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  1. John Clydesdale

    Name for my horse please.

  2. John Clydesdale

    What’s the go with Riverton

    ARC leased the land they did not need, after displacing the NZTBA and the leaseholders had to pay the ARC MORE THAN $40Mfor that privilege. P4P, what happened to the balance? If the event centre had not continued to turn a profit the ARC would be broke, outside of the lease return. Cheers John
  3. Totally correct. Huey is using post racing history to judge a race. Winx????? cheers John
  4. John Clydesdale

    stallion for 2019

    The Lion confirmed Berri. Outstanding opportunity from a branch of the Sadlers Wells line that works everywhere. Well done Cambridge Stud. Cheers John
  5. John Clydesdale

    The Informant Chutneyed

    So who are Barfoot and Thompson WD. They have a real connect with racing, Yeah right. Look at Awapuni last weekend Outside of the Oaks Stud, none of the others have an obvious connect with racing. In fact Ricoh has to be one of the tightest international companies on the planet and they sponsored a race. If you want to wallow in your own pity, do so elsewhere. cheers John PS. The Informant is a real loss, but at the orchestration of another tosser under a previous regime called Martin something. he is now a consultant to.......yep the RB, but he was the guy who paid overs to get the Best Bets masthead from News Media and shut down any support for the Informant from that day forward. The dollars he paid are in the balance sheet of that year and were a ludicrous amount for a failed publication. Perhaps Winston could ask Shane “the man” Jones for some Provincial Growth Fund support to underwrite the Informant until the new Racing Act is passed through Parliament!
  6. Thanks Naz, puts a few races into perspective when thinking about stallion selections. cheers John
  7. John Clydesdale

    We just saw the Australian Guineas winner......

    Outstanding win, patience of the rider, then the thrust that proved too compelling.
  8. John Clydesdale

    Capital Gains Tax

    P4P - I don’t think Mr Notts quite has a grip on things taxable, but I would suggest that Mr Cullen thinks that if you gain you pay, but if you don’t gain, you also don’t get to claim. That’s all fair as far as he is concerned.......It will have as much chance to get off the ground as a walrus.
  9. John Clydesdale

    TAB at their best again?

    Sorry to say Peter, the Racing Board did the job two years ago.
  10. John Clydesdale

    Any Thoughts On Super easy

    I have a 2YO filly bred on the same cross as Lisdoonvarna that I would like to sell. She has been broken and has spelled for a few months to grow. Any interested parties can respond on 21 939 119 Cheers John
  11. John Clydesdale

    Ellerslie - Premier race-day experience?

    Sat at home, watched great fields competing and made a small positive amount. Observations; Track has improved considerably, new CEO has some clues as the presentation of all aspects of the club which has improved enormously over the previous 2 CEO’s, a bit of style and an invitation to become part of it. Great benefit from the investment in the track surface, and will only be better next year. First time I have seen in years that the Railway has been a “true quality Gr 1 race”. Winner was the best horse, ridden well and got the “air” at the right time. Second and third can win a group one any tick of the clock, great race to enjoy watching from afar. Very strong form from a number of winners will evolve from the race day. Well done Ellerslie.
  12. John Clydesdale

    Great R T R first day.

    Red Rum Do even own a horse?
  13. John Clydesdale

    The Shark Bites

    Not wanting to undermine todays performance in any way, but the time is a reflection of the competition involved. I was in Melbourne last week and I think Shillelaghs run on Derby day was 2 seconds faster than today. How may lengths that translates to over a mile is significant. But he should go there for sure to test himself, if he can run 1.33 and change, he will be a real chance in the Donny. He may just be able to do that, but that’s lengths faster than he ran today.
  14. John Clydesdale

    Messara Racing Review Full Report and 17 Key points

    Don’t get over excited there PFP, there is no legal precedent where an incorporated society with a defined constitution (club) that describes what is to be concluded should liquidation of that Society (club) [if it happens] occur. The actual outcome is defined in the constitution of the club, it does not automatically transfer or delivers the proceeds of that sale to a leasing licence provider. Put simply, you own your mobile phone, if you sell it, do you give the proceeds to Vodafone, Spark, 2 Degrees or whichever provider you use. Of course not. As far as I am aware, the sitting Govt would have the devils own job of trying to take ownership of the any land and then selling it to gain the proceeds. That is according to NZRB’s own lawyers report, Bell Gully, completed some years ago. Your mate Stiassny explored that possibility and was advised to go no further. NZTR tried a manoeuvre a couple of years back with clubs to change their constitutions to gain this same outcome, I am not sure what the success rate was for NZTR, but poor outlook for the clubs that did accept that constitutional amendment. There will be a protracted outcome to some of the reduction of courses, in saying that I believe we have to accept the report for what it is, reality....................... I hope there is someone to be appointed who can manage the plan and gain the outcome desired.
  15. John Clydesdale

    Messara Racing Review Full Report and 17 Key points

    Hedley, the costs of operation of the Racing Board have tipped the industry into the position it now finds itself. I believe the Messara Report needs to be implemented in the most part, but there will be flexibility along the way to get the desired outcome. However, when you hear John Allen stating that a consideration of using an offshore supplier for betting is worthy of consideration (on National radio news at 11am) you have complete confirmation that the Govt employee he was and will always be, has absolutely no idea what he is doing. He wouldn’t be able to empty his boot appropriately at the local recycling centre. The industry has to adopt change to move forward, the assumptions of the report will be put to the test, as they should, but, and it is a huge but, we have to accept the inevitable, change is required. Clubs need to merge, but the tier system will work, as it does around the world. Get on with it.