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  1. Gobstopper

    Be careful cause he got a set of balls following close behind
  2. Kuwee !!!!!!!!

    Winnie stated on TV3 morning show he would be the first person to enter the mine
  3. Kuwee !!!!!!!!

    Where's Winnie ?????
  4. His interview and story on Cory Parish was worth the expense .
  5. I also lost interest in The Melbourne Cup a few years back for all the reasons mentioned here. It might be raced in Melbourne but it's lost so much of its appeal when you can't line up form and have no connection to a large majority of the horses. I will listen to it on the way home from work but won't even bother watching. My only interest is to see how our Kiwi jockeys go.
  6. ellerslie

    Couple of years back they were charging $8 a heinie said to the girl serving I could buy a dozen for $22 . Her reply was thats what they charge in town at a nightclub my reply well this place ain't !
  7. Humidor-Melbourne Cup

    Can't believe he's at $7 on NZ TAB I'd quite happily give someone $12 s
  8. I’m making a complaint to the RIU

    Now Winnie is ruling the roost I'm looking forward to him keeping his word and being the first person to enter the mine . If he survives it will indeed be safe as he's full of hot air and highly combustible material.
  9. Roger James

    Look is better than the high profile trainer that uses Yeah/Nah
  10. Trainers and jockeys

    It's a MMP owenship arrangement ha
  11. Go Winnie

    The racing policy is meaningless if the general economy is rooted . Also on another angle if this new coalition us all about lifting the bottom end of the economy will Winston on his second attempt do the same for racing or will he cater to the top end again ?
  12. Go Winnie

    NZF haven't taken Defence , Economic development , and associated eduction role plus a new forestry portfolio outside of cabinet but not racing ?????
  13. Congrats Team Lowry

    Like I said it was the combination of all of the above that made it such a great day . That crowd was far better than any of the first Two days in recent times .
  14. Congrats Team Lowry

    The combination of a Sunday meeting on Labour weekend , perfect weather, great even fields and opening up the gates for free , reintroduction of bringing your own drinks etc created a brilliant feel on course . Was one of those meetings you were pleased you attended . New date and same conditions in the future perhaps.?