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  1. I know

    Auckland GRC

    Gallops..... . Yes well all no the tab is in trouble but it’s there own doing so that can’t have anyone else to blame bar themselves. Now they are in real trouble as shit has hit the fan and the nz product along with sport is amiss. But they were in trouble long before this some investigations are needed ....
  2. I know

    Auckland GRC

    I’m not disagreeing with you but from what I have been told a few months ago the tri code Cambridge facilities is all but gone as the other code did not want it to go ahead. Times are changing fast . So this may change again.My point is Nzgra are not with grassroots ,yes they have improved in recent times but are still not on point when it comes time for them to voice there opinions that effects the industry as a whole.
  3. I know

    Auckland GRC

    I wouldn’t be so sure on that. Yes decision will be made by them, of what money is available to the racing board to pass on to the Nzgra then they will have the ultimate decision what way they go, in terms of club closing and money spent on stakes ,well that’s how I see it anyway
  4. I know

    Auckland GRC

    What makes you so sure about that ?
  5. I know

    Auckland GRC

    If they close down 1, any be it in north or south the whole industry will crumble. So big decision going to be made in the coming weeks/month. My question is will the lp’s have a say ? I see in aus Horses have cut stake money for 10 big races in the coming weeks by 50%. With the tab and racing board in nz looking like they don’t have much money what will the greyhound industry do? Interesting times ahead but will we be heard...
  6. I know

    Tips of the day

    Sounds good to me I’ll start it off race 6 number 7 tonight at Richmond “what a debacle “ $2.20 ff
  7. I know


    Another lowdown cop out .... on poor me syndrome... you don’t have to be a big trainer to build yourself a bull ring .
  8. I know

    Dead dogs on interislander

    I find it surprising the ferry companies still accept no blame. And we never hear of any sheep or cattle falling into the same fate ?
  9. I know

    Thoughts for AGM

    it would cost $150 per race ... $50 for 4th $40 for 5th $30 for 6th $20 for 7th and $10 for 8th. This should happen for even race. for a group 1 race the pay out should be more in the line of $1000,$700,$500,$300,$100 .
  10. I know

    What the

    Have a good look there is only a handful of people with imports compared to the number of participants trying to do it themselves
  11. I know

    What the

    Will greyhound racing stop if no imports come in NO it won’t . People are showing to much tunnel vision and this is why we have a problem. I’ve brought over imports and have litters on the ground so I think I can see both sides of the fence. What is easier, bringing in a import for sure. What is more cost effective bring in an import a ready made winner. Now we have a problem and we always will with gap they are never going to be able to re home all the dogs born or imported in nz. So what do we do ? They have already put costs up to bred a litter they have put restrictions on breeding. But you can bring in 240 imports a year . With the cost of breeding and the restrictions in place that has already cut gap numbers down , has importing 240 dogs a year cut gap numbers down ? Ok so you say no imports no c5 520 race what a lot of rubbish with out the imports a 30.70 dog around Auckland will make top grade. People will still bet on them. The wastage of these nz bred dogs that can’t break 31 or 18s will be able to race earn a be Mary. The cream will rise to the top. You will be able to get more people into the industry.i could go on but like I say people have tunnel vision and you won’t change there minds
  12. I know

    Messara report

    Hi Bev what do you think he would say if , someone asked him to stop all imports from coming into race ? And only allow ones coming into have a litter ? I don’t have facts or figures but I’d say most if not all would be on the gap list after they finish racing ? To me if they are not there then more race for Nz dogs , also what are your thoughts on this question. Thanks
  13. I know


    You don’t have to explain it betting man, but you need to learn how to read. From what I have read and been told no one has been charged (proven) or otherwise, from what I can gather it’s going to the jca I agree with GOM it’s a bloody tragedy and the people involved must be be side themselves.
  14. I know


    I’m also a betting man. I agree with you it’s not a good look an absolute disgrace, same as the Cole Schofield goings on , one still with the SPCA not yet with Nzgra or jca . The other already been dealt with , don’t get me wrong people I’m not making allowances or excuses I comment on both cases as I have this one ... and said let’s wait until it ALL Comes out before we go and put the Boot in. What’s got me thinking is why this has already gone to the jca and is not in the hands of the SPCA like coles case ??and it’s being dealt with very fast just ?
  15. I know


    Steve the story says it’s with the jca so you like the rest of us will accept the decision made . Let’s not jump to conclusions idol gossip is what will ultimately destroy the game .