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  1. greyhoundlover

    Blazin’ Audrey

    If you watch the replay carefully you can see that she checks of the back of thrilling talk which angles her WHOLE body in that direction.
  2. greyhoundlover

    Stake Increase

    The issue is now they are cutting the amount of litters able to be breed, stopping brood bitches at 7 and limiting Aussie imports. The theory is that good bitches will stop racing as soon as restricted age is over to get 3 litters if you are lucky out of them. so if they are trying to cut this and trying to cut imports then where are the dogs going to come from ? Greyhound racing in nz won’t exsist.....
  3. greyhoundlover

    Exciting win by Cawbourne Krusty, NZ St Ledger

    Hifi allegro would also have to be right up there she was the only sprinter to win all three of the top sprint races in one season and hold the recently passed record for most winners.
  4. greyhoundlover

    Well well well D.Schofield

    D. Schofield You are so quick to have a go at everybody but oh how the tides have changed. Why wouldn’t your three staff take hair samples ???? Your kennels second positive to methanphetamine; you should have got life. As they say don’t throw stones where there are glass houses.
  5. greyhoundlover

    Congratulations Team Cole

    By .01. Lots faster lol... This is supposed to be a post congratulating team Cole. Do not need to make it about something else. Start your own thread...
  6. greyhoundlover

    New all weather track.

    What a joke that is trainers need to be compensated for the work they do to ensure there dogs are ready to race... it is not there fault people at the other end cannot get it right. this was not an act of god so a payout is required !
  7. greyhoundlover

    Dead baiting NSW

    Just have a open mind to situations as Shelly did
  8. greyhoundlover

    Dead baiting NSW

    Wheel nuts were loosened three times and two seperate trainers and there employees are lucky to be alive. Greyhound trainers have lied on tv before. I believe that this is no different. media shows what they want to and it happens regularly that they don’t always have all the facts. Let’s just see the end result before jumping to conclusions.
  9. greyhoundlover

    Dead baiting NSW

    Specifically you Emotive, you have been one of the ones saying they were taken legally so I would like to know how you know this.
  10. greyhoundlover

    Dead baiting NSW

    How do you know for sure they were taken legally unless you were involved ?
  11. greyhoundlover

    Dead baiting NSW

    There is nothing there.... you couldn’t tell what that is, photo quality is terrible. People have clearly trespassed and caused all these problems to begin with... there were a number of cases thrown out in qld because of the tresspassing. It is illegal. I will defend them too because they have done nothing wrong, they work hard and get results from that hard work. Good on them for defending there granddaughter because they are working for one of the best trainers in the county.
  12. greyhoundlover

    Dead baiting NSW

    Which rule is this emotive ?
  13. greyhoundlover

    Dead baiting NSW

    Fully agree aquaman, has been blown way out of proportion
  14. greyhoundlover

    Dead baiting NSW

    I also saw those photos and think they are pathetic.... they show nothing and the fact that they have been sent out to people by someone in the industry is very disheartening. People need to get a life and leave them alone.
  15. greyhoundlover

    Sad state of affairs

    Same boy...