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    Firstly, if the gallops do "it" that don't make it right. Secondly, last time I looked the gallops ran all their races with little boys & girls sitting on their backs so does that mean gallops is "strange looking" ??
  2. eljay

    all trotting probs solved

    The old story - if you don't like it you don't have to bet on it
  3. eljay

    Glen Jackson

    Referees assoc was horrified when Jackson was not selected to adjudicate at the world cup. After watching the game last night I have to agree that his expertise falls far short of what is required for such a tournament.
  4. eljay

    Glen Jackson

    Sorry guys - in wrong room
  5. eljay

    UMC still at it

    Not against the best of the best either, but hey, all you can do is to win against whatever is put up against you.
  6. eljay

    Can the Auckland Trotting Club survive?

    Racing cannot move out of Auckland - if Alexandra Park goes, then harness goes simple as that. Well, that is how I see it. Just picture - a new "facility is built somewhere in the sticks, so what use would the Pokies be or the TAB be, or the dining/conference facilities be. Move to an area of next to no population and that would be curtains for the activities that presently prop up the club, and race night attendance No use selling Pukekohe as the monies obtained would be needed to replace that facility (training tracks, barns etc.) so sfa probably left over to service present woes. Some members will remember the "disaster" when the club sold very valuable land to the government and to this day the land lies vacant and only used for parking at the showgrounds next door. The club here were lucky the government allowed them use of the land until the new school was built. Oh yes, the money "they" obtained from this earlier sale has been well & truly spent so again is of no use to the present dilemma. Oh well, once again I will be said to be "negative" but anyone who says this first sort out the facts from the dreams. The first priority (again in my opinion only) is that the board must ensure they get value for the large amount of monies that are being disbursed both as salaries and consultancy fees.,
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    Further deferred - is it surprising? Hell no! What do they charge? $200 plus an hour? Any kid that says he wants to be a fireman or an astronaut when he grows up is a misguided fool - law is the big word these days!!
  8. eljay

    It's finally

    Unfortunately most owners just grin and bear it. We know most trainers are doing okay (many overseas "holiday" trips annually attest to this) I don't begrudge them such holidays, but some seem to cry poor one week and then are on the silver bird the next. I think what the Industry needs right now is honesty starting from the top. And we all know there have been a multitude of not so truths bandied around to the extent that you really don't know what to believe or not.
  9. eljay

    It's finally

    Tassie - the traffic should be no problem to you on your treadle pedal!
  10. eljay

    It's finally

    Auckland just raised their stakes. More horses just been sold overseas. This tells me that there are other factors involved too. What are they. Is not enough thought being put into trying to find the solution rather than the cause and why there is still a stampede of horses of all abilities queued up for the next plane out. It's a bit like the Phil Twyford plan - build houses and then wonder why they cannot be sold/rented. First thing I think they want is a monthly gathering of interested stakeholders to discuss the pros and cons of the month gone and what needs to be done or tried for future to improve the situation. The meeting to be open to all who want to attend not just a gathering of 'me and my mates". Yes, there is a shortage of stock (due to past mis-management?) but regardless of this what is left cannot be altered and has to be utilised in the best possible manner, both for the immediate and also the long time future.
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    Is this News ?

  12. eljay

    It's finally

    Part of conditions for this week's meeting at Auckland Special Conditions RATINGS PROGRAMME This programme is ratings based. It is a likely indication of the programme that will be in place for this meeting. Where it is required changes will be made to the final programme after the close of withdrawals. Please Note: Ratings bands and other conditions shown only serve as an indication as to how races will likely be programmed. As nominations permit race conditions will be programmed to ensure horses can race in a competitive environment whilst also optimising field sizes and where possible ensuring as many horses as possible gain a start It just seems to be a case of "you provide the horses and we will tell you in which field you can race." Really makes it hard for trainers to "plan ahead"
  13. eljay


    At least they are consistent.
  14. eljay

    Davey Mc

    Surely no argument here!
  15. eljay

    It's finally

    Get rid of "handicappers discretion" for a start, and also make the clubs stick with the programme trainers nominate for - and not after noms closing time add conditions (usually adverse) to bolster field size which usually helps one or two and disadvantages the rest.
  16. eljay


    We (harness racing) are certainly Doomed, if was left for parochials like you to guide it's destimy!!
  17. eljay


    Stables - obviously you are not a member of the ATC as you appear not to be aware that the ATC have called a Special General Meeting in a couple of weeks and for that matter the reason for this meeting. Someone may know - is Mr Guerin still on the ATC payroll?
  18. eljay

    jewels fields

    Also TM, was Winston there? Did he make a speech? And if so what (if anything) did he promise which would particularly benefit harness racing?
  19. eljay

    jewels fields

    In view of the weather, how was the attendance TM? I know it was mainly pre sold but did the weathaer seriously affect the "walk up" attendance which usually mainly punters? Nowadays while attendance is always a plus it is the $$$$$$$ that count in all sporting fixtures.
  20. eljay

    jewels fields

    Perhaps - close Addington and re-locate to Ashburton
  21. eljay

    Seven sharp tonight

    ?? RAIN ??
  22. eljay

    Jacinda Ardern

    It's the Duck Shooting Season till 17 June , keep a watch out Trev!!
  23. eljay

    Jacinda Ardern

    He doesn't need to go - he HAS to go!
  24. eljay

    jewels fields

    Will this be the first jewels with rain? Weather gods saying something?
  25. eljay

    jewels fields

    Go Dunny