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  1. Have any contributors to this blog heard anything about any impact on the horse scene from the dreadful tornado in that state/
  2. I have been thinking forward to 25th April 2022. The date when we commemorate those brave soldiers who went to fight fascism. How will citizens of a fascist state commemorate them?
  3. Five black type races at a course within 35km of my home and I didn't go. Why? Because all of that Covid-19 bull dust told me; stay at home.
  4. HIs two group ones at Ascot several years ago astonished the English. It was sad to read of his death. Maybe we are lucky to have one of sons doing so well in our country, viz Proisir.
  5. On late Friday afternoon the danger signs were there. This was to be, a premier day, not an industry day. Get the tractors fuelled up and the gear on to aerate the soil, throughout the night, with two shifts, so that it is all okay by 10 a.m., Saturday. And have somebody there to feed and hydrate the tractor drivers. An Industry day would not be worth that expense. I have read somewhere that there were several corporate functions arranged for the day. This sort of shambles makes the industry we love look like a shambles. That is a pity because if those corporate functions are handled ri
  6. Leggy, I have been a contributor to this blog for quite a few years. I am trying to scrape my memory processes. At the moment I think your post above might possibly qualify as the worst I have seen on this blog. And then I thought, Leggy, your time might be better spent, over in the corner of the room, fellating your boyfriend.
  7. Hopefully a knowledgeable person will put me right, but I watched the replay twice and I think the penalty on Opie re the whip was unduly harsh. Please tell me if I am wrong. Frequently at Riccarton they show the first 400 metres of 1600 metre races head on. I would like to see that shot, which was missing, damn it, from the live coverage. Others, who have seen it; your comments would be welcome.
  8. Not just a trifecta, BUT a first four in a Group One event. I doubt whether that has been achieved before today.
  9. For many years now, I have enjoyed the Cubemeister's comments on this blog site. He has always sounded like a wonderful gentleman whom one would want to join for a beer or ten at Riccarton. From his comments he has had several bad days on the punt. So, he has a great run, and the TAB won't pay him out as he might be a dodgy character. TAB officials are so dumb that they cannot recognise the Cubemeister as one of the racing game's great characters. To withhold paying a gentleman like him, out would require a formally typed letter on letterhead so that he could show his mates the l
  10. I see Princess D'Or, a GBP2,100,000 yearling is having her first start in a two year olds' maiden mile at Kempton's polytrack. The winner's stake is the equivalent of NZD7269. Stodge's comments on this filly will be welcome.
  11. I thought the trickle down theory was a very rich man with a severe prostate problem, urinating on the public.
  12. I think James McDonald might possibly be our best ever rider. His performance on Verry Ellegant was superb. That, on top of four wins on the greatest day in horse racing, in the southern hemisphere. I knew James McDonald was good, but I did not know he is THAT GOOD, until today.
  13. This is stark raving mad. Imagine that is one backed $85.95 on #1, $71.43 on #2, $58.82 on #3 and #55.56 on #4. For a total spend of $272.64 one would collect $300. If the figures posted are exact it means only one thing. The TAB are useless. Horse racing in our country is in a big pile of excrement if this is the industry's monopolistic betting agency. I learned about bookmaking in about 1965 when I laid 4 to one for 1s 3d about a toy horse at Escalado. My weekly pocket money was 5 bob. That loss was a salutary lesson about probability theory as applied to racing.
  14. PRea, thank you for your contribution. Most owners watch their horse on the Tv so watching a runner at the likes of Benalla is no different. I think you meant Ballarat, not Bathurst. I must remind myself that one has the Eureka Stockade and the other, the most wonderful car race in the world. I hope Bathurst don't lose that car race just as we have lost the most wonderful steeplechase in the world. You have pointed out some salient facts. With our present racing administration our country's horse racing will only survive whilst people cannot comprehend the basic economic fact
  15. I question the validity of group races in our country. The Thompson Handicap is, at best, a listed event, not Group 3. Wellington's Wakefield Challenge Stakes might possibly, at a stretch, be Group 3, but is certainly not of Group 2 standard. The year by year deterioration in the standard of racing at Trentham has been sad. This from a person who as a 14 year old lad joined the throng to see Stipulate run second to Great Sensation.
  16. So Cubes made some tin on the GBP versus the Yen. Cubes, Tavistock is an ancient stannary town in Devon. Those of you with a knowledge of the periodic table will know that a stannary town suggests tin mining. Put some of that tin on a Tavistock horse in the VRC Derby.. And you dumb people out there; the periodic table is NOT a place where females menstruate.
  17. The Tv pictures of Kaikoura raceway suggest that it is the most picturesque race track, possibly in the world. The backgound, as the horses go down he back straight is beautiful. I hope we don't lose it.
  18. Pickle, were you hiding under the desk at geography lessons? Hamilton City is in Waikato Region. So are Colville and Taumarunui. Waikato District is in Waikato Region. Waikato District and Hamilton City were placed in Level 3. Waipa District and Matamata-Piako districts were not placed in level 3. The Waipa District boundary is about 450 metres west of the Cambridge training track. JJ Flash; the manner in which the South Island has been treated over this whole Covid-19 shambles is deploring in the extreme. I measured it on my atlas; Winton is further from Auck
  19. I note that the Waikato District is in Level 3. Accordingly anybody travelling from, say, Maramarua, Ngatea, Thames, Te Aroha etc to Cambridge must travel via Matamata so as to avoid entering Waikato District. This observation was made after careful scrutiny of maps released on the internet by Jacinda's numpties. I note that some trainers, who have stables more than 450 metres west of the Cambridge training tracks, will be unable to use those training tracks. Once again, this is from my scrutiny of the ,maps. But, there is a chance that good sense will prevail and such idiocy will be
  20. Would I be out of place if I suggested that German form be taken more seriously in the future?
  21. Breeders may wish to advise their accountant of the Inland Revenue Department's Tax Information Bulletin, volume 33 Number 9 dated October 2021. I note that nowadays foaling and weaning fees are not immediately tax deductible. They are added to (capitalised) the cost price of the foal. It would appear that veterinary fees related to that foal are also to be added to the cost price of that foal, that is, not written off as an expense when those fees are incurred. For bloodstock bought the transport costs to the owner's farm are not immediately deductible. They are added to (capita
  22. The Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe is at 4.05 a.m. Monday morning. I sincerely hope it is shown live on Trackside Tv.
  23. Note how the worst rated group one winner in the Caulfield Cup is the horse that won the Auckland Cup. Have a look at the list that Nerula made available to us.
  24. I saw a video of her win in the U.S.A. And then I wondered why she had such a New Zealand styled name? I recall an American horse of a few years ago named Abel Tasman. Does anybody have any clues on this relatively unimportant matter.
  25. Berri, that mare won a 2334 metre maiden worth about NZD4600 to the winner, and you talk about her in the same breath as Avantage. With the end of the Great Northern Steeplechase there will not be races in New Zealand long enough for Countessa's progeny.