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  1. eastern whipbird


    The phrase "Beggar on horseback" comes to mind \.
  2. eastern whipbird

    RITA's Rolling

    McKenzie and his cohorts in RITA clearly are as clueless as their predecessors. Allen has been a walking disaster since the day he arrived. Why on earth didn't RITA get rid of him from day one?
  3. eastern whipbird

    RITA's Rolling

    Is John Allen the CEO of RITA? McKenzies letter seems to suggest same.
  4. eastern whipbird

    Now the sh#t hits the fan

    I have never belonged to a political party and never will. I prepared and presented submissions to the select committee on the Racing Bill in 2003. The only person on the Committee who had any idea as to what was going on was Sue Bradford who told me afterwards that she had a couple of broodmares. The National Party have had an abysmal record of non-support for Racing typified by their most recent Ministers but even worse by the political hacks they they have foisted on the Racing Board like the current Chairperson. The current spokesperson, if that is what she is, probably doesn't know where her closest TAB is..
  5. eastern whipbird

    Enzos Lad on the plane tonight

    Don't think Bowman will be riding SAL in the UK. It is no Winx although he thought it was on Sunday
  6. eastern whipbird

    What’s the go with Riverton

    I was at Riverton once and was surprised to win the prize for the best dressed male. It was a dreadful day weatherwise and I am sure I won because I was the only one not wearing gumboots. It is a great track as Pam says.
  7. eastern whipbird

    David Archer and Fast Track

    The facts of the matter can be deduced from my experience. When I first insured with Fastrack I was informed by Fastrack that $49 would be paid into racing from the $950 approx premium that I paid.
  8. eastern whipbird

    Sir Steve Davis and his Auctioneering Skills

    David Clarkson who taught Kelly all he ever knew.
  9. eastern whipbird

    New FOB and Shutdown

    The one word that comes up repeatedly is ERROR. I have worked out to see the races but can't put a bet on. At least I am not losing money.
  10. eastern whipbird

    Boxing Day racing

    Trentham, my home track for 40 years, now has wrecked its January carnival. 3 consecutive Saturdays with a final day without one decent race. Who is responsible for this fiasco?
  11. eastern whipbird


    Rumpole passed away this morning. Last of the good guys.
  12. I have only seen what occurred after the fall and after Rusof was taken by ambulance to hospital. Johnson left at the track to suffer in silence with a triple fractured collarbone. Surely someone at the track should have ensured that both jockeys were taken to hospital immediately. Johnson was obviously in a great deal of pain from what I saw on TV.
  13. eastern whipbird

    Messara Racing Review Full Report and 17 Key points

    Why on earth Peters got sucked in by an Aussie bean counter is beyond me.Closure of courses has been on the agenda for at least 30 years. Kumara was a prime case. Was meant to close but committee cunningly invited Muldoon down for Nuggets day and lo and behold closure cancelled. Now the Arab proposes it again and suggests that the courses meekly hand over their property on some idiotic basis which would need an amendment to the Public Works Act given the likely resistance, to designate, offer, negotiate, reach agreement or have litigation to conclude matters. I think I would need to take out my practising certificate again because it will be a lawyers gold mine.
  14. eastern whipbird

    Date For The Messara Report Release

    When will the report be available for the peasants to read? I can see no point in having a meeting to discuss the report and ask questions if report is not released beforehand. I will not be attending unless I can get access some days previously.
  15. eastern whipbird

    Saundry on AW tracks

    An all weather track without accompanying training facilities will not work. The 2 largest training venues are at Matamata and Cambridge. Cambridge has the advantage of 2 training tracks. If the right hand track was used as the basis for an all weather track and a boutique grandstand was built on Racecourse road accompanied by under track access to parking in the centre, a superb complex would result. Get off your backsides NZTR and Cambridge Jockey Club and make something like the foregoing happen.