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  1. I see all races at Pukekohe have a $15,000 stake which is a bit of a nice surprise. As far as the share market is concerned it is nothing more nor less than a glorified TAB and rises or falls have little to do with the quality of so many of the companies. Some companies never even pay a dividend but have huge increases in the share price proving that they are for punters not investors.
  2. 2 years is a significant time. McKenzie will be gone by then. He seems to get itchy feet or runs out of support after that sort of time frame.
  3. No. 1 in the book not for anyone with a touch of jingoism in him/her. NZ racing in bad enough shape without the humiliation of an Aus bred winning our ultimate staying test.Go Too Illicit and trounce the Okker
  4. A conviction will no doubt result in a change of name---ounceforounce.
  5. Who is paying for the track and who made the final decision as to what type of track is being used ?
  6. One of the proposed sections of the bill is that the JCA and the RIU will be run by the one board. I don't think that any of us would like the Police and the Justice department being run by one Board but that is what would happen. At least the JCA has some impact now on the RIU. It would have none under the proposal in the bill. I intend to make submissions on this in due time. Don't have too much faith in the RITA board. The personnel does not impress me. By the way once a cop always a cop.
  7. I bred Blancpain and I was a great fan of Il Tempo who I think was one of the greatest 2 milers we have ever seen. His feet were as large as dinner plates. Another mare from the family which I bred has a last start winner at Tauranga tomorrow. Unfortunately I did not realise that she was having her previous start when she paid $18.90 but hope to get plenty back tomorrow.
  8. The phrase "Beggar on horseback" comes to mind \.
  9. McKenzie and his cohorts in RITA clearly are as clueless as their predecessors. Allen has been a walking disaster since the day he arrived. Why on earth didn't RITA get rid of him from day one?
  10. Is John Allen the CEO of RITA? McKenzies letter seems to suggest same.
  11. I have never belonged to a political party and never will. I prepared and presented submissions to the select committee on the Racing Bill in 2003. The only person on the Committee who had any idea as to what was going on was Sue Bradford who told me afterwards that she had a couple of broodmares. The National Party have had an abysmal record of non-support for Racing typified by their most recent Ministers but even worse by the political hacks they they have foisted on the Racing Board like the current Chairperson. The current spokesperson, if that is what she is, probably doesn't know where her closest TAB is..
  12. Don't think Bowman will be riding SAL in the UK. It is no Winx although he thought it was on Sunday
  13. I was at Riverton once and was surprised to win the prize for the best dressed male. It was a dreadful day weatherwise and I am sure I won because I was the only one not wearing gumboots. It is a great track as Pam says.
  14. The facts of the matter can be deduced from my experience. When I first insured with Fastrack I was informed by Fastrack that $49 would be paid into racing from the $950 approx premium that I paid.