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  1. Anyone keen on a donation for a leaving present ?
  2. Marek they couldn’t run a bath ! Your letter will be there with all the others on this topic and none will be replied to because they don’t know how to answer them!
  3. Having been to the Coast meetings and only 2 pay outs for all the races I hope the TAB app can find a way of something flashing up saying "Don't bet that ". As for you guys in Timaru it says a lot "Bit of a increase in people betting back at the tab as they don't understand the site." !!!!
  4. The site works well and is easy to use. Problem for me is that they do not pay out on last !
  5. Not sure but give the number a ring and Im sure Barry will give you details.
  6. Totally agree . His name was on the license so he takes the rap for it. Man up !
  7. 4 Bitch Pups for Sale Breeding Fernando Bale X Opawa Peaches Whelped 1-1-2018 Price $2500 each Phone Barry for more details 027 4489466 Posting on behalf.
  8. Fully agree with you but they only do well if the electric bill has been paid !!
  9. Try telling that to the trainers who have just taken dogs down there ! Long trip for nothing !
  10. Thats nearly over $2,000,000 in prize should be able to retire !
  11. https://www.chewy.com/hear-doggy-silent-squeaker-penguin/dp/130089 Problem solved !!!!!!!
  12. Think he might have resigned if it had got beat !!!
  13. We have room if interested. Have PM you.
  14. Found Now back in the kennels.