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  1. Track Record

    Amazing Chase

    Congratulations to Bigtime Paddy and connections for an empathic win tonight in the 2018 version of the Amazing Chase
  2. Track Record

    Amazing Chase

    I also have Dyna Elwyn as my top selection. I'm of the opinion Elwyn will punch up and hold Paddy out from crossing to the lead, if so then I'm confident Dyna Elwyn will win the Amazing Chase 2018 - Just my opinion. Good luck to all those involved
  3. Track Record

    WANGANUI club Cheaters

    What about when handlers of the dogs blatantly box their dogs last to gain an advantage (supposedly).
  4. Track Record

    Amazing Chase

    As long as the track holds up (weather) on Sunday Ridin Shotgun will have the fastest qualifying time from Auckland and will then go on to win the amazing chase.
  5. Track Record

    Dyna Weslyn

    Dyna Dave broke the track record today - wow!!
  6. Track Record

    Amazing Chase

    Some VERY classy dogs nominated for the series, exciting to see who prevails.
  7. Track Record

    TAB Runner Comments

    Found this one today at Addington “Powerful Connections” So it’s the owners form we should be following now.
  8. Track Record

    Silver Collar meeting abandoned

    What a fantastic race!! Congratulations to the connections of all the runners who competed in the Silver Collar especially Ring The Bell.
  9. Track Record

    Silver Collar meeting abandoned

    I’m of the opinion that a firm track for the final will see the on pace runners fighting out the finish. 1. Ring The Bell 2. Dusty Gambler 3. Trip To Eden
  10. Track Record

    Silver Collar meeting abandoned

    Sunday 3rd June - meeting abandoned
  11. My Little Mate (Fabregas x Little Mother) broke the 400m track record today at Richmond in a flying 22.19
  12. Track Record


    So what happened to Gemma Diamond?
  13. Track Record

    Freight south Island to North Island

    Petbus leaving Christchurch will depart 25/02/2018 and arrive 28/02/2018 Any trainers travelling between North & South Island?
  14. Track Record

    Cambridge Greyhounds 29/12 Thought$

    Nothing gained nothing lost
  15. Track Record

    Cambridge Greyhounds 29/12 Thought$

    I wasn’t aware of any previous issues, thank you for your post.