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  1. Hastings Track Update

    Its been warm and windy in Napier all day and looks like rest of week the same.
  2. : DONT Vote Labour : Hickman /Brendon Lindsay wont

    They still have to raise money for all the promises, so existing taxes watch out. Plus Death Duties are still an existing tax but zero rated.
  3. : DONT Vote Labour : Hickman /Brendon Lindsay wont

    Think there is an undertone to comrade with the promise of collective wage agreements. Back to the good old days of Federation of Labour and strikes galore. Dont forget the Unions or whats left of them control Labour Party.
  4. I'm really afraid

    Are you sure he not stalking you on Tinder.
  5. The Lack of Vision and Values

  6. The Lack of Vision and Values

    Typical public Servant all Bullshit and Puffery, if he was any good as a Public Servant he would still be there sucking the tax payers tit. Only thing Public Servants were/are good at is wasting time on the toilet whilst they read the morning paper.
  7. Purcell on another Trip

    He has been taking the piss since he got here.
  8. Deeply Sad News

    Teq lemon and salt gives you the dries
  9. RIU V G Ville

    Another RIU fail.
  10. Race fixing allegations

    Read Godbers quote, rigorous and professional. Good Tui Billboard. YEAH RIGHT.
  11. Lucky Veitchy!

    He was told on radio yesterday by DE that it is being aimed to start Karaka Millions and if a dud has good residual value as a broodmare. The cost is $75 a week, no mention of vets bills, transport etc etc. I hope Tony can handle a failure postively, I hope it goes well for him he will talk about it alot.
  12. James Tayler

    Great concert. Perfect night. No security hassles.
  13. Purcell on Weigh In on Monday

    He wont front and if he does he will focus on the wonderful achievement he has done . Race 6 at Ellerslie stakes are up 4.2%. He is out of his depth surely someone can get rid of him.
  14. Latest figures

    Things are not going forward.
  15. Latest figures

    Is this Best Practice?