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  1. Michael Pitman

    That’s the owners choice isn’t it ? Not for me though.
  2. Michael Pitman

    Maybe it’s the cattle he’s sending his trainer ?
  3. gisborne sunday

    Today was a shining light the total opposite to what we’d get on a mundane artificial surface with the same trainers and horses going around and around.
  4. Reefton

    Same as Gisborne Pikes stable has had a hat full of Favs today and come up empty handed . Still one race to go so Racing gods let him quinella the last else he will be questioning the clubs existence again. Interesting Roddgie s interview after the first being dumbfounded that they only have one meeting a year and Ellerslie would love to have a track like this .
  5. gisborne sunday

    Long live the country circuit.taking racing to the people .
  6. Michael Pitman

    Remember it’s not a level playing field top end yards get the 100 k plus horses and the rest of us make do with lower end horses in dollar terms . Smaller stables have just as much commitment and horsemanship but are at a disadvantage with the quality of horse that first arrives if your talking numbers.Great game as one out of the box can turn up in any stable no matter the breeding or price it was purchased for.Hoping you get one Cubes you deserve it .
  7. Without thinking

    Think the horses are giving away our ages
  8. Without thinking

    What three horses pop into your mind without thinking about it but just pop into your head ? Mine are So Dandy , Axeman and altitude.
  9. Michael Pitman

    Which West Coast club didn’t give Mr P boxes so gave them the heave ho also ? Motto is don’t pee off Mr P !
  10. TE RAPA

    Seems to be happening to frequently on this track to be pure coincidence . I lost a promising galloper with a fetlock injury at Te Rapa also .
  11. 100k maiden Naki challenge

    Agree totally each time I’ve been to New Plymouth the welcome and treatment has been superb.
  12. Te Aroha

    Just as well the east coast has meetings next week .Lookslike one big trainer questioning their existence has had a change of heart and nominated at least a dozen . Hopefully he has a rethink now ?
  13. Registration of Colours

    Yes have got the better half to contact them and sort it but it’s just not good enough service . Anyway hopefully this week it might happen . Cheers S.L
  14. Registration of Colours

    Yeah it’s getting abit annoying and frustrating.
  15. Registration of Colours

    Been waiting 18 months