what we put in over capitalising the mare?.....................(This is in no way a shot at the real capital investors, the stallion owners, who know the odds before they start the purchase process) cheers to all............ John
  14. Nor far from the right move Berri. Anyone from overseas is a potential carrier. The Prof from Otago was right, test everyone arriving, if showing signs quarantine them, if not self isolate, 14 days reveals the truth. Not a big hardship if you think you are constructively helping your country. Quarantine people get determined and rated and treated if required. Anyone who flaunts the rules, put them in isolation for a week and their views will change. The longest period suffered would be six weeks and then we are back on track with confidence and can then address our industry issues..............LOL