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  1. weighed in light on winner excellman so disquallified.ok with that but shoudnt horse be declared late scratching and punters be refunded.they had done there money before they left the gates.he went out favourite by the way.
  2. bert duncan traned deino,s ruler along with others with the ruler suffix.owned the local pub the cri now pulled down.julie archer the rider trudy thorntons sister.
  3. specsavers is open 8,30am tomorow.video replay cant be any clearer.guilty as .big suspension and big fine looming for hughie hopefully.
  4. exactly baz. exactly baz and hotnhazys connections need compensating
  5. those horses and a number of others with ruler suffix owned by local publican bert duncan.criterion hotel now demolished.
  6. one dead horse coud of been rider as well.throw the book at him.
  7. sue him for the horses value.disgraceful
  8. only the stabling area and front carpark subdivided.rest of course as shown must be seperate title
  9. crafty cruiser in at swan hill friday.turns 13 next week.whats victoria racing rules on that.
  10. faltonius ex te akau horse sold on gavelhouse 5k.wonder what they paid
  11. the grin on his face be wider than usual.go the battler
  12. bowman/mcdoald 4xquinella,s today.25/1 9/1 19/1 19/1.looks easy afterwards.
  13. sturges rhode rummy.by captain jason or showoff 2.still a maiden before heading to uk to become the argonaut
  14. had a captain jason yearling back in the day.hence followed his progeny abit.turned out no good