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  1. So tell me this if it’s true and he does have 600 dogs , and I’m saying you be hard pressed to feed them for $5 a day .he can’t be making much profit… I don’t agree with you when you say he be giving half to owners as he owns a lot himself… but as I see we can’t agree I’ll leave it at that .
  2. This is become much harder than it should have been . How do you know your dead right with your figures if you don’t even know how many dogs he has ? And how do you know I’m not right ? Lol telling me to go away don’t tell me I’m hitting a nerve.
  3. Maybe it is , maybe it isn’t. What we need to find out is, what a suitable number is considered sustainable. And the only way to do that so far is with the required race’s program .
  4. And you think your correct with your figures? Are you also correct with saying he has 600 dogs ?
  5. Joe what happened to your response?
  6. Clearly there is a shortage of dogs as for a long time now they have been struggling to fill a full race card only 9 races the other day with 7 and 6 dog fields.does that not tell you the numbers are wrong?
  7. Still awaiting your response on this . also the cost to run 600 dogs …per day . You started this up so back up your statement. It’s shouldn’t be this hard .
  8. Tell me what you think it costs per day to run ? You come up with the figure what both subsidy come to and I’ve explained my working on this . Still awaiting your thoughts ,what it would cost per day running costs for 600 dogs plus everything else . I think you will also find that not all his dogs have owners so saying 50% is going out to owners is not correct. Please deal in the facts we have in front of us .
  9. I find it very hard to see how you can feed a racing dog for $5 a day cost of meat , kibble, vitamins , . I’m not complaining regarding feed subsidy. Just saying . if 11k is going to wages that’s were its going , one week or 2 . I would saying running cost for a place with 600 dogs, food , 11 staff, power ,fuel, insurance , vet , products etc the list goes on would be around 5-6k per day . If it runs at 5k per day that would be 35k a week. Your saying he would get 33k so he is down 2k for the start . If he races he has the potential to earn from his outset’s.yes he will have to pay
  10. Tell me the running costs per day .
  11. Now we are getting somewhere, don’t worry about the wage subsidy as that goes straight to the staff . question for you … do you think you can feed a racing dog for $5 a day ? Depending on your answer we might just be on the right track . what do you think his daily running costs are ? Don’t worry about me for now let’s just get to the bottom of this as this is the topic, you are yet to compare your theory for a smaller trainer how they are not better off. going by your math it would be 32k not 33k so your down 1k to start.
  12. All I asked you to do was explain it . 33k a week, tell me how you got that figure and we will go from there ….
  13. Again explain how the bigger kennels are better off ? You clearly think you know what he got this time so explain your finding, vs a smaller trainer and tell me how they are not better off . You will need to work in cost vs profit just to help you out a little bit. Remember this is your words , ( so the ones that will be doing better out of this is the bigger kennels)
  14. Can’t argue with you . You say the ones with bigger kennels are better off how ? Please explain I’m interested to see what you have to say .