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    The Mile High Club

    All races this week over 1609 at Alexandra Park. Programme for 13th September the same! What reason??? Surely they not trying to steal the Jewels off Cambridge by proving such programmes viable at Auckland? Will it be a regular (monthly) feature?
  2. is the IRB really serious. If the Aussies beat the AB's Saturday then they can claim to be a better team. It's nothing to do with England, Wales, or Timbuktoo! This is what we pay the Press for: (in this instance the NZ Herald) A world rankings shake up could be on the cards in men's international rugby this weekend, and the All Blacks could face the biggest drop. Currently sitting atop the rankings, where they have been since late 2009, a loss to the Wallabies at Eden Park on Saturday night would see an end to their reign at the top. If the All Blacks lose, they'll fall to fourth in the world while a loss by 16 points or more will see them plummet to sixth. Both would be an all time low ranking for the national side, who have only ever fallen as low as third on the world rankings. However, should they lose and Wales beat England on Sunday morning (NZ time), or England win by 16 points or more, the All Blacks would only drop to third. If the Wallabies were able to end their 33-year drought at Eden Park, either Ireland, England or Wales would move to the top of the rankings. In that situation, a win over England by any margin would lift Wales to the top of the rankings for the first time in the union's history, while a 16-point win over Wales would give England their second reign at the top of the heap. Should the two sides draw, Ireland would take the top spot. Should the All Blacks beat the wallabies, Wales and England could still take over at the top. If the All Blacks win and Wales win by any margin, Wales will dethrone the New Zealand side. If the All Blacks win by any margin and England win by 16 points or more, England will dethrone the All Blacks.
  3. eljay

    Yep - picked that up too ...

    Not according to the stipes report I seen
  4. eljay


    Further deferred - is it surprising? Hell no! What do they charge? $200 plus an hour? Any kid that says he wants to be a fireman or an astronaut when he grows up is a misguided fool - law is the big word these days!!
  5. eljay


    It's not a joke - jokes are funny This is simply pathetic.
  6. eljay

    McGrath charges ....

    So onward - to December!!!!
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    We are a nation of bum sitters
  8. eljay

    TAB machines

    Another story from last Friday. Client went to manual seller but was told his TAB account was invalid as the old dilapidated machines wouldn't accept it. They tried another machine with same result. After a couple of swear words (p.s. I don't have a TAB account ) he went to the TAB - Alex Park where a TAB is on course - and their machine accepted his account immediately. Simple answer I suppose, don't open a TAB account and don't bet in excess of a dollar each way
  9. eljay

    TAB machines

    This story is actually true. Punter a week before new petty cash regulations were introduced collected roughly 2 thou and got a betting voucher. Didn't use it till last Friday when he was told it was over 1 thou and couldn't be used without the mandatory passport, rates notice or whatever. His bet was around 40 to 50 dollars. Apart from the fact the money had been collected before the new Winston regulations and the bet only pensioner size anyway he was refused. TAB, you are going the right way to losing an army of punters - so after a year don't bleat that profits have once again nosedived.
  10. eljay

    TAB machines

    Do the operators of TAB "real" machines have a union? Seems like the TAB are replacing most of the operators on course with machines and dispensing with the operator. Not a good look making people lose their jobs to a machine that cannot converse with the client. Is an operators strike loosing on course race day?
  11. eljay

    Jacinda Ardern

    And the stupid thing is people believed they would be!
  12. eljay

    members of Parliament thick as pig S..T

    Saw a great comedy on tele last night - was called "Repeat of Question Time"
  13. eljay

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    I imagine would be too costly for a $10,000 race
  14. eljay

    Would it be fair

    You gotta be a nice guy and you will benefit
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    Wrong Jan - Not official timekeeper at Puke. Long retired. Just unofficial critic and coffee taster. So my Beanie stays!!
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    and Trev Vince
  17. eljay


    Just wondering out loud. Looking at the "cases" that are the main subjects for the JCA on race night appear to be Horses Breaking and Whip Strikes. Even an old bugger like me could work these out and they are covered in the rules anyway, so why do we need 2 (no doubt) highly paid personnel in attendance on race day/night? Most of the cases where drivers/trainers etc. give evidence are usually on non race days or at a subsequent race meeting. Can the industry afford the money for these committees when the stipes could adjudicate on matters like those mentioned above and then, if anyone wanted to dispute the stipes findings or penalties etc. then this could be heard on a day during the following week (like for example league's judiciary system) Surely it is a complete waste of money where the only case heard is one of a driver using the whip for 11 strikes! Where income is falling dramatically, you would hope the board is looking at ways to cut costs.
  18. eljay

    Inter Dominions 2019

    3 pacing and 2 trotting heats per night I am told. They hoping for big influx from Aussie with the other cup carnivals being at roughly the same time. Noms close end Sept
  19. eljay

    Inter Dominions 2019

    Has anyone seen a schedule of heats that will be run. i.e. will there be 2 3 or 4 qualifying heats on each of the 3 nights of heats? And the big question may be will there be sufficient "suitable" horses to fill the heats. We really don't want northern maiden/1 winners being entered just to go round for the also ran stakes do we? It is no secret that the northern ranks are very thin and with no doubt the All Stars being dominant again in the bigger races would almost seem many south island owners/trainers will opt to stay home rather than make the costly trek north just to make up the numbers. Of course we want to see the best racing up here but will they get the numbers - we don't want to see three heats per night with only 7 0r 8 starters in each!
  20. eljay


    If it's ok for Doug Gale it's good enuf for Tim Vince. Has Doug got a suit - or will he resurrect his black singlet?
  21. eljay


  22. Looks like Juniors needed urgently in the North. By my count, (and I could be wrong of course) only 10 licensed if a race is programmed in the near future Race at Cambridge only 8 acceptors so they squeak by!
  23. eljay

    Junior Drivers Urgently Required

    I see Sheridan Rapley has her Junior's License - total on list this morning 12 in the North.
  24. eljay

    Junior Drivers Urgently Required

    Surprised a bit that Kim back already summer/winter and all that but that good news for juniors ranks. Nicky - make sure the barn door is securely locked at all times - don't want to loose both of them
  25. eljay

    Junior Drivers Urgently Required

    Blue - once you introduce concessions maths will always be a component!