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  1. I wish they would keep the meetings separated. It gets a bit confusing when two meetings are held on one day.
  2. I know they've been a bit lacking with no comments on them but I still like to see what an 'expert' is picking. Hope it's not permanent. I like to print them out for a timetable. Just in case someone from the TAB checks in here - I wouldn't mind the race distances to be included in the tip sheets.
  3. There are so many options now, it's doing my head in but I love it. Making me go blind as well - it's so hard on the eyes trying to read them - not loving that!
  4. Now I'm checking race by race to see when the betting is over for this option.
  5. Only just discovered that this was a betting option, the other day - a comment made on FormPro Ratings site had me wondering what they were talking about. After some searching I finally found it on the TAB site. Even got lucky with my first bet yesterday - the fire may have been my friend. Anyway I was wondering if the pair challenges were available for every meeting or just some - they don't seem to be an option today like they were yesterday. Wouldn't it be great to have a runner up option - sometimes the winner is too obvious with a pitiful dividend.
  6. Just because of the Trifecta being higher. What are comingled pools?
  7. Looking at 1st race at Addington today. 1st 4 wasn't struck and the carry over was only $606. The trifecta was $747. Seems odd to me.
  8. The bar down the right hand side - on every page of your website. The thing you grab with the cursor and drag up and down. At the moment it is 2mm wide in medium grey with the sliding button in a grey which is a little bit dark than the bar. Thanks for the FF$ changes. I see Race 4 of today's Wanganui Extra meeting is missing information.
  9. Hi Neil. Emailing doesn't work so contacting you here again. Can you make a slight change to your website. The slidebar is giving my eyes hell - a strain to see the sliding bar because the colour doesn't stand out. Wonder if it could be a bit wider as well. Really missing the FF odds which you used to have. I like the early indication of favouritism they give - something to help make choices early in the day. Cheers
  10. Pyst

    6 dog fields

    What a stinky idea. Six First4s paying less than $100. That just won't do it for me.
  11. Yep, I prefer to see fixed odds for a reason that I can't quite explain. Thanks for the update. Hope you do manage to sort it out. Cheers.
  12. As far as I'm concerned they could have kept the old site forever. It seems like it is just change for the sake of change. I haven't seen anyone actually say what it is about any of the changes that are particularly useful or better than what we used to have. The new site makes me think of the average Peter Jackson movie - too much fluff (cgi).
  13. Sounds like you have a frustration similar to mine. Just as you need to click on the button for each race to see the scratching for each race it requires clicking on each race to see each result. They used to have a simple results page which didn't need so much damn clicking. I will never like this new site...NEVER!!!!!! Results also used to be almost instant after each race it takes 5 minutes and more.
  14. There are no improvements which I benefit from - just headaches from things that don't work for me as well as they did on the old site.
  15. haha, so funny trying to place my first bet on the new site. Not sure I want to bother anymore. I click buttons which take a couple of seconds to be activated ......only I click again because it takes so long and end up deactivating the buttons I want activated. Bloody rubbish! lol