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  1. Trentham Gold Cup

    Gee if they are going to scrap a racecourse maybe Trentham should be the first to go ? Aging infrastructure , not many horses trained on track , small fields usually, valuable land . Ticks all the boxes.
  2. Trentham Gold Cup

    Crazy system at present we are most likely to race our horse which likely to be On the ballot in its own grade out of its grade as it’s the only option to get a start. Maybe they need the odd rating 65 race that is limited to 2 wins max ?
  3. Trentham Gold Cup

    Then look at the bottleneck in the rating 65 grade .
  4. Training costs AU

    I see go racing are advertising one at present 10% share 18k and $450a month per 10% share. At this costing would it need to be city class to pay it’s way ?
  5. Training costs AU

    So it’s cheaper to race a slow one in NZ ?
  6. Training costs AU

    Wouldn’t think so main problem is you have to have major shares in Most you race these days as only the foolhardy and passionate are left standing.
  7. Training costs AU

    But not as much as the Masterton Burglar.
  8. Training costs AU

    What would a horse roughly cost in a top city stable ? All inclusive that is .
  9. I hate to say I told you so.....

    The industry is on its knees . Giving 1 million tax breaks in total a year over 4 years will do nothing of any significance. Well to be honest it has done something it’s pissed of 99 % of those involved in the industry. If this had been revealed on the 1st of April I would of got it.
  10. I hate to say I told you so.....

    Porky by the sounds of it
  11. I hate to say I told you so.....

    So what’s he achieved in the budget for racing? Be pretty childish if his main reason for partnering up with the losers was to give the Nats the middle finger.That reminds me of a woman that uses her children to get at an ex after splitting up. Pathetic really.
  12. I hate to say I told you so.....

    Is their anyone that can make sense of this ? It’s so subjective it’s almost comical . Bet the fools that were spouting on about Winnie being the saviour have ducked for cover .
  13. I hate to say I told you so.....

    Sounds like the new government .
  14. Must watch Winston

    He confirmed in video clip that’s what he’s on or the extended version
  15. I hate to say I told you so.....

    Spot on Gub