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  1. thanks guys, have made it home pretty sore & gonna be a long slow recovery. Which is going to be particularly frustrating for me & yes pops got one up on me now But not really much I can do given my injuries so just gonna have to sit tight and pray they heal a lot faster than what I’ve been told so I can get back to driving ASAP
  2. All the drivers (and some trainers) down at both meetings got government exemptions to travel across the border. It appears now that HRNZ have decided that they don’t want the Aucklanders travelling to the Cambridge meeting despite their exemption resulting in mass scratching the day before the races & they have stopped the likes of Mark Purdon attending Auckland’s meeting. I guess we will have to wait and see whether or not they still allow the Waikato drivers to attend Auckland’s premier night... I would have thought it would be ok if the government grants an exemption the risk