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  1. what a post

    Aquamans fekitoa thread

    False story,what are you referring to. Ive always thought its you who have chosen to be judge and jury,,shutting down some debate over topics being discussed in the media,while allowing others to be continued. Remember the mike breslin persecution you allowed because you said it was true. You are very selective.,and inconsistent. Ive always thought it may be because of legal reasons,but whatever. You referring to lynch mob is ridiculous. Don't worry about banning me. I'll give myself a permanent holiday.
  2. what a post

    Clean Up Your Act says Winnie

    the records are kept for the horse code. you get sent a list of horses you have/had in training every year and must advise authorities whether they are still in training,if not you must advise what they are up to. Greyhounds may be an easy target, thats even more reason to get things in order and be transparent. Everyone of those who are pushing for change on this forum want to see the sport prosper and just be comfortable they are supporting a sport where animal welfare is a major priority. Real head scratcher why those practices are not already in place and being properly policed.
  3. what a post

    Aquamans fekitoa thread

    Was watching the tv one news tonight and here they were highlighting the apparent deliberate lack of transparency by greyhound nz when it comes to record keeping. I could not help but think of the post aquaman made last month about the very same subject, where he called for just that.. Interesting to go back and read those who supported his comments and those who rubbished his comments. So here we are today listening to the news where the greyhound industry is being rubbished because your leaders have failed to do what it appears the majority of your participants want,all to deceive the public. Its shake your head and throw your hands in the air stuff. It also highlights that in some of the threads Scooby has closed down, the very same subject matter is what we are seeing on prime time tv,on radio,in newspapers and on the internet.
  4. what a post

    Joshua Dickie

    On first appearances it may have seemed so,but when you look at the sectional times on the website it shows Dickie did not really overdrive his horse much,and actually went at a consistent speed most of the way. The times show the cut throat part of the race was when D Butcher and S phelan were vying for the lead. Really it was the D butcher horse who was driven very hard,but that's racing.
  5. what a post

    christen me

    I thought the reason it was banned everywhere except America was because it is seen as a performance enhancer. Given 4 hours before the race a horse will urinate 10 to 15 litres and end up losing 5 to 10 kg, which it is believed is a major reason they run faster. As well as that it is apparently believed that fluid loss is one of the things which has a positive effect on the bleeding, at least that is what the experts say. Has something with similar effects been used in nz??? You would have to wonder . Horses performances resulting in specific symptons have occurred on raceday here previously, with literature relating to the said problems being linked to dehydration in horses. Who knows. Just guessing. You could argue why send a horse to America if there was something which they had available here.. The point I guess is some believe that horses who require drugs to race, with possible long term effects on the horses health, should not continue to race and they should be retired. Of course most use racehorses as a commodity, and unfortunately for many their days would be numbered should they no longer be able to race. That's the real world. I can see both sides of the argument.
  6. what a post


    Ah alcohol the cause of, and the solution to all life's problems. Homer simpson. No not me,. But maybe the rabbit had
  7. what a post


    If he rang a couple of weeks ago then that was before the story was exposed on mainstream media. So who do you think it may be who is out to get you? Nothing wrong with a bit of paranoia, keeps you on your toes I suppose. Trust no one,especially in- laws.
  8. what a post

    Nathan Jack Arrested

    I see harnesslink is now reporting a winner trained by Amanda Turnbull has now returned a positive. Appears to be some sort of steroid. Apparently helps a lot of things including lung function.Earlier this month another trainer was fined $4000 for the same thing although his horse was only in a trial and was scratched from that trial as a result. You win some,you lose some.
  9. what a post

    Lures and teasers

    If you all can have discussions like above and come to some sort of consensus your sport will be much stronger and united for it. I guess the key is to get all participants on board and for everyone to have an understanding of why it is necessary. Of course it would be just as important for everyone to understand that any transgressions will have severe penalties. Some may say the rules as they currently stand are sufficient, and its your governing body and the RIU turning a blind eye which is responsible for the current situation,because of their failure to enforce rules that already are on the books. They obviously need to show some leadership and need a change of attitude.
  10. what a post

    Trainers records

    Thanks for that. What I was interested in was where there had been some recent change of kennel for a dog that was racing.. That can be quite a factor with the horses, wanted to follow it a bit to see whether it applied to dogs,just looking at it from a betting point of view.
  11. what a post

    Trainers records

    I was looking on the nz greyhound website recently and was surprised it only had about 60 public trainers on their records under public trainers in nz . A few names missing on there that regularly have runners at the races. Can anyone point me too where you can find some of the missing trainers details on the official nz website. I noticed this a few weeks back when I entered the name of an up and coming trainer under the trainers search part and it did not seem to find anything. I was just interested in see how many dogs they had. Anyone know the answer?
  12. what a post

    What a night

    Your comments about top results of course applies, however that does not undermine what I said. I too think you are trying to somehow turn the matter into a personality issue, interesting tactic,however the personalities concerned are not the reason for my comments,im only looking at it from the animal welfare and level playing field point of view. You want him to congratulate the kennel on an outstanding effort? Which effort is that. The results on the track or the headlines off it. Have you ever thought the current issue may be a large part of the infighting you refer to.
  13. what a post

    What a night

    Some may think its a good look for the kennel at the centre of a major scandal to dominate results, personally I don't.
  14. what a post

    Heaven Rocks, Tim Williams, Standing Start.

    He was very well rated by Tim Williams. While he may be mentally a bit soft, personally I think and always have thought there has got to be something physically bothering him,,and that is what contributes in some way to his waywardness. If it is all down to the mental side of things like the stable says,then the stable are not doing him any favours by targeting standing starts,especially of marks. I think he is the type of horse that should only race 5 or 6 times a year,only in mobiles,only over sprints, No doubt they already know that and maybe that's what they will do.
  15. what a post

    Justin Evans

    I thought he was good