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  1. Next 2 yo races scheduled for north at Auckland 5th Feb. Draws will come into play of course. As I said they just educating at workouts - Crans horse at wouts last week was unplaced to Ohoka Creed, come racenight and placings reversed. Before races last night Josh qualified an Art Major colt in a 2 minute and change mile rate. Will this horse come into calculations? Artisan did win at workouts the week before. She's a nice filly.
  2. eljay

    Covid 19

    First planeload of travellers who not being isolated arrived from the Cooks yesterday. Is this the slight opportunity the virus requires?
  3. Teenager who died in Papamoa Beach crash named 19:42, Jan 20 2021 SUPPLIED The scene of a truck-versus-cycle accident in Papamoa that left 14-year-old Hugo Shaw dead. Police have released the name of the teenager who died after a crash between a cyclist and a rubbish truck in Papamoa Beach, Tauranga. He was 14-year-old Hugo Shaw, from Cambridge. The crash happened at 2.50 pm on Tuesday, at the intersection of Sandhurst Dr and Papamoa Beach Rd. On Wednesday, floral tributes had been left at the cur
  4. What do you guys think of these. Do you like them or would you rather have pick 6 on just the one meeting??
  5. Yeah! So far they have just been concentrating on education & qualifying and finishing their workouts "together". You have to look at Argyle simply because it's drawn the ace
  6. Take the field JJ - you can't miss!!
  7. Covid 19 coronavirus: Māori to be prioritised for vaccination From Herald Website How can she justify this??
  8. They'd still find a reason to scatter cones like hundreds & thousands, meony!
  9. eljay

    Yeh boy!!!

    Yeah - well sort of. Does gallops as well - don't know if he still on the payroll or just paid for articles published. Herald have very few permanent staff these days and I suppose they don't need any since it is no longer a NEWSpaper but rather a GOSSIPPAPER with a few pages of news No proof reading any more!
  10. eljay

    Yeh boy!!!

    Press? Didn't know there was any in Kiwi
  11. I see the Barons have upped the price of petrol unannounced by 5 to 6 cpl over the last day or so!
  12. Are you greenie cyclists prepared to pay - registration or cycleway user tax - TM? You obviously dont use public transport. Too many bus/train changes needed to transverse Auckland and many hours just sitting on your butt either waiting for them or travelling in them.
  13. Cost of amount of land required in Auckland area would be prohibitive before you built a stand. The banks would want most of the money from a sale anyway
  14. Well we are back to normal (sort of) people back from holidays and already noticable how congested Aucklands roads are. All the old roadworks, and many new ones back in full swing to frustrate the motorist, along with the furied activity of other nuisances like Chorus etc and the plethora of construction firms all of who for some unknown reason have to close half the roadways often just as a free parking area for their machines. The good old car transporters are back to their ubloading spots usually on the centre median strip. And the big artic delivery units which take up the major
  15. Oh yes, trainers have to play their part (presumably what they paid for by the owner) educating horses from young age and not to rely on "I'm to busy to spend time on that" and "Hope it will handle the start"
  16. You contradict (sort of) yourself - you say ban stands EXCEPT for big races. So how do those in big races get stand practice against a field if you ban them The two things you need to improve upon is 1) being tougher on hrses who consistently don'e go away from a stand and 2) the human element i.e. drivers who cheat by either trying to get a timed run up or delay the start and the performance of the starters. Simple!! Easy to improve isn't it - when (way back lol) never had these problems!!
  17. Great to hear Patiti - up here the media don't give a rats about sport - newspapers are just gossip rags. Most race meetings over holiday period no fields or results reported. And they reckon readership has risen - ha bloody ha!
  18. The womens singles & mens pairs titles have been won. Not a bloody word in the mainstream media. Typical - Megan & Whatshisname more important!
  19. If it was gallops it would be off
  20. Looks like they transferred all over but they said there will some be going to Aussie for racing. Whether they will race for Hayden or Nathan we will have to see. So I no idea how many have left Rolleston or how many are left at Rolleston. I also don't know how many were under All Stars and if all or only some registered in stable changes. I imagine most of the good ones will race in Aussie at some stage.
  21. Gotta show off their new "asset" don't they!
  22. You wont have to wait long - IF they do what is reported they doing, then the stable changes should be posted later today. So many stories abound, that you wonder why they would wind up such a lucrative business.