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  1. Your a good man Hokey with a good brain. . I am a thin-skinned animal and bullets unfortunately penetrate.. It's just what we are mate.....and we are all different. Viva Espana.
  2. Hey guys .....I don't post in this site any longer as after copping idiotic and abusive comments from a few 'regulars' my blood pressure was going through the roof .....but will always pop in now and then to read your comments as some of you make me piss myself ....and of course laughter is the one prerequisite I abide by to make life fun. The other thing I wanted to tell you is that the new SKY BOX is a DOG .....and a BIG DOG at that.....even though Hokey might like it .....its a PIG.....why? (a) It constantly freezes. (b) It's always saying 'no satellite connection' when there is. (c) There is no manual record function. (d) The remote is NOT user friendly. Summary..... its a PIG and a step backwards by SKY ....unless your a teenager who enjoys talking to Miss Google ....but I hated it soooooooo much I called SKY and asked them to return my old box and taker this fucker back......and to their credit they said they would and it was meant to be explained to users the pitfalls of the new box.....and there are plenty. So now I am back in heaven with the black box back....and a warning to all those (except Hokey) don't go near the new box.....and if you do make sure it arrives with 17 packets of Panadol. . Ciao guys ....and keep enjoying Race Cafe ....its a site for the brave and thick skinned warriors.
  3. Well Scooby .....when you get negative eggs like Palliser on here constantly throwing unwanted comments at me you can count me out. Iv'e tried to post positive comments and industry news but I'm now pulling stumps OK can have the EGG show......but don't forget to watch the GUERIN REPORT when it airs OK. Thanks for the 12 months of fun with some and headaches with others as they say on the Shark Tank ......'Good luck .....but I'm out'.
  4. Great post Idolmite .....great post ....Parkinson didn't gain a foothold through slagging his interviewees off as long as its a level playing field Mick will be great. He knows how to keep both sides happy.
  5. Hahahahahahahahahahaha and your a hard boiled egg without a positive bone in your body.......what a dead set waste of space.
  6. Isn't it great that 99% of you want to bag Mick Guerin and yet if the truth be known not ONE of you could measure up to him as a presenter .....not ONE. He is right at the top of his game after a lifetime in the industry and fully deserves this show of his own which Entain have recognised. The other thing I find remarkable is that the show is 2 months away and you have already panned it.....WOW talk about putting the cart before the horse! ...but how many of you will come back 'cap in hand' after it gets rave reviews huh?? ....2% ?? I hope he blows the lights out and puts all the naysayers in their place.
  7. Firstly .....Gubey its not a tipping show ....lets get that straight will be an informative and educational racing insight show. Nobody mentioned tipping as tipping is a thankless task. Secondly ....Palliser ...was waiting for you to weigh in with yet another negative comment as that's your Modus Operandi.... throwing out truckloads of negativity.....and getting it wrong 98% of the time.... so good on ya mate for keeping your profile low.
  8. Your starting to look like a stalker are following me around this site like one of Tony Soprano's side kicks. The reason I asked Crusty was simple Nomates was a case of WTF??? .....and he answered that saying it was nothing .....just an observation.
  9. Of what relevance is this Crusty? .....Maybe he is selling the property? ......he's just had a triple heart bypass so might be scaling down.
  10. Good on ya Gubey .....I can just see you sitting there watching a blank screen with a cup of tea and a gingernut hahaha! .....can't think of anything more invigorating. Enjoy the show .
  11. He's OUT Charlie .....copped an abscess.....a real shame.
  12. Give it a chance might be pleasantly surprised .....or you could watch the TRAITERS hahaha..... your Monday night entertainment bulges at the seams.
  13. You might get an invite onto the show Nomates to give a 'punters perspective' hahaha. I know one thing wouldn't hold back. .
  14. Correct Shad .....the 'naysayers' WILL tune in so they can BAG him .....but if the show is a roaring success their weetbix the following morning will taste like shit......because they got it horribly WRONG. Way too many 'brickbats' handed out in NZ so its time for some 'Bouquets'.
  15. Unfortunately, Baz ....Luke Raddich has been BANNED from ever appearing on an Entain programme ever again after 'booting up for Tony Lee's contract being terminated' !! ....He called Entain out for an outrageous decision and was booted by the Entain boss forever. I like Luke like most punters do as he is a punter and thinks like a punter and talks like a punter.....but we never going to see him on screen again unfortunately. It's Mickey G's show and lets all give him a chance as its what we need for Monday night entertainment.
  16. Yes I am excited Tom ....and looking forward to it immensley. Its been a long time coming and just what we need on a Monday night so we don't have to watch those 'Goons' on NRL 360. Nomates ....point taken.
  17. Proof of the pudding will be in the eating you guys......and I won't say ...'I told ya so' ....when you come back on this very thread in 6 months time and say .....'WOW Iv'e learned so much that I didn't know yet needed to know through watching Mick in action'. Would any of you actually take the bit between the teeth and do your own Racing show?.....I think I know the answer to that give the bloke a chance and then you can mark his performance. Scooby has already marked him ......but that's what Scooby good on him having an opinion even if he is WAY off the mark..
  18. Hey Flasher ....good to hear from you .....and I'm picking even YOU would be good if your were getting paid as well .....did Ronaldinho....Beckham ....and Maradonna play for FREE ......I don't think so hahaha!
  19. You guys guys ..... he hasn't got to where he is today by being a 'DUMBO'. Even in Australia, they love him as a presenter ...WHY? ....because of his industry knowledge and ability to get his points across. We will have to agree to disagree on your opinions.
  20. Well this IS an opinion site Scooby and isn't it great that we can agree or disagree. For mine Mick is far and above all others and that's WHY he is in such high demand ....and I bet you watch the show hahaha ......even if its so you can 'bag him' .....he is a great mind on all things racing and harness racing......and second to none as a presenter. The show will be a great watch that's for sure.
  21. Isn't it great news that Entain have finally granted Mick Guerin his own new weekly show to be called the 'Guerin Report' and let the girls (Jayne Ivil and Emily Bosson) carry on with the galloping recap show Weigh In. Guerin has more in-depth knowledge of both codes than any other NZ scribe or TV presenter and this show is way overdue and will be a great watch. Due to go to air in the new season Guerin will leave you wanting more after each show as he asks the hard-hitting questions of industry leaders that we 'the punters' need to know and will greatly appreciate. Well done Mick .....youv'e earned this slot and I'm sure the programme will be very successful.... not to mention educational and fulfilling.
  22. Integrity .....there is only one thing more obvious than your excellent command of the English language and that is that the result should have been changed as a result of a Stewards enquiry. If the hind quarters of a horse are taken out it holts momentum more than a side, chest, or head bump as the said horse becomes unbalanced and in a close finish that is 'gold' for the runner-up. The Stewards failed in their duty .....full stop. I feel for all punters on the runner-up were robbed.
  23. Well Hokey said England had the softest run through and you were 100% correct .....but Spain is still your final pick now your beloved Portugal have gone home right? SPAIN V ENGLAND .....and all I know about round ball is that England are very good losers haha! .....can they do it for King and country?
  24. And never will be.......good to get that straight.
  25. Thanks for posting that Iraklis .....yes very impressive in 1.47 and a 'good looker' to boot so plenty of upside there.