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  1. Sairy

    Greyhound Racing Banned in NSW

    its only a matter of time before this happens in NZ, the antis have already started to target Victorian Greyhounds. Lets hope the GRV have their act together unlike GRNSW because if greyhound racing is banned in Victoria, its only a matter of time before they come after NZ greyhounds, we will all be lucky if we still have an industry here in 5 years and if NZGRA acts the way they did last time, than I can see no way around this as they have proven in NSW that greyhound racing can be stopped, even if it means a huge dent to the economy and countless people that live of off the industry losing their jobs. I also find it interesting how ALL greyhound breeding in NSW must be stopped, does this mean that no one in NSW is allowed to breed a greyhound?
  2. Sairy

    NZ ST Ledger

    Cawbourne cooks he's talking about
  3. Sairy

    Sweet Lovin'

    Have you seen the dogs Ahern races and the dogs Fredrickson races? Its hard to compare the two as trainers and I think this thread is ridiculous and stupid
  4. Boy they gave your dog a hard semi (looks a lot better than the other three). if you get through to the final, no one can say you didn't deserve to be their
  5. Sairy

    NZ Futurity

    Nothing to chear about. One nz bred dog in the final when the heats were dominated by them. Should be a cracker though, never been much of a fan of the dog but top prosecutor just keeps proving me wrong and with the splits he ran last week (which were phenomenal being as quick as the likes of caw crouch, brick and nangar star at their beat early and his run home being as good as dyna vikkers) will be hard to beat in the final, the only question being box draw. I think there won't be more than a head between opawa shackley and top prosecutor in the final and I'll chuck kava blue in for third
  6. Sairy

    Misleading information

    Probably the same reason why above alls been injured for 2/3rds of its career aye?
  7. Sairy

    GRNZ Board Member To Face Charges

    Aren't males usually physically stronger than females? Its no different in any sport, whether the animal is a dog, horse or human, you get the odd female of that sport that can compete at the elite level with males, but not even numbers
  8. Sairy

    Group1 NZ Oaks

    I don't think box 5 is such a bad box the way that field has drawn, you should get some clean running air from there
  9. Sairy

    over raced dogs

    So Mcinerney does this and everyone is against it but when Adcock does this, hes praised as a top trainer. Double standards aye?
  10. Sairy

    Group1 NZ Oaks

    Anyone who got 18 on Zipping Sasha would be happy, will only improve
  11. Sairy

    Group1 NZ Oaks

    Zipping Sasha, Opawa Shackley, Cawbourne Kristy or Cawbourne Clover for me
  12. Sairy

    Auckland Racing Series

    I geuss Elizabeth Whelan and Peter Early are next on your hit list after Peter Fenemor
  13. Sairy

    Auckland Racing Series

    More of these nz bred champions we love to see go around every week. And people want to get rid of imports XD
  14. Sairy


    Go watch Dyna Vikkers replays and the dogs he was running behind and tell me if you do not think he stood up in AUS when 80% of dogs would not be able to get within 5L of the likes of DDO and AA. He was running 5L of a Dyna Villa who was dominating at Group level at the time (after winning the Melbourne cup and running third in the hobart thousand and ran second in the silver chief final two races later), he ran just under 3L behind Astronomize and AA (who had won the hobart thousand and went on to win the Silver Chief final in that series and was arguably a better dog than DV ) and was within 3L of DDO with DDO getting a clear run (and he has shown ability since day one). Im baffled at you people who do not believe he did not stand up in AUS when 80% of the dogs in NZ and AUS wouldnt be able to get that close to any of those dogs at that age.
  15. Sairy


    But most tracks vary from race to race,water volumes, lure distance, preparation between races, weather, even what type of dog is in each race can change, comparing times on the same night to one another simply doesnt work, there are too many uncontrolled variables, why you see dogs that ran slower in the heats win the final, because track conditions change. The only relevant way to look at a dog like this is to see the dogs around them and the performance they put in. An avg. dog can run time and look like a champion if the other 7 dogs are slow. He was obviously going to be (at the very worst) a dog that would make plenty of group one races (he was even only running 2 lengths of Above All, I wouldnt mind a dog that was 2-3L of dogs like DDO and AA)