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    Yet I saw in today's Herald where it said if you could walk to your local Beach, okay, but if you needed to drive to get there, stay home.
  2. Idolmite

    Missed opportunity

    You say there is no ban horses crossing boarders, just jockeys. So they're just going to walk over, trainerless, strapperless etc etc?
  3. Idolmite


    I believe history will prove that New Zealand made far better decisions during this crisis than Australia
  4. Idolmite

    Some Good News

    What an absolutely out-of-touch, selfish, uninformed, arrogant, self-centred and narrow-minded stand to take. Even the narcissistic IOC eventually saw the light, but you? Not so much.... The backlash against the likes of The Warehouse, the IOC and the NRL, who all felt self-entitled enough to say they were carrying on, shows racing can not afford to be seen to be trying to appear to be more important than life itself. The general public will not appreciate and support such moves, not when most of them are going to suffer themselves.
  5. Idolmite

    Why not Racing ?

    Well the WareWhare physical stores, plus all of the related online businesses, will now not be opening. To the T/A who went off like a bull in a china shop with his nuts caught in the til, was totally arse about face. Warehouse off their own bat stated they were staying open. His good friend Cindy said no, no your not. Your insults are hardly effective when you haven't even got the story right. You've done nothing other than make an arse of yourself.
  6. Idolmite

    Why not Racing ?

    The way I understood it, it was THE WAREHOUSE said they were remaining open, NOT the Government. The Government then said they couldn't see that The Warehouse WAS an essential service, hence it's now being questioned/discussed. They may be more essential in some regions than others. T/A, talk about going off half cocked and using your political leanings to try and take a dig, but in this case you're only digging a hole for yourself. Please resurface next Spring when this is all over.....
  7. I love watching jumps racing, but you're right, it's not a great betting option in the main.
  8. You might be lucky If it's next March!!!
  9. Idolmite

    South Island Jumps Racing....

    All racing will be cancelled soon anyway, not just jumps, so you'll all have time to put your respective heads in a bucket......
  10. Idolmite

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    Boy oh boy, have you ever got it completely wrong......
  11. Idolmite

    Rosehill assault.

    Yes, the only one of you three horse all-up that saw the line first.
  12. Idolmite

    Rosehill assault.

    Pogo's strategy looking pretty good right now....
  13. Idolmite

    At What Point

    When you do. Which leaves me to believe I'll be okay for awhile yet.....
  14. Idolmite

    At What Point

    You forgot to mention whereby being a blood relative of a person that owns a hair on the tail of any given horse put you in same said elite ownership category.....
  15. You guys ever heard of txting?
  16. Idolmite

    Ozzie jumpers

    It rained today.....
  17. Idolmite

    Miracle Mile

    There hasn't been such an uninspiring Miracle Mile for many a year. Most of these wouldn't of even made the field of it wasn't for such an injury plagued season for harness horses.....
  18. Idolmite

    AUSTRALIAN Guineas

    He even managed to get one scratched......that takes some kinda special skills.....
  19. Idolmite

    Ben Hope

    Isn't it time to give this one a rest? You're like a dog with a bone......
  20. Idolmite

    First blood in the Ballarat.....

    Couldn't believe that Line Up paid 30-1 from that draw. I watched the race but didn't have a bet, didn't even really take note of the odds. I thought he'd been under 10-1. Well under. Oh well. The Cup race was a stunner. Old AG seems to be back to his best this last month after a year in the wilderness. Self Asuusred's run was enormous from that back draw, especially without getting a dead into the race, and Chase Auckland's run was even bigger after being all over the place. I couldn't believe how CA took ground of SA in the run home. All of the Aussie horses got better runs than the Purdon pair and still couldn't beat the Kiwis. The open class trotters put on a beauty too, but they'll be battling for the minors once the Kiwis arrive in town over the next few days.
  21. Idolmite

    Kozzie Asano

    I didn't see any of the races on the 6-race card at New Plymouth today, but I see Kozzie started of with a 3rd placing followed by 5 consecutive victories. Not a bad afternoon's work by any standards?
  22. Idolmite

    Kozzie Asano

    It took them awhile didn't ride in the last at Gore so shooting for 9 next time out.
  23. Idolmite

    Jason Tans suit

    If they do, they should be replaced post haste. It was so loud I had to turn the volume down......
  24. Idolmite

    ~ R2 Ellerslie...

    I work with triangulation every hour of every day, so you qualifications to impress me at all. Aside from that, I'm actually agreeing with you hahahahaha I've actually watched the race now. The first two home were very green weren't they. Much further and 3rd and 4th would of been 1st and 2nd one suspects. Or it would of been one great stockcar pileup.
  25. Idolmite

    ~ R2 Ellerslie...

    And on a more serious note, obviously the ground lost increases as the distance 'a' reduces, especially if 'b' remains the same. Late interference is more costly as there's no chance to make up the ground, the momentum closer to the line would generally be greater I imagine, and the angle of the interference is likely greater than when running out over the length of the straight. Disclaimer. I did not see, and have not see video of, the race in question.