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  1. Early days in the North, but this fella is hitting his straps earlier than his sire and grand sire. Could be a bit special.
  2. Prove me wrong, has there EVER been a mare that has won 11 group one races in the last 50 years? None that I can think of. Cheers
  3. Will there ever be a race that starts on time at Riccarton? There hasn’t been one in the last 15 years to my knowledge? Someone may have the record of time lag that impacts on the starters watch at the course. cheers
  4. Leave it out Scooby, she never had big teams. Showing your youthful age now.
  5. I have a friend who raced a lot of horses and he had a contract that the trainers had to sign to get the horse. I have a few in training, the charges vary significantly, daily rates versus daily rates vary enormously. Often by location. Use of vets vary significantly as well. But all can be judged on performance verses cost. But paramount to me is honesty, if it is a slow horse, move on. No trainer can inject a motor, just expertise. Taken decades to get to this point. Best of luck to all John
  6. Tasie Man, you are clearly not a member, otherwise you would know the realities of what you state above. Which is clearly your opinion through someone else’s eyes, slanted to the extreme. The Court provided an opinion against Mr Middledorp at great expense to the club. I was on the Committee at the time of VM joining the Committee and I cannot recall positive contributions he made to improve the Club’s status and performance. VM had his opinion, as is his right, but he did not want to respect any contrary views, that is my humble opinion. But coming to your other point. If the club
  7. Gubes is correct. I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ron on the National body of the Thoroughbred Breeders Association. He was the instigator of the FAMIS (Fillies and Mares Incentive Scheme) incentive scheme which was the first of it’s kind in the Southern Hemisphere. It has now matured into the Pearl Series and equally positive scheme for breeders of fillies. Ron was a great asset to breeders advancements in a number of areas and maintained a fair and balanced approach to improving the opportunities for breeders to invest in the industry. A good man. May he Rest I
  8. Perhaps you can reflect on what Max Abbott has been up to lately. Just saying!
  9. Liz I haven’t been on the Committee for a couple of years as I moved to the Bay Of Plenty. So not privy to current info. However, I do know that in my time there, what land was sold was at much better than values quoted in some quarters. As that info will remain confidential, it will not be disclosed. But Wobbles was talking about less than CV, strange really that he should mention that measure. As the Club created the titles for the land sold whilst I was on the Committee, therefore it didn’t have a CV per se. Hence my comment about joining the dots. It is disappointing that this pl
  10. Don’t know where you get your info Wobbles, but the dots you join are miles away from accurate! Should be a member and then you might get the real picture. cheers John
  11. Go and do a bit more research, particularly on the impact of gravity. That video is a cut and paste job on the basis of their message they want to promote. Bit like the 5G communication process for Covid 19 I suppose to some. Cheers
  12. So Nomates How did those races happen to go to Ellerslie? cheers
  13. Think you will find a different Mr Wheeler to the one you know. cheers