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  1. frankie

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    It’s an animal welfare issue and because of that it should be banned. As for any vet ever been objective - I haven’t met one yet.
  2. frankie

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    If there’s no vet on the show I wonder if it was possible to find one who was truely objective. They all take the same view as their collective masters, HRNZ.
  3. frankie

    Auckland trotting club is

    Two things Tim. How are the new stakes been funded, even allowing for less races, and if the proverbial hits the fan re the buildings, what happens next? Are the Board playing the long game or looking for short term glory? Secondly, now that you're back in the tent ....
  4. frankie

    Auckland Trotting Club

    Chevy I understand the new construction company what is completing the stalled first stage couldn’t agree a price with the ATC and are now working for ATC on a day to day to day basis. The ATC is now the running the project. This method is going to cost the club big time.
  5. frankie

    Auckland Trotting Club

    Sadly the easy cash surplus of 30 mill could turn into a 30 mill loss. Then what happens?
  6. frankie

    Auckland Trotting Club

    Ohokaman is correct. But never forget that whatever the CEO did the Board had the final say.
  7. frankie

    AllStars Yusssss!!!!

    Gee you get boring
  8. frankie

    Cambridge v Auckland

    I hope the ATC directors are smarter than the Mainzeal ones. Any opinion Tim?
  9. frankie

    Cambridge v Auckland

    Where is the money coming from for the stake increases? A great question
  10. frankie


    Just seems incredible that most harness people can see the problems in the handicapping system yet the morons running HRNZ won't recognise the issue and change it. Do they live in a different world in ChCh?
  11. frankie

    All Stars 4 at Menangle

    Who really cares.
  12. frankie

    Venues 2019/20

    What makes you think that the racing industry would get any money if Avondale was closed and sold off.
  13. frankie

    Good Trial Sat

    Nice horse in any reasonable trainers hands.
  14. frankie

    D Weir Stables Raided

    A city contact in Melbourne tells me that the cops have 7 months of hidden filming from his stables and have had an undercover cop working in one of his stables for the same period. Won’t say more about the alleged issues as per the sites rules I can’t proof them.
  15. frankie

    The Fixer Fixed Up

    Why would anyone on this site expect the stipes in NZ to do anything, after all for most part they are made up of failed horsemen.