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Standing starts

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On 6/10/2024 at 4:37 PM, Iraklis said:

So where do the Starters get their trainin? and maybe it's time they were held accountable for their bad stand start efforts....


Cheers Iraklis


4 hours ago, Iraklis said:

Well if that's so FF, then why so many amatuerish stand start displays? it's summit that clearly needs tidyin up by HRNZ, cos the way things are it's not fit for purpose! Starters are either in control as per their licence criteria, or there needs to be real accountability applied in the form of a fine etc...


Cheers Iraklis

You are right my old mate. Starters must face penalties. I don't think fines are the way to because one of their mates will put a sling on for them. Perhaps, fine them if it minor first offence. But rough starts where horses are rearing, backing away, facing the wrong direction and the field is let go. No way Iraklis mate. This starter should be suspended for a month, no pay. If he keeps stuffing up, six months, sack him. You are on the money I give you the tip, mate. Starts are a shambles and it has to be fixed pronto.

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21 hours ago, unhinged said:

The main thing starters are judged on is starts on time, if they are outside a minute they are bumped off Australia TV so they have very little time to get it right. 

I didn't know that but can't see a lot of difference between false start from the mobile (which seems to happen a lot more than it should) and horses holding up the standing start.

If the trainer can't get the horse to stand - keep it in mobile start races.

It would be great if you could ask John Dunn and how he always times it right.

I am not accusing any skulduggery but the starter is close mates with several drivers and it is human nature to make sure your friends are ok first  

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