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  1. Flabbergasted

    Good Feeling

    As GOM alludes one of the biggest problems in the North is the current management of which each club has one very common denominator and that is much to the detriment of both clubs but more particularly Waikato. It's more Northern counterpart assumes it is the higher and mightier of the two and seems to make most decisions on behalf of both clubs even when it may not be beneficial to both simply because it may be easier for the shared management to deal with. Particpants concerns are usually taken too lightly or even treated with contempt. Maybe it's time Waikato shed itself of the shared management before big brother takes over completely which is highly likely Plan B for Auckland.
  2. Flabbergasted

    Whangarei Race Track

    I think you'll find the reason there was only 12 races is because the racing board has only granted Waikato 1 meeting licence for Xmas Eve over the past two years whereas previously there had been two licences granted allowing for 20 races.
  3. Flabbergasted

    Questionable Handling..

    Here here 2 cents.
  4. Flabbergasted

    Jumping ship

    Easy to say Rules For Some but the rumour is that he has accepted a role with another code and given that he was commuting between Auckland and Wellington each week it wouldn't be hard to see why.
  5. Flabbergasted

    Vale Max Matthews

    Sad sad news - Farewell Max - a thorough gentleman and champion in every sense of the word. RIP old mate. It was a pleasure to have known you.
  6. Flabbergasted

    Brendan Cole

    GOM - I'm playing Devil's Advocate here. As wek know there is always two sides to a story and I am not siding on either. It's been poorly handled from the very start by all parties and the time it has taken to lay charges suggests that there may be something questionable or that the case wasn't as strong as they'd like. Joe Blogs - In answer to your question - Reg Kay in Queensland.
  7. Flabbergasted

    Brendan Cole

    It's a sad state of affairs and I can see bothe sides of the argument. It's tough and depends on the law and the GRNZ rules and GRNZ and RIU must act within them. If they were to stop the Cole dogs racing and they are cleared then Coles may well have a legal case against the PTB's. Under the current rules they obviously don't have the power to act until after one is found guilty in the court. At present B. Cole has only been charged. As a consequence of this episode GRNZ and RIU may need to revisit and change the rules in the event something like this occurs again. Then they'll have the power to suspend one's licenece pending the outcome of the court case. Laws in Australia vary from state to state and when those trainers over there were caught allegedly live baiting a few years ago, some were suspended immediately whilst others weren't, others took legal action and were re-instated. Only last week one high profile trainer who was suspended and banned for life was cleared in court and is now free to train again. He has not just lost four years of possible earnings but suffered considerable personal cost and a tarnished image. Is that fair ?
  8. Flabbergasted

    $2000 Import Fee

    The more I think about it the more I can see this as only being a retrograde step. As Emotive rightly points out when the number of imports drops (I suspect it has already started - given the shortage of dogs in Australia at present) then NZ dogs will be required to be bred to fill the numbers. There will be no tarriff to reduce the GAP costs to rehome those dogs and GRNZ will have to rely solely on industry money to offset the cost. The cost of getting imports is already prohibitive enough (around $3000 per dog for airfare, customs charges and import/registration fee before it even lands here) so no-one is importing really poor quality any longer. To breed a litter of pups will cost no less than $3,000 per pup to get it to the track with absolutely no guarantee that it will make the track let alone the grade. That's even more prohibitive for the average participant. Enter the bigger NZ owner/breeders who will take up the slack get even bigger empires and dump even more poor quality dogs onto the smaller trainers.
  9. Flabbergasted

    $2000 Import Fee

    Possibly correct as there was some discussion about this at the last AGM. I'm of the understanding that this is to cover the cost of the dog going into the NZ GAP program at the end of it's career. However if it returns to Australia then the fee will be refunded. Not sure what happens to the $2k if the dog is to remain here solely as a breeding proposition after retirement and doesn't go to GAP. Maybe it'll be used to offset the costs of all the imports that have gone to GAP in the past. .
  10. Flabbergasted


    From all reports in Australia there has been no change to the ingredients just the packaging and more definitive labelling.
  11. Flabbergasted


    It was on the GRV website. Reports are that a trainer may have a positive and is blaming it on Coprice. http://www.grv.org.au/news/2019/03/21/dog-food-formula-may-contain-caffeine/ It will be interesting to see the final outcome of theiur testing. I knoiw many trainers on both sides of the Tasman that use it and no-one knows of anyone returning a positive.
  12. Flabbergasted

    GA Naming Joke

    Shows just how great the new rule is when another dog is allowed an almost identical name of a dog which is currently racing. Blazin' Carter and now we have Blazing Cartier which debuted across the ditch on the weekend
  13. Flabbergasted

    Sad news

    Sad news indeed. Leo and Henny were terrific peaople and what a loss to the industry, My condolences to their family and friends.
  14. Flabbergasted

    Bago Bye Bye

    Just one more reason why the Aussies need to implement the finish-on lure
  15. Flabbergasted

    GA Naming Joke

    jape I think you have taken what i said in the wrong context. I don't for one minute want dodgy, disrepectful or crude names to be allowed. I agree that some of the names that have slipped through the cracks should have been attended to but under the new rules Puma Pants for example would still be allowed as it's two common English words. I do think that participants should be allowed to name their dogs as they desire and that if showing some initiative and ingenuity in the process. If Mike was to mate Fushidara to Fernando Bale and wanted to call the pups Fushinando or Fernidara why shouldn't that be allowed. Surely you can't see any problem with names such as that, can you. To take it further they could have simply put in one rule amendment that basically said "If you do name a dog that is later found to be crude or offensive etc. then the name will be immediately changed and a large fine and possible suspension imposed as a deterrent.