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  1. what a post


    For example.That someone can have over 1000 drives in a season ,drive 99.9% of them expertly. I will tell you another story which I think reflects another aspect of these proceedings.. Very recently I was talking to a bloke moaning about his mate being caught D.I.C. that night. He told me a story about his mate breaking up with his partner who just happened to have a local cop for a son. He was adamant that the son of this fellows ex partner had deliberately targeted his mate, knowing that he drove home from the pub drunk. It was all the cops fault. He told me everyone at the pub was upset about it.. Strange but true.
  2. what a post


    How comments like the above help your argument is beyond me.
  3. what a post


    So Does that apply to my earlier comments about harness racing in the south island being the most honest it ever has been? Does it apply to when I have commented on another forum that two of those involved are the top 2 drivers that punters have the most faith in, as far as getting results and always giving thier horses everyone opportunity to win. The problem with operatio inca is there is no context,it doesn't look at the big picture. It is unforgiving in that it can isolate actions, inaccurately reflecting the overall honesty of those involved. But that in no way excuses actions which undermine the confidence of very people you need for the industry to survive(the punter) . That's why I support what operation inca stands for.
  4. what a post


    Yes I expressed my belief the nelson race involved a driver of a hot favourite who did not try,and believe there was motive for such actions. Operation Inca has laid charges relating to that race which appear to implicate other drivers in that race of being aware of the non trying drivers actions. I'm not afraid to say it. All people like yourself want to hear is views which match your own. Correct me if i'm wrong,but are there not court cases still pending. I have pointed out in several posts that charges will change,some will proceed,some will not, Some will plead to lesser charges after discussions with the prosecution. Exactly what has happened so far. As to Nigel Mcgrath, i've never commented on him or inferred anything about him. Yet you want me to apologise for something which I haven't said??
  5. what a post


    Your right in that it appears Mcgrath has suffered an injustice. Your jumping the gun if you think this will have a domino effect for all concerned... McGrath may have been dragged into this by association, which of course is not reasonable without sufficient evidence.. As to McGrath ,I don't know anyone who thinks he was a major influence in any of this,,however I can't see anything changing people's opinions about the remaining cases at this stage. There's still a long way to go.
  6. So that's no one from my reckoning. How about you come up with some posts,so we can see who you are referring too?
  7. what a post


    I've spoken to your doctor and I asked him if you suffered from insanity. He told me No,you seem to enjoy it.
  8. I'm saying it is legitimate if used as the rules allow. My own personal take is if used for the purposes promoted by those involved then I can't see what's wrong . The debate seems to relate to whether it is being used for performance enhancement. I just haven't read enough information on that side of things to be convinced of that. I haven't researched it as much as you or others have. What I do believe is, it is not the pre race performance enhancer which gives the stables behind the product the edge. It makes no sense to intentionally make available a product to everyone which reduces your advantage over them.. I can see why authorities have suggested a 7 day rule,, as its promoted use is not for a pre race performance enhancement, so if its being used as intended then why should that upset anyone.
  9. Lots of things in the past that were seen as legitimate that no longer are. Just as there are threshold levels for some things that never were. Cobalt,levamisole, etc. Nothing new in that.
  10. what a post


    Or those within the industry could reflect on how this all came about. Reflect on how past similar behavior in previous decades has led those currently involved to believe there are no consequences. Reflect on what is right and wrong, what examples they want to set for the current crop of young people trying to make a living within the industry. Instead of directing your frustration towards authorities who enforce the rules, use that frustration to put in place an ongoing, plan ,once this is all over, to support those currently charged which would address the financial and mental health issues that all would suffer from to varying degrees. There has to be support networks established for each and everyone of those charged,. You have to have a plan b if some charges are proven. I hope once these cases have been finalized that you use your undoubted skills and focus on how you can help those involved, which I do believe is your goal. It can't be all about revenge.
  11. what a post


    Isn't that what some of us have been predicting from the start? Nothing out of the ordinary there. Still.if there is no evidence of any guilt, as you keep telling us, then those involved will no doubt continue to plead not guilty to the fresh charges.
  12. Any horse that is subject to a scratching penalty has its racing status as "stood down" until that scratching penalty expires. In all reality many of the'"5 day stand down with vets certificate supplied"' are not based on actual veterinary issues that would stand scrutiny.
  13. Addington, alexandra park, forbury and ashburton last week. Just answering your question.
  14. Too busy planning how to get the extra 4 winners to achieve 100 training wins for a season???.
  15. I view these matters through the eyes of any Punter. That is the expectation that each horse is driven with honest intentions. Simple as that. My only specific comments have related to the nelson race. I believe your comments regarding the "need to meet the future demands of integrity and customer expectation " are exactly what we need to hear from respected trainers like yourself. Like I've said earlier, i believe racing in the south island is the most honest its ever been That of course means those participating have a high level of integrity.Still those who view things differently to me appear to ignore that content of my postings. I think the south island RIU do a good job in questioning possible indiscretions. I think the criticism of the RIU is unwarranted as relates to these matters. Having said that I believe the RIU are partly to blame for the current scandal as it is there job to nip in the bud any wrongdoings before it gets to the alleged stage. I review every horses performance that runs in any race in nz and base my comments on my observations and my records and previous observations... I have never commented on any manawatu races that are involved in operation inca,.