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  1. see you down at the Right Track for a cold Lion Red Thommo
  2. Richmond Tiger

    Jockeys managers ???

    yes he does ...
  3. Richmond Tiger

    Jockeys managers ???

    Darryl, why on earth did you make your username the words that you frequently use down those back alley glory walls??!!
  4. Richmond Tiger

    Jockeys managers ???

    Oh yes he did
  5. Richmond Tiger

    TAB Free Bets

    I don't see why you wouldn't to be honest. If they are happy to give you a $30 free swing of the bat in return for depositing $50 then you are missing you. As an aside, I always use the free bets for options that are paying a fair bit such as backing the draw and also the first try scorer bets
  6. Richmond Tiger

    TAB Free Bets

    Surely you can see their point here Ponderosa?? If they didn't deduct the bonus (stake) then punters would simply bet on a $1.05 shot and withdraw the stake which would effectively end such promotions. As an aside, I think the TAB targeted bonus bets are very effective and a good marketing tool from the kiwi TAB
  7. Richmond Tiger

    My only bet for today at Caulfield.......

    good on ya mate
  8. Richmond Tiger

    The only horse you need this Saturday.....

    I think the general summation we can take from this episode is that Thommo is still a loser.
  9. Richmond Tiger

    Janet and The Sultan of Brunei.......

    Im right here mate. Not sure why I would go 'surprisingly' quiet.
  10. Richmond Tiger

    The reason the TAB isn’t focusing on racing

    Im not sure if the TAB offered a tie as a betting option but, assuming they did, then they have no obligation whatsoever to offer a refund.
  11. Richmond Tiger

    Janet and The Sultan of Brunei.......

    Welcome back Chris. What I think is rather amusing is that you apparently 'validate' your story by saying it was confirmed by the voicemail from your Mother. On what basis does that add any more veracity to your initial story ?!
  12. Richmond Tiger

    This could really be huge....
  13. Richmond Tiger

    Angriest Man In Aucklands Viaduct.

    The writer of the article should have sought comment from that parasite, Thommo.....a real life account of being on the wrong side of Molloy!
  14. Richmond Tiger

    Betting rules for owners

    actually, ive just realised what you meant. You are going to invest but want to lay them as a hedge against the woeful cost/benefit ratio
  15. Richmond Tiger

    Betting rules for owners

    If you didn't invest in the horses, wouldnt you back them instead ? (as a hedge) . If you laid them, and they won, you are out of the money (times 2)