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  1. jape, I'm not going to articulate specific tracks but can assure you that across Australasia most tracks just have the one person doing both roles now as finishlynx has streamlined the process which is much more time efficient. As for keneperu's unfounded claims show the proof then put up or shut up.
  2. interesting......I believe the RIU has completed it's investigation into the so called finishlynx malfunction at Manawatu. Apparently it has now been clarified that the upstairs timer was actually stopped at 25.59 by Pedro Lee but the judge failed to tell officials before they set in motion the back-up measure relying on only what was displayed on the on-field semaphore of 25.5. They then basically go on to pass the buck and say that they can't explain why the finishlynx didn't capture the winner as it crossed the line, but have put in measures to ensure it doesn't happen again. We
  3. I have seen this a few times and whilst it's almost always accidental there have been different determinations. in Australia the stewards don't seem as kind. In a couple of instances the dog was disqualified, in others they weren't and handlers fined as much $300.
  4. Thankyou and bang on Tick-Tock and pretty much what I said. you know your stuff and the processes involved. The only thing I might add is that at some tracks the judge and photo-finish operator is one and the same.
  5. Pickel, I never said it was the only way just said that it was the logical way to go given that they had information at their disposal (second dog's time etc.) to assist them in arriving at the correct decision. The time arrived at seems out of whack with other times posted on the display on the day. That's just my opinion and I can only let others be the judge when they weigh all the facts up, Re. Trackside HD - I believe you are right so why wasn't it used/ checked too.
  6. Finishlynx adopted a 15 lengths per second platform which works on .07 per length when everything was digitised a few years ago and pretty sure this was accepted and implemented across Australia and New Zealand tracks. Prior to that we worked on a .066 per length which is a 17 lengths per second platform.
  7. Have been clocking dogs with a stopwatch for over 40 years and was always relied upon as a back-up if other methods failed when judging. i can give you a couple of examples whereby incorrect times have been posted as being official yet I will guarantee they are false. Pickel, funny man and no world authority but i do know the system well and processes that have been used in my prior experience. They had a time for the second dog and the winner stopped the clock at 25.5? so therefore it would be simple to ascertain the margin between first and second by freezing the video on the winning p
  8. Taped the trackside coverage which i often do. Interestingly I just saw this somewhere on fb regarding yesterday's times, which pretty much sums up my previous post. These are the times from the day that were able to be seen on tv. You can decide which one looks well out of place Board. Actual R1 23.7. 23.71 R4 42.2. 42.22 R5 26.1. 26.11 R6 26.0. 25.98 R7. 26.4. 26.38 R8 26.1. 26.17 R9 26.3. 26.26 R10 26.0. 25.98 R11a 25.6. 25.59 R11b 25.7. 25.68 R11c 25.5. 25.50 R11d 25.5. 25.61
  9. I clock the lure as it hits the trip start on the rail which is what activates the boxes to open. It is the electrical conduit hanging down bellow the rail which is clearly visible hanging down under the rail just before the boxes. Using this method gives you an accurate time, to within a couple of hundredths, whereby trying to clock the lids you usually end up two tenths faster.
  10. Accidents happen especially whereby human element is involved. The most concerning aspect of this is that the so-called back-up plan to work out the time for Pedro Lee is obviously flawed. Having operated photo-finish systems including Finish-Lynx which is pretty well used nearly everywhere nowadays I can understand how this debacle unfolded so will try and enlighten you. As the lure approaches the winning post the judge presses a button on a hand held device to activate the camera to take in all that crosses the line until he presses it off again thus every dog is recorded at precisely t
  11. Dogs are weighed prior to kenneling on race day. Weights are recorded and usually posted somewhere on course or in the kennels for public viewing. The TAB usually lists variances of more than .5kg next to the dog's name on the fields on their website.
  12. Aaron is excellent. I think you'll find he's always had an interest in greyhounds, having been involved in ownership of a few so obviously knows the form a little better than some might expect.
  13. Who do you think gives them the directive when to tell this to the starter ?
  14. Clubs have little control over when races start as it's the RIU stewards who give the ok to the starter when to box.