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  1. Track Record

    Railway & Auckland Cup Predictions

    Select Trick Robson
  2. Track Record

    Starting Box

    Hello, Can I ask where your located please and if theirs a chance to view or maybe send me some pictures please? Maybe send me a private message and we can work it out
  3. Track Record

    Starting Box

    Hello, Does anyone have or know of a starting box for sale?
  4. Hello, Does anyone have a working treadmill and/or a drag lure they would like to sell? Please send me a personal message if you do along with price and ideally a pic or two. Cheers
  5. Track Record

    Bet of the day

    GOM, is this the same dog that ran 17.5 a Wanganui? Strong field to debut against, Irinka Jacob trialed 18.42 at Manukau while Thrilling Ulma's (first Start) litter has won 21 from 48 starts with numerous placings.
  6. Track Record

    Brian Martin

    I’m also looking forward to hearing Brian Martin back commentating
  7. Looking to buy a dog trailer, minimum 4 berth. Must be warranted and in reasonable condition. All options considered Cheers
  8. Hello, Anyone have a treadmill, drag lure or bullring for sale? All options considered.
  9. Track Record


    Hello, Do you have something in the kennel that you don’t use anymore, maybe have more than one of or possibly upgraded? Whatever the reason I’m looking to purchase everything and anything that may be useful for a new greyhound training establishment. Please message me or email
  10. Track Record

    Dyna Weslyn's Australian Campaign

    Dyna Weslyn (bx6) Heat 4 Hume Cup - Replay
  11. Track Record

    if only you new

    Have you considered using the GRNZ site with the uploaded video replays.
  12. Track Record

    Dyna Weslyn's Australian Campaign

    Dyna Weslyn competing at The Meadows 20/10 in a Mixed 4/5 725m - Replay
  13. NSW greyhound Mystic Riot (Jodie Lagogiane) won the first ever Million Dollar Chase at Wentworth Park tonight, snaring the $1 Million first prize. Re-live all the action here
  14. Track Record

    New Track Record @ Addington

    Roberts to win both Galaxy and NZ Cup
  15. Track Record

    New Track Record @ Addington

    Bago Bye Bye has smashed the track record today at Addington running 29.59