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  1. Did you not all see box trial protocol?
  2. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=12329025
  3. Rules for some . You are wrong I suggest you ring the racing manager to clear this up for you before you continue your rant .
  4. I think they do they are probably all facing the same situation right now . It’s only going to get worse before it gets better no doubt
  5. Stakes levels might be going back to those days . I don’t think there is any talk about bringing entry fees back just someone’s stupid idea .
  6. Do they even have the money to consider group or feature races ?
  7. I know

    Stakes cut

    Granted. So who else will be taking a cut ? Or what else ? I get that hard times are ahead not just within the industry.
  8. I know

    Stakes cut

    I see they are looking to cut stakes when we return.... do the Nzgra get paid stakes weekly or something??? I would have thought they would have been allocated stakes well in advance so why are they looking at stakes cut now ?
  9. One would think, it will have to do with how many people in the area at a said time . Have 520 races you need catchers. New steps will be put in place if and when we drop back to level 3 . That doesn’t mean we will be able to race , we might not be included in level 3.
  10. Gallops..... . Yes well all no the tab is in trouble but it’s there own doing so that can’t have anyone else to blame bar themselves. Now they are in real trouble as shit has hit the fan and the nz product along with sport is amiss. But they were in trouble long before this some investigations are needed ....
  11. I’m not disagreeing with you but from what I have been told a few months ago the tri code Cambridge facilities is all but gone as the other code did not want it to go ahead. Times are changing fast . So this may change again.My point is Nzgra are not with grassroots ,yes they have improved in recent times but are still not on point when it comes time for them to voice there opinions that effects the industry as a whole.
  12. I wouldn’t be so sure on that. Yes decision will be made by them, of what money is available to the racing board to pass on to the Nzgra then they will have the ultimate decision what way they go, in terms of club closing and money spent on stakes ,well that’s how I see it anyway
  13. What makes you so sure about that ?
  14. If they close down 1, any be it in north or south the whole industry will crumble. So big decision going to be made in the coming weeks/month. My question is will the lp’s have a say ? I see in aus Horses have cut stake money for 10 big races in the coming weeks by 50%. With the tab and racing board in nz looking like they don’t have much money what will the greyhound industry do? Interesting times ahead but will we be heard...
  15. Sounds good to me I’ll start it off race 6 number 7 tonight at Richmond “what a debacle “ $2.20 ff