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  1. swampfox

    J Mac at Flemington

    agree itg if they both raced to last start pattern she coudnt give the autumn sun a 5length start.will be conceding weight as well.
  2. swampfox

    a collett

    aleisha collett looked to have nasty fall at singapore last night.any updates on how she is.
  3. swampfox

    J Mac at Flemington

    the autumn sun be the only horse in oz to test winx in the cox plate.waller woudnt line him up for that reason.your thoughts on that
  4. swampfox

    Champion Mare rewarded.

    i think ian steffert at morrinsville stood him for a few seasons.didnt leave anything of note.
  5. swampfox

    thames races

    thames to race at te aroha.due to high irragation costs thames transferring there one summer race day to te aroha .doesnt look good for future racing at there track.
  6. swampfox

    Kiwi story on TV1 July 8...

    enjoyed it.coud of got a better lookalike for harry.shoulder length hair for a start
  7. swampfox

    Maiden Trivia

    dont see many well tried 2or 3year olds go on with it.the karaka million races will take its toll on alot.read an old racing annual recently.we had so many topline middle distance horses years ago.we still breed good stayers look at this years sydney cup result.to many impatient owners and trainers.
  8. swampfox

    Maiden Trivia

    true blue he won with crafty cruiser 2weeks ago at start 125 as a 10year old.close to a million in stakes now so why not.maidens name is constano millie if your planning to back it.knew bryce well when he trained in paeroa years ago.one of racings characters.
  9. swampfox

    Maiden Trivia

    i see ex kiwi bryce stanaway got one going round in oz had 47starts 0wins 5seconds.only a6year old so stats will keep growing.only a youngster for bryce.
  10. swampfox

    Chasing premierships

    just watched a replay didnt look much wrong with the ride to me.thought suliman was laying in abit hence using the whip lefthanded to straighten it.only my thoughts gruff.she only lives 15minutes from track so a long drive woudnt have fatigued her.
  11. swampfox

    "A Long Way From Wyandra" Peter Moody

    book can be bougt on line just ordered one.32aus dollars.looking forward to a good read.had a beer and yarn with pete at karaka sales few years ago .mate had a horse with him.genuine top bloke.
  12. swampfox

    Without thinking

    fraxable serindiper.kubies pal
  13. swampfox

    Waikato Race 1 Today

    what happens to 4th stakemoney .does it get split between the 3runners
  14. swampfox

    Did it rain on Boxing Day in Auckland?

    interesting peter lock saying class ride by danielle aboard dougie no pace in race so took horse to front long way from home.shoud have told parkes to do same on hiflyer.poor rides by all but trudy
  15. swampfox


    sad human beings around that thrive off unfortunate instances like this.all the best to horse and connections.take no notice of comments from this sad arse