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  1. It looked fantastic, can’t wait to see it for myself
  2. I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place I’m just really upset as racing is something myself and my whanau really enjoy and it disturbed me massively that my kids could have overheard this comment. the reason I mention tab or trackside is because (I think) the man that said it is employed to work there and it upsets me that not only is he saying inaccurate, hurtful information but that he is being unprofessional. i am sorry for bringing this here I just didn’t know what to do. The races are something my kids and family enjoy and it was out of desperation I reachEd out here.
  3. I was at Awapuni racecourse this morning and thank Christ I didn’t have my tamariki with me! I overheard an elderly man (who was wearing a tab trackside t shirt and who I have seen on cameras before), say something to his friend or coworker about the whanau ora plan and how “are we the right colour for free healthcare?” The younger man who was with him appeared disgusted at the older mans comment and suffice it to say I am absolutely horrified and disgusted. It was pink shirt day yesterday and not only that, racism is something that has no place in Aotearoa let alone somewhere whe