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  1. Surely this subject has to go to the tenancy tribunal. The nature of whether it is horses or people changes nothing in relation to how a lease is applied. I would has at a guess there are more personal challenges involved here, again which could be resolved legally through a tenancy tribunal as it is a commercial tenancy. Years of acceptance is an informal contract, and clearly Mr Vile needs some good legal advice.
  2. Clearly an Avondale trained mare, also not a big filly either, but tough enough. Cheers John
  3. All expenses, not a token amount, should be reimbursed by NZTR promptly. They have a full responsibility to present a safe track to race on, they have failed to meet a suitable standard to meet that criteria. Therefore, like any normal business, the costs have to be meet by those who have incurred losses to fulfil the commitment made by acceptances confirmed by NZTR. Whomever is in charge of track management should receive a second warning on his employment record as a result of this debacle. John
  4. Clearly there is no need for the Members Council at NZTR any longer!!!
  5. But Leggy, the costs to the trainers, jocks and owners doesn’t diminish does it? Owners get 19 cents in the dollar return on their investments. Punters, if they bet well, get 86 cents in the dollar. Who wins in that scenario? Work it out. John
  6. Good to see a stallion born and raced in NZ delivering a good 2YO performer in Sydney, albeit a restricted race. I was on track when he streeted the 3YO’s in the 2000 Guineas by a margin on hard track, as impressive as you could get, but as a stallion he ended up at Newhaven in the Hunter Valley, a stud renowned for appreciating NZ talent. Hope the 2YO goes to the Slipper, even to show we can breed stallions that can deliver some early speed in the cauldron of Australian precocity. Cheers John
  7. How pathetic is it that we cannot have an accurate time for a time honoured Group 1!! Not recorded by hand, but electronically. Reminds me of a three legged sack race at the Christmas Party for Mums and daughters……………..
  8. Not having seen the document, I can’t comment on its contents. However, would it not be in the best interests of NZTR to ask the Owners, via some very basic research platforms available, “what they would like to see improved within the industry”. They, the owners, fund the breaking and training aspects of the horse. NZTR are woeful on so many fronts that they should look at themselves before consulting the wider industry about other aspects that require addressing. An independent audit of NZTR would have to be interesting reading for all participants in the industry. Cheers Joh
  9. He did it Stodge. Be interesting to see what happens next season, as there will be quite a few more in the Southern Hemisphere representing him.
  10. I was at Flemington the day ran like a drunken sailor and won the straight six. A big strong unit that won on raw talent, but then they didn’t quite know how much talent he had. The Brits found that out later. Really well trained and managed by Paul Perry and set a platform for other trainers to travel to Britain. A pioneer that set a path for international sprint competition. A gold medal standard. John
  11. LOL, You have to be kidding!!!!! We need someone with wisdom and experience and an ability to plan and implement a a future that the Board and new Chairman can orchestrate and design. Someone that understands the requirements of the industry that is in need of great foresight and direction. The incumbent came from a really good industry experience in the VRC, with premium resources available, but missed the cut. NZTR doesn’t have those resources, so they have to be innovative, resourceful, and vastly experienced to understand the magnitude and challenges confronting the local re
  12. I have to laugh at this note., Peter Keating, Bloodstock Manager at Ra Ora at the time, said to me when I said I was sending a mare to to the first season sire in Defensive Play, he said “a big rolly horse, a handicapper” you will get a broodmare stallion. Well he was right, dam sire of a stakes winner for us, here in NZ and the the US, but alas did not produce the stake winner we wanted Pete is happy and well on the Gold Coast enjoying life, how right he was. John
  13. Stand Tall rider gets an 8 day holiday! Bangs four hours off stride as they are balancing for runs home. Wins 3/4 of a length to an affected horse at the turn, and the punter has to understand that rationale? Spare me? John
  14. If I may 6xes, I am an eligible commentator as a registered Maori. The 3 Waters scenario is total deception and also total undermining of democracy in NZ as we know it. Having read the 3 Waters proposal, boring as, when presented to Councils, it asked for input. That was pure lip service. Ms Mahuta had an agenda, and after gaining the support of Board of Local Council NZ representation in Wgtn, she circulated the outlining documentation. It was clearly a premeditated political manoeuvring that had an outcome before it was released. But what was the surprise to Ms Mahuta was that the major